September: Top 10 Monthly Favorites

September is my favorite month! Not only is it my birthday but it officially kicks off the fall season – change of seasons (not always in TX), fall-themed drinks, and cozy sweaters. I love sharing things that are my favorites that have also become some of your favorites. From small shops to fashion to Halloween decor, there is a little something for everyone. If you are looking for some seasonal inspiration, I have you covered. I’m recapping September’s top 10 monthly favorites.

Target Halloween Candy Bucket

One of the top-selling items this September was this cute Halloween candy bucket from Target. Priced at just $1, it was an instant hit with the kids. What made it extra special was the DIY touch we added to make it a memorable craft project for my kids. I ordered a set of adorable stickers from Amazon, allowing my kids to personalize their own buckets. It was a fun activity for all 5 of them and each was able to add their own personal touch to the Halloween celebrations. Monthly favorites by parents and kids.

Target Halloween

Walmart Halloween Outdoor Mat

Another seasonal favorite that made it to our best-seller list for September is the charming Halloween outdoor mat from Walmart. With playful ghosts, this mat is a must-have for adding a touch of spooky yet cute decor to your home this Halloween season. Its eye-catching design and durable quality perfectly blend with the boho style while embracing the spirit of the fall season. This mat adds a festive flair to your doorstep and a cute fall home decor accessory to add to your home this season.

Walmart Halloween Decor

Pink Lily Oversized Fit Pullover

September wouldn’t be complete without cozy fall fashion, and one standout best-seller was the Pink Lily oversized fit pullover. This versatile top quickly made a statement with its comfy, relaxed fit, making it an ideal companion for those crisp autumn days. Whether paired with leggings for a casual look or dressed up with jeans for a more polished ensemble, this pullover effortlessly combines style and comfort. It has become a staple in my fall wardrobe, and it appears to have resonated with many of you too. As we transition into cooler weather, this piece proves that fashion can be both chic and comfy.

Navy Hair Pebble Beach Texture Spray

My Holy Grail Beauty Item and a repeat of monthly favorites: If you’re familiar with my beauty regimen, you know that I’m always on the lookout for products that effortlessly enhance my style for a boho-chic look. This September, one of my holy grail beauty items took center stage – the Navy Hair Pebble Beach Texture Spray. This product has proven itself time and time again, earning its rightful place among my must-haves. What makes it exceptional is its ability to add just the right amount of volume and texture to my hair without weighing it down. It’s the secret behind those perfectly tousled, beachy waves that effortlessly complement my bohemian-inspired looks. Whether I’m heading out for a casual day or a special event, this texture spray is my go-to, ensuring my hair always looks effortlessly stylish. If you’re in search of that perfect hair product to elevate your look, look no further than this lightweight yet powerful texture spray.

Navy HaircareVici Game Day Top

The Perfect Football Season Addition: As September rolled in, so did the excitement of football season, and one item that stole the show was the Vici Game Day Top. This cropped graphic tee quickly became a fan-favorite, and for good reason. With its cute and boxy fit, it’s the ideal choice for game day festivities. Whether you’re cheering on the Dallas Cowboys or simply showing your football spirit, the blue hue of this top makes it a perfect match. I receive a lot of compliments when I sport this tee. Its cute design and comfortable feel made it a top pick for those seeking a stylish way to celebrate their favorite team. So, if you’re looking for that game-day wardrobe essential that combines fashion and fandom, look no further! This was a constant best seller each week so I’m not surprised it made the list of September’s monthly favorites.

Dallas Cowboys Gameday OutfitEtsy Tumbler Name Tag

The Ultimate Stanley Cup Accessory for Fall: I love all things small shops and this has been one of my most recent purchases I stumbled upon on Etsy – a tumbler name tag that instantly became the ultimate accessory for my Stanley cup. Adorned with adorable ghosts and pumpkins, was the perfect way to embrace the fall season with style. This cute nameplate adds a touch of seasonal charm and also showcases my love for all things autumn and Halloween. 

