Nursery Inspiration

So- preggo-brained woman that I am has changed her mind.  Not too far off from my original ‘dream’ bedding but I think after some more perusing of etsy, pinterest, and actual department stores I’ve decided finally that I’ve found what matched up to my idea in  my newly developed scattered brain.

There is nothing wrong with my original, per say, I just wasn’t super crazy about ALL the fabric in the palette I had descided on. The browns and blues were getting a bit difficult and clashed with several things that I thought would go perfect in the girls room- but just was off from the colors I chose. 

One thing that has not changed is the main colors I want to use: coral and lavender.  I like pink- but pink is pink.  And everywhere when you are carrying girls in your belly.  Jordan and I agreed that we wanted something different- not super traditional PINK.  Coral is probably my all time favorite color (my bridesmaids wore coral tea length dressing in our wedding- 8 years ago!)

I present to you my color inspiration..

The top pictures are the actual fabric I’m using for the girls bedding.  The one on the left is the main fabric palette I’ve chosen, and I’m adding the green minky dot fabric (#2 from the palette on the right) for the backing of the bumpers.  I found a gal on Etsy named Nicole and her sweet little shop Dandelion Baby Blanket.  She hand makes beautiful bedding and has some awesome color options to choose from.

The bottom pictures are images I pinned on Pinerest for palette inspiration.

The party scene is from Amy Atlas Events, and fit perfectly in the idea book shelved in my brain when I was first starting to think about how I wanted to do my girls’ room. Originally, I couldn’t quite find the fabric I wanted, so I went with a more orange coral print rather than the pink coral I really wanted. I’m so thankful I was a little more picky with my search and found the right one!  The bedroom picture is one from and totally inspired me to add in a little more green to my coral combo. 

Now I’ve decided- and it is in stone.  I gave the go ahead for the bedding making to begin.  No changing my mind now!

And I’m totally fine with that… I think:)

July 25, 2012

  1. The Dunaways says:

    I love love love!!! Can't wait for everything to come together!

  2. Maureen W. (Maryland) says:

    So pretty, I love it! No joke, I spent an entire month searching for bedding for our twins (we wanted something neutral since we waited to find out). Then, in one trip to BRU to look at cribs, I completely changed and ended up picking a palette of tans and creams with varied textures. I can't WAIT to see how your nursery turns out. I know it will be beautiful.