18 Weeks

Oh my goodness.  LOOK at my belly.  Look at it.  It is getting so big so fast!  At 18 weeks I feel like it is seriously showing off.  I had a lady at Babies’R’Us look at me in shock while we were looking at cribs- “When are you due?”First week in December.”  With raised eyebrows she responded “Oh.. well, good!”  Yes, lady.  I am aware that I look oh, 6-7 months pregnant.  No need to remind me.  And if one more person tells me “I hope you know how big you are going to get..”  I might breakdown in tears right in front of them…  
How far along? 18 Weeks 2 days

Total weight gain:  18 lbs.  (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.) 
Maternity clothes? Duh.  Although today I am wearing a non-maternity dress that fits so well, and although my toes are numb and frost bitten I am rather comfortable.  My belly can breath! 
Stretch marks? No- and still have yet to get anything that will help with the itching- Sweet Jesus. My belly itches like crazy.
Sleep: In bed by 8:30pm-9pm every night.  Sleeping so hard- I look like I’ve been whacked with a baseball bat when I get up in the morning.  Part of it is because I’m just plain exhausted, and the other has to do with the fact I’m on antibiotics that ‘may cause drowsiness- do not drive or operate heavy machinery’.   I get up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom, but don’t have trouble falling back to sleep at all whatsoever. 
Best moment this week: Feeling my babies move:) 
Miss Anything? I’m gonna go with what I said last week -because it is still SO true: The versatility of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.  Dangit.
Movement: Yes- finally!  I know for a fact I felt baby on the right (my right..) on Saturday.. err- Sunday morning at the hospital.  I know because just as the nurse said she moved I felt something like muscle movement.  This week I have felt the bubbles and popcorn sensations regularly.  Half the time I think it is just my tummy growling (I’m still always starved.) or my food digesting.  But it is the same feeling everytime- and I can’t say my tummy grumbles follow the same pattern everytime, per say.  Last night I drank some carbonated water and my belly was going nutso!  I know at least some of that was my sweet girls making their presence known.
Food cravings: Still enjoying my dry cereal every night before bed.  I eat ourselves out of house in home when it comes to fruit- I came home from my weekly shopping trip with 8 apples (along with plums, tangerines, honeydew melon, grapes, strawberries, Rainier cherries, bananas..it will all be gone by Friday- I promise.)  Between Jordan and I we have already gone through half of those apples.  Plain Greek Yogurt- either mixed with Pumpkin Flax Granola or.. fruit (shocker!), and anything salty.  Still showing love to Chester with my addiction to Cheetos- We have started to get the jumbo bags from Sam’s Club.  I know.     
Anything making you queasy or sick:  hmm.. well nausea is coming from these antibiotics meds I’m on, but nothing related to food.  Pizza Chicken Rolls are on the menu for tonight.  If I end of chunking it I think I’ll be okay with the asparagus and Cream Cheese Polenta side dishes. 
Gender:  My sweet girls. 
Labor Signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Congestion continues.  So tired.  all.the.time.  I feel like I cannot keep up.  I’m in bed before 9pm- and granted I am up around 5ish everyday- that is still 8 hours of sleep- plenty more than I ever go before gettting pregnant.  I feel like I can’t get enough.
Belly Button in or out? Innie.
Wedding rings on or off? On.  I almost took off my ‘I love you’ ring that J got me for our anniversary last year.  It  is on my right hand- and is the same size 5 that is my wedding ring, but it fits a little snug due to the fact it is on my dominant hand.  Within minutes of forcing it past my knuckles I felt- for lack of a better word- guilty and put it back on after I started to put it away.  I couldn’t imagine not wearing it for the next several months.  It will have to come off soon, but not this week:)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and a little humbled.  After this past weekend’s hospital trip I realized that all this pregnancy stuff is so fragile and precious.  I’ve got two growing babies inside of me!  That is serious business, folks! 
Looking forward to: Finally moving into our new house!  It will be so much more fun to be able to have a place to put all my ideas into:)  Oh, and ‘bedrest’.  Can’t wait for that:)  Starting September 1st I’ll be spending my last trimester homebound per my doctor’s orders. Since I am high-risk for preterm labor it is best that I take it incredibly easy- meaning no housework, no grocery shopping, and no work work.  I can sit at the computer or make a sandwich, but nothing that requires too much effort- getting up in the morning, showering, makeup, and driving to work is surprisingly stressful on the body- and my doctor will have none of that.  But both Jordan and I agree that we would rather keep these babies safe in my belly rather than the NICU, and would MUCH rather do it at home- not the hospital.  Much more comfortable, and can I say- much CHEAPER.   So- I have just about a month left before my time at home.  Anyone got any suggestions for good books?  I’ll be catching up on my long lost love of hardbacks. 

July 26, 2012

  1. Meredith says:

    I'm so excited you can feel the move! Isn't it the best?! 🙂 And your belly looks great! For some reason weeks 18-22 were the weeks of MAJOR growth for me and then it calmed down a bit (or maybe I'm just getting used to it)! Also, loving the nursery inspiration. We're using coral as well (and grey/turquoise). I have never been a fan of pink and it's been really hard to even look at pink baby clothes but I do love coral. 🙂 Our perinatologist is Dr. Weiss–his office is at Medical City of Dallas. Absolutely love him and the appointment is incredible–so excited for you guys!