5 Month Favorites

 Month five with these girls is in full swing!  There’s a whole lot of growing up going on in the Massey house- sleeping in their own cribs- unswaddled, teething and eating oatmeal from a spoon.
Slow time down.  Some one.  Anyone?  
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1.Munchkin BPA Free White Hot Spoons. Just a couple weeks ago the girls started on cereal (rice and oatmeal) and when we were out getting the ‘supplies’ for feeding them successfully (bowls, bibs, spoons, a water bucket with soap.. you know, the essentials) I was overwhelmed by the options.  There was an entire WALL of spoons.  I knew, whatever I chose, I wanted something that is gentle on their gums and eventually on their new teeth, so the rubber tip was on my radar. Finally we decided on these soft rubber tipped spoons that are designed to let you know if food is too hot.  The tips turns white when food is too hot.  Even when I’ve tested the oatmeal or rice cereal on my own lips, I can never judge.  So, I like these spoons to help me out with that. 
2. Dr. Brown’s Feeding Bowls.   So far, we love these bowls. To be honest, I scooped these up on the “As Is’ wall-o-babystuff at Babies R Us- they were marked down because the packaging was torn.  Hey, anyway I can save a buck these days.  After using them, I have decided that I really like them!  They are non-slip with a rubber base and small enough for me to hold in my (rather petite) hand while feeding with the other.  There is also a rubber tab that makes the bowl extra easy to hold. They claim to have partnered with infant nutritionists and moms to create a complete solid feeding system.. but so far so good with these bowls.  Not sure if it’s really making the ‘nutrition’ impact on my 5 month old girls just yet.   
3. Sophie The Giraffe Vanilla Teething Ring.  Last month I mentioned the love we have for Sophie.. but while the girls love the squeak of that toy, I’ve found that they loose interest in the big Sophie pretty quickly simply because they cannot hold it very well and suck/chew/drool effectively. I think it’s because she is just TOO big for them and their little mouths right now. A couple weeks ago I was sifting through toys and found this smaller, easy for tiny hands to hold, Sophie.  We had gotten a couple as a present topper at one of my first baby showers and I totally forgot about them. They were still in the box!  This little Sophie is perfect for P & J to hold- with built-in teething rings.  Jolie, in particular, loves this thing and will reach for it as soon as it is in eye’s view. The Sophie the Giraffe Vanilla Teething Ring runs around $15 and, like the big Sophie, it is worth every penny.
4. Cotton Footless Sleep & Play Pajamas.  Summer is on the horizon here in Texas and I’m totally digging these footless jams for the girls.  For the most part, if we aren’t going anywhere or we aren’t having any company, my girls stay comfy in a sleep-and-play during the day.  With the warmer days (up to 80s or 90s) and nights only dipping into the upper 50s or 60s, these footless pajamas are perfect.  I admit to having every single footless jammies that Carter’s offers. Times two.   
5. Gerber Infant Oatmeal.  We have tried the rice cereal and after a couple weeks we decided to try infant oatmeal.  We went with the Gerber brand and have come to love it more than the rice cereal, not really for any reason except that the girls seem to eat/like it better.  I opted against the ‘organic’ brand cereal, simply because I am feeding two babies and these babies are going through it so quickly and it can get so expensive.  As far as the grains in general go, there isn’t a real risk or benefit in choosing the organic versus the regular.  When we transition to fruits and vegetables I’ll be selecting the organic varieties when available.  
6. HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket. As of two weeks ago, little miss Jolie can roll onto her belly.  That day we decided it was time to ‘de-swaddle’ the girls.  At first we still used the SwaddleMe, but would leave their arms free.  There are about 50 different varieties and brands of wearable blankets, and at first I was set on the Aden and Anais, but after reading multiple reviews that it was poorly made and tore after first use/wash and the $50 price tag, I decided for something a bit more sturdy.  We used the HALO swaddler blankets we got from the hospital for over two months, and never had any issues with quality, so I figured it was a great bet to choose the HALO brand.  Finally we broke down and bought a couple Sleep Sacs while Babies R Us had them on sale for buy on get on 50% off.  The small size is still huge on the girls, but after a run through the wash it shrank just a bit making it not so big and safe for them to wear at night. 
7. Balmex MultiPurpose Healing Ointment. LOVE.  While I do like Butt Paste, we got this as a sample from our pediatrician and find it to be easier to use/spread and not so messy.  I went out that day after first use and bought a boatload.  Ok, not really, but a few to stock up on.  I haven’t been able to find it in large supermarkets (they have the cream version), but Babies R Us and diapers.com has it. Because they are still breastfeeding, they have multiple poopy diapers during the day and have yet to have a run in with dreaded diaper rash.  The Balmex ointment literally acts as a bootie sheild and NOTHING sticks to their little bums.
8. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion- Fragrance Free.  During the first few months of life, we used an organic, hypoallergenic baby lotion on the girls.. simply because it was a gift that had been given to us at a shower.  We have about 14 gallons of Johnson’s baby lotion and soap.. and used the baby soap and the organic lotion in combination without problem.  Recently we ran out of the (pricey) hypoallergenic lotion and decided there was no harm in switching to the Johnson’s baby lotion (the oatmeal vanilla).  Wrong.  Both girls broke out into a terrible rash- poor Jolie was the worst with it all down her back and shoulders.  Parker got a terrible rash under her neck and it all just looked so uncomfortable.  We decided to go fragrance free with the lotions and it did the trick- after just a first time use.  No more rash and cleared up beautiful baby skin- thank goodness!  We use the Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo, and while it is lightly scented it doesn’t cause irritation like the Johnson’s does.       

We still get great use of our 3 & 4 month favorites, so not to forget about those.. But these are the essentials in our house for month numero cinco!  And as always, suggestions welcome for anything great that we may be missing out on! 🙂


May 14, 2013

  1. We switched to Aveeno last week. Our baby boy's skin is super sensitive:( So far so good! The zipper sleep sacks are perfect! Your baby girls are little beauties! 🙂

  2. Did you ever say what baby monitor you use? We are on the hunt for a good video monitor for baby #3!!! 🙂

  3. Sheena says:

    Hey Amber! We were using the same infant oatmeal that you are but then learned that, if you have a food processor, you can grind regular oats into the same powdery baby oatmeal! We've been doing that for a couple of months now for our girls and it's saved us lots!

  4. Bethany says:

    I have read some bad things about Johnson's ingredients, so good call using Aveeno! We also love the Gerber food, sleep sacks, and footless pj's for our 5 month old boy. (:

  5. Meredith says:

    Sometimes I wish your babies were a month older than mine so I could steal some ideas. 🙂 Now it's like, "Oh man, wish I would've known about THAT!" Great favorites!

  6. Bekki says:

    Thanks so much!! love reading all the info being I am due in Sept!

  7. Hey Amber! I just found your blog through your IG and I LOVE it. I am a new mom (Max is four months old) and a hot mess about everything! He is such a blessing to me that I am forever freaking out that I'll screw up. I really appreciate these posts because they help me so much! Thank you!!!!