My First Mother’s Day {2013}

I officially LOVE Mother’s Day.  I was the most perfect day.  The entire weekend was fabulous, actually.  I am SO smitten by my family and what it means to me and this weekend they showed me how much I mean to them.  Talk about making a momma feel special.   

Just a little over 5 months ago my sweet miracles were brought into this world to make me a Mother. How lucky am I?  That I was chosen to carry and create not just one baby doll, but, two!  My mind is still to this day boggled by the entire process.. from conception, to strict bed rest, to birth.. the entire thing was absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t change on single thing about it.  I still wake up every day in disbelief that I am a Momma to two of the most perfect angel babies on this planet (I am biased, of course.)

I was never one of those girls that wanted to get married and have a baby on the fly- so quick after tying the knot.  Going to college to get my MRS degree?  I had other things on my mind.  I for sure wanted to be a mother, but it wasn’t on my immediate radar of things to do right after we got married. If I would have known how amazing it is to be a parent, I would have been on that wagon 3.4 seconds after saying “I DO’.

Friday I decided to take the day off.. but didn’t tell Jordan until Thursday night.  I wanted to spend the entire day with him and our girls and I knew that if he knew I was off work he would have taken the opportunity to get some of his part-time work done (always working hard for our family)

Jordan was so surprised and SO happy that I was going to be home!  He had planned to take the girls out to run some last minute Mother’s Day errands, but since I would be home, he decided that this momma could tag along, too!

First stop.. Sonic.  DUH.  I had to get my Diet Strawberry Limeade for the road.  For whatever reason I can never be left in the car without a drink..So, if ever I have a couple bucks and change to make a stop, Sonic is usually on my radar.

My sweet Parker girl after her lunch meal.. Getting her ‘power burp’ on, so her daddy likes to call it.  Parker and Jolie are the sweetest and with full bellies they kept Jordan and I company while we grabbed a bite to eat. 

Mother’s Day spoilage.. Mani/Pedi, Buble..and promises for tickets to his concert in October- EEEEEEE!
Buble is my favorite