Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, I know it is Wednesday- but the past couple days have been crazy- Monday was insanely busy, and most of Tuesday was spent at our 20 week appointment which leaves me to today to play catch up for this wrap up!  (Bump picture tomorrow will tell more about the appointment.)

Jordan and I started out our weekend with our sweet friends for Supper Club at the Cabrera’s.  We were all ready to zoom through dinner so we could finally get to dessert and find out the new addition to our ever-growing group- boy or girl?? 

Dinner was awesome of course- I could eat those scalloped potatoes for days.  Recipes on Chocolate Broccoli soon!  I have to play catch up there, too:)

The proud parents to be.. of a boy..?  or a girl?? 

We all dressed our guesses.. Jarrett and I wore pink, and everyone else thought blue for boy.
And the cut…

What’s the color???!! 

BLUEEEE!  Landon will have a best bud- and Parker and Jolie will have their hands full with these two boys together:)

What a fun evening.  For the past couple months we have been saying our goodbyes before 10pm- we used to hang out until the wee hours of the morning.  Friday night Landon ended up going down for bed like a champ in the Cabrera’s guest room (Jacqueline is quite impressive) leaving us to our girl talk and giggles and the boys to searching for lake front properties for purchase (we never know what they are going to do when we get them all together..)  We ended up staying until after midnight and had the best time!  I love our bestest friends!

Saturday Jordan was at work and I cooked for my clients, taking up the majority of the morning/afternoon.  After a short nap I spent my evening packing in preparation for our move.  We are officially living among boxes!  Our little place is looking quite bare these days!

Sunday we finally got the keys to the new house (the sellers did a short lease-back until August- which worked out perfectly for us; no double mortgage.) and Jordan spent all day over there- starting the finishing touches for our new place.  The house is move in ready, but we wanted to do a few things before we moved in to make it more our own.  Paint, crown molding finish, and sand and appoxy of the garage floor.  Not super sure about the garage floor business- I just know it is something Jordan really wanted to do:)  Boys..
Pictures via instagram from Sunday.. choosing a nursery color was the biggest issue thus far- I have a pretty specific color in mind, and the first one we put on the wall was not what I was thinking. I think we have figured it out now- can’t wait to see the finished product:)

It was a fun whirlwind of a weekend, as usual- but I/we are so excited to be one step closer to getting into our new home.  Jordan and his dad have been hard at work all week- and hopes to be done with everything by early next week.  I’ve been busy packing and slowly getting everything together.  The packing has seemed really easy- not as bad as I was dreading for it to be.  I’ve been doing about 6 boxes each day- just about all my energy level can handle- and still get dinner on the table for Jordan when he gets home from working all day at the house. 

We are supposed to be out of our place by the 25th of this month, but hope to start moving the weekend of the 17th, 18th, and 19th. 

Can’t wait!!  Yippeeee:)  More updates to come!

August 8, 2012

  1. You have the best photos of our reactions!!! So fun! I loved seeing yall on Friday 🙂

    Don't you be doing too much packing girly….those girls need you to start resting!!

    Love you 🙂

  2. The Dunaways says:

    LOVE THIS! & Yall!! Cant wait to see the new place… once this meeting is over I can start helping however yall need 🙂 looking forward to our homebound dates XoXo!