Stanley Accessories

Victoria Emerson “Be the Bright Side” Layered Necklace

A Radiant Statement Piece: In the world of boho fashion and accessorizing, September witnessed the arrival of a true gem – the “Be the Bright Side” Layered Necklace from Victoria Emerson’s from my collaboration with Victoria Emerson. I love how much you all loved this piece as much as I did. What sets it apart is the delightful smiley face charm that adorns one of its layers, spreading positivity and joy wherever you go.

Crafted with precision, this necklace boasts gold plating and is nickel-free, ensuring both style and comfort. Its layered design offers a chic and effortless way to achieve that coveted stacked look without the hassle. Whether paired with your favorite boho dresses or layered over cozy sweaters, this necklace is a versatile styling piece that effortlessly elevates any ensemble. It embodies the spirit of being on the bright side and is a shining example of how fashion can reflect our inner radiance.

Amber Massey x Victoria Emerson

Pink Lily Suede Sling Bag

The Ultimate Mom Essential: When it comes to busy, on-the-go moms like us, finding a stylish yet functional bag can be a game-changer. Pink Lily launched its stylish Suede Sling Bag last year, and it’s still a hit among my followers. What makes it truly remarkable is its thoughtful design, catering to the needs of moms and fashion enthusiasts alike.

This bag boasts a removable and adjustable strap, allowing you to switch out styles effortlessly. But that’s not all; it’s the small details that make it a true gem. The front flap features a snap closure, concealing a built-in cardholder for quick and easy access. This is a game-changer for those moments when you need to grab your essentials in a hurry.

Don’t be fooled by its chic exterior; this bag is a powerhouse when it comes to storage. It can easily accommodate all your mom essentials, from diapers and wipes to your phone, keys, lip gloss, and more. Its versatile design seamlessly transitions from stylish accessory to functional necessity, making it a must-have for moms who refuse to compromise on style.

Pink Lily SlingbagPink Lily Oversized Ghost Graphic Sweatshirt

Gearing up for October and the anticipation for Halloween, and what better way to embrace the spooky season than with the Pink Lily Oversized Ghost Graphic Sweatshirt, part of the Macy Blackwell collection? This piece instantly became a favorite and continued to be a best-seller each week.

The charm of this sweatshirt lies in its versatility and style. Its oversized fit offers both comfort and a trendy look, making it a perfect choice for creating a laid-back Halloween outfit. Paired with leggings and sneakers, it effortlessly exudes a chic and cozy vibe. And when the weather is a bit warmer, this sweatshirt can still shine. Pair it with shorts for a playful and spirited Halloween look.

What sets it apart is its delightful ghost graphic, adding a touch of spookiness without compromising on style. Plus, it’s lightweight, ensuring you stay comfortable while looking fashionable. This sweatshirt is proof that you can celebrate Halloween with flair and a touch of boho charm.

Pink Lily Halloween SweatshirtBondi Boost Blowout Brush

Your Ultimate Hair Styling Sidekick: When it comes to achieving that salon-worthy hair look at home, the Bondi Boost Blowout Brush has been a game-changer. This 3-in-1 hairdryer brush effortlessly clinched its place among the September best sellers, and for good reason.

This innovative tool is a master of multitasking. It excels at drying, styling, and adding volume to your hair, all in one convenient step. The secret to its success lies in its ease of use and effectiveness for all hair types. For those looking to tame and style their locks like a pro, this brush offers a seamless solution.

I start by sectioning off hair and drying. This makes it more manageable and the result? Soft, voluminous, and beautifully styled hair that leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the day. It’s an excellent addition to your beauty routine, whether you’re a busy mom, a fashionista, or simply someone who appreciates a good hair day.

Hair Essentials

I think all niches were covered this month.  From Halloween, beauty must-haves, to cozy fashion finds. As we start to enter the extremely busy season of all of our lives, I encourage you to savor the moments and find joy in the little things. Stay inspired, keep shining, and let’s look forward to another month filled with delightful discoveries. 

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October 6, 2023


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