HF4F 7/27/2012

Today is Friday- after what seemed like a crazy long week- it is finally Friday.  Even though my life isn’t particularly hectic and crazy- it is just busy.  This week was no different.  Jordan and I like to cram in as much stuff as possible to get it all done.. but at least when I’m cramming– it is with him:)   

Linking up with Lauren for this week’s High Five!

1. Hysterical laughter with Jordan at 5am. If you have been following my ‘baby bump’ pictures you will have learned that one of my new formed habits is eating a bowl of dry cereal every night before bed.  Every.Single.Night.  Typically I watch Yes, Dear or Everybody Loves Ramond while doing so.. and then when I’m done with my bowl I put it on my nightstand, and there is stays until the next night when I refill it with more dry cereal.  On Monday morning Jordan and I woke up at the same time. While still laying in bed one of the first questions we usually ask one another is “How did you sleep?”  After he asked me, I returned with the same question and he replied “I slept well until about 1am.  You decided I needed your cereal bowl, I guess, and literally wedged it between my face and the bend of my arm.” (he was face down on his arm, I suppose.) I told him he was lying because I got up at 1:05am for the second (of 4) time I got up that night to go to the bathroom.  It was then he politely handed me my cereal bowl from his side of the bed.

We burst in laughter and I have been giggling about it ever since.  It was a great way to start my week- giggles at 5am with my sweetie.

2. This salad was yum.  I’ve unpurposely enjoyed salads all week long. Have I found my new craving?  Maybe. All I know this salad was really good, and it had chicken on it.. no aversion- except I did notice a couple chicken pieces left in the bottom of my bowl.  I had no desire to eat them with out all the salad stuff with it. 

3. This past Sunday morning sermon on Trusting GodAfter getting home about 2:30am and not actually asleep until after 3am (I was starving.. I needed cereal) we still decided to get up and head to church for Sunday morning worship.  I am so, SO glad we did.  Have you ever been to church and felt like the pastor was talking directly to you?  Yea.  It was that kind of morning for me.  JP talked about keeping our trust in God, no matter what he brings your way- after all he will bend me, but never break me.  After spending 5+ hours at the hospital for fear something was wrong with my sweet girls- all I could do was trust God in that situation.  Leaning on him and not anything else- it is a glorifying peace to have.  It was a great morning of affirmation of God’s grace in my life. 

4. Supper Club! Sunday afternoon Jordan and I spent time with our most favorite people, ever!  Ashley did an amazing job of putting a delicious Greek meal together- It was all so yummy:)  Recipes for July’s Supper Club are up at Chocolate Broccoli

5. Finally making a decision on cribs for the girls.  Jordan and I have looked at hundreds of cribs.  Hundreds.  If you know my husband, you know this is the honest truth. He is a studier, researcher, examiner- and above all, one of the best decision makers I’ve ever known- mainly because of the before mentioned adjectives.  He goes through every senario he can- making sure we are doing the very best thing possible.  Whether it is in regards to buying a vehichle (it took him a year- 365 days- to buy his truck) or the purchase of clothes (I got him an Abercrombie gift card for a pair of jeans one year for Christmas.  He held onto it for over 8 months before he could make a decision on what pair to get..)  and now, for cribs.  I understand his picky brain- I have the same one.  We are having to buy not just one, but two cribs, and there is one thing we have learned about ourselves through this whole process: We have expensive taste.  For several weeks we debated on a set of cribs from Posh Tots.. the crib was $1,000.. each.  Not so feasible to purchase two at this price.  So- now that we have this perfect and ‘untouchable’ crib in our brains we had to find one just a good, but half that price at least.  Well we have found it!  FINALLY.  The Babi Italia Mayfair crib is beautiful- not bright white- it is a brushed cream, almost distressed looking with an antique glaze. And price?  Half.  Plus, Babies’R’Us offers a twin discount since we are purchasing two.  Sweet:)  I also found out that BRU accept coupons from Buy Buy Baby and will honor them with our twin discount for the cribs.  Hello.  His hand is in everything.

Its been a great week for me, and I hope the same for you, too!  I’ll leave you with a quote that was shared with me yesterday from a sweet friend of mine.

God can do more in your waiting that you can do in your doing.”   Love. 

Happy Weekend!

July 27, 2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on having two sweet girls! My daughter's crib was Babi Italia and we could not have been happier with it.

  2. Maureen W. (Maryland) says:

    Baby Italia cribs are GREAT – we have the Eastside. They look much more expensive than they are, too. When we were shopping for cribs, my husband would physically SHAKE the cribs in the store to see how they would hold up to toddler tantrums!

    Through Him all things are possible. God has given you these babies and will carry out His plan for them. You are his instrument. I was terrified the night I went into labor, worrying about the babies' health at 29 weeks, but all of a sudden a feeling of peace came over me as I accepted that this was how God had planned for them to come into the world. Through all of our trials since then, my mom keeps reminding me to "have faith", and I find myself repeating those words over and over to myself.


  3. Hi!

    You probably have no clue who I am, but I found your blog through Shay's and I know your husband – he went to high school with my sister and also grew up with him at Plymouth Park Baptist Church.

    Anywho, I love your blog! Thanks for sharing that last quote! "God can do more in your waiting that you can do in your doing." If you don't mind, I am going to use it!

    -Kristi Thetford

  4. The Dunaways says:

    So So Many things to love!! #1 is amazing… of course #4 is near and dear to me & #5… just means those baby girls are closer to holding and loving on! Love you lady!

  5. mrs. tabb says:

    ahh! I need to say a few things:

    * you, your family, and your blog are perfectly darling and I can't WAIT to follow along as your twins come!!
    *Our daughters will have the same middle name, yeah!
    * I can't even believe your post on your night at the ER because something VERY similar happened to me. I had blood at 11 weeks and like you, my husband was at work and unreachable. I can't believe how similar our stories were!! We ended up in the ER all night and finally I got to see Little Lilly on the ultrasound! God was so good that night!

    I rarely leave such lengthy comments but the more I dug into your blog the more I realized how much we had in common!!
    I'll certainly be back to follow along!!!

    We Are The Tabbs