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We all love shopping on Amazon offers a vast selection of products that cater to different interests and needs. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide what to buy. To help you navigate through the virtual aisles, I have compiled a top 15 Amazon Favorites list.

Amazon Favorite List

Amazon Favorites List

1. Clear-Cutting Board

I love this acrylic cutting board for our kitchen. I tend to leave it out on the counter all day and I am still able to see the counter. It’s aesthetically pleasing to me. As much as I love a wood cutting board, I like how this clear-cutting board blends in with our kitchen counters.

Amazon Favorites

2. Overnight Oatmeal Jars 

I found this jar and spoon set shortly after one of my Thrive boxes arrived. These jars make it super convenient when on the go – especially when I’m doing Intermittent Fasting with Do Fasting. I can easily make my overnight oatmeal the night before and pack these jars in my bag when going from dropping kids off and heading to meetings. These overnight oats containers with lids are the best addition to our kitchen.

Overnight Oats

3. Colorfulkoala Leggings

I have talked about these leggings for a few years. There are so many good reviews on Amazon and I have to agree. The quality is so good and just the right amount of compression.

Best Leggings

4. Slushie Cup

The kids got this fun slushie cup as a birthday gift and it gets used almost daily. You put the cup in the freezer until it freezes and then add any beverage of choice. Then squeeze the cup and instantly, the liquid becomes slushie-like. Add this to your gift ideas for kids – it will be the coveted gift. This is probably the kids’ number 1 Amazon Favorites list.

Gift Guide for Kids


5. Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips

I have been using Lumineux teeth-whitening strips for years. These strips are non-toxic and made with natural ingredients. I use these strips 1-2 times a week.

Teeth Whitening

6. Beauty Blenders

I prefer to use beauty blenders to apply my make-up. I tend to run these through water and they will expand. If you’ve never used beauty blenders to apply your make-up, give it a try. It really smoothes out the foundation and evenly blends concealer. 

Beauty Blenders

7. Miss Mouth’s Hate Stain

I wish I had this stain remover by Miss Mouth’s when all my kids were younger. I have been using this for a few years now and I am still always impressed by how well this works. If you have messy eaters, like Baylor, you need this stuff. 

Laundry stain remover

8. Packing Cubes

These packing cubes provide so much organization when traveling. Whether you are traveling alone or with your entire family, everyone gets their own cube. And I’m always amazed at how much more we can add to our suitcases using these.

packing cubes

9. Portable Battery Charger

I have ordered one of these portable battery chargers for both Jordan and myself. If you have future travel plans, I highly recommend you to get one of these portable phone chargers. They are lightweight and can easily store in your purse.

Portable charger

10. Selfie Ring Light

We are all trying to capture all the moments when making memories and I this selfie ring light has been amazing. It comes with a small tripod, a remote and there are different lighting settings. It is one of the more affordable ring lights at under $30. It’s small but does the job.

ring light

11. Nippies

I cannot say enough good things about Nippies. I have been using these for years and they are a closet staple. I think they are better than a strapless bra but are perfect for those backless dresses. These will hold up through warmer temperatures and will stay on for hours. Get yourself a pair now.

nipple covers

12. Headbands Hair Accessory

I found these headbands a few months ago and I really think these elevate my entire look even when I’m just running around wearing leggings for the day. The girls love using them too. These are super inexpensive and come in a pack of 6. These don’t hurt my head even if I wear one all day. Under $10, get yourself a set.

head bands for women

13. Makeup Sink Organizer Cover

I love this bathroom accessory. I use it daily and it folds up and I can easily pack it up when traveling. This works so well in small spaces and allows getting ready to be a little more organized. It is heat resistant so your straighter or curling iron can be placed on here as well. 

Beauty accessories

14. Nespresso Pods

Coffee is life. I don’t have enough space to talk about my love for all the Nespresso flavors in this pack. I do add some Oat Creamer and it is an instant pick-me-up. This will forever be one of my favorite items because of how much I love it and I know all of you will too. This is number 1 on my Amazon Favorites list for me.

Nespresso coffee

15. Kids Activity Book

My kids love all things art and being creative. This cute little doodle book is a perfect gift idea for kids. It is also a parent’s dream. It is mess free and can be used over and over again. This is great for traveling and rainy day activities. 

kids activity book

Amazon Favorites List Recap

Do you have an Amazon favorites list? What are some of the go-to items that you have a reoccurring order or have ordered as gifts? If you are looking for more, check out all my favorite Amazon Beauty must-haves.

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Amazon Favorite List

March 29, 2023


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