St. Patty’s Day 2012

Story of the minute- I can’t seem to  pull it together to get things posted soon enough.  CB keeps me really busy- and in between that and work and, oh.. being a good great wife, I’m about a week behind with this post. 

For St. Patrick’s Day this year, Jordan and I opted for fun times at the Tapella’s for the day’s entirety- as apposed to fighting the crazy lunatics in downtown anywhere USA. 

It was a perfect choice- we had a full day of great fun with our bestest. 

The boys enjoyed green beer (blecchhh)

Love these girls beyond words.  I had a great time with them alllllll day!

 The Cabrera’s

 The Tapella’s and Landon being an absolute doll baby

 The Massey’s showing some Landon love.. I don’t know that I put him down for longer than 10 minutes the entire day.  Love that baby!

 Sweet Diana and me

 There is that green beer again. YUck.  But St. Patrick’s Day isn’t quite St. Patrick’s Day without it. 

There was a spread of food.. but all we got was the fruit.
The Cabrera’s made green Jell-O.  It was quite delish! 😉
Something called and Irish Car Bomb..?  The boys played along. 

 And then Jac and me, along with Jennifer (not pictured) played along, too.  But not before a giggle fit.  So much fun with this girl.


Ok- so from Car Bombs and Green Beer to Cake Pops- courtesy of J.Tapella. 
J and I enjoyed the yummy yummy yummy cake pops. 
Jordan ate about 15.  No lie.
The group- almost.. a couple fun peeps had already left ;(

Jordan and Chris got cozy in the back row. 

It was a random group- but so much fun!  We had met several of the other couples at the Tapella’s July 4th party last year, so it was on of those ‘Oh, hey- yes we’ve met! Nice to see you!’
I say much better than any parade we could have gone to. MUCH better 🙂
Thanks Tapella’s!  Love, LOVE you!! 

March 26, 2012

  1. Kara says:

    I agree, green beer is gross! By the way, I absolutely love your necklace.

  2. I was later than you at putting up this post! So happy that we got to spend the day together! We are getting excited about next supper club at our house! love you!