Cabrera Supper Club

Friday marked another month under our belt for Supper Club- this time at the Cabrera’s.
As you can see- it was an outstanding spread of food! 

Check out Chocolate Broccoli for the recipes, and for more fun SC times.

I snapped a few pictures over the course of the evening.. and I might say we may or may not have had WAY too much fun with the camera.   

Landon as always, cute as a button and a perfect nineth addition to our group.  Although Ashley has a pinboard titled ‘Someday..Not Soon‘.. she and Jarrett spent plenty of time with sweet Lando 🙂  You can deny it all you want, woman.. but none of us girl are buying it. 

Jordan.. laughing hysterically at the impersonations between Travis and Jarrett.  We learned a lot (and laughed a lot) about them (and at them!) at this moment. I also learned my husband has his own impersonation.  Def never something I’ve seen at home.. it is a fire station thing.. and now a Supper Club thing, apparently..

Our Boys
Again.. with the GQ-ish abilities.  Landon fits in so well, too.

My presh ladies. I love that I have seen them two weekends in a row (next weekend will be a third!) Sweet Diana was standing on the fireplace to get up with height.  Jacqu and I had on heels- towering over her! 

For any indication as to how much fun our evenings turn into, this picture may do it.  Jarrett being silly (classic, for sure.) Too bad the group pictures aren’t blog worthy..

I threatened to frame them for my guest bath. 

You never know when you’ll need a good laugh 😉

March 12, 2012

  1. Diana says:

    Love you guys! What a great evening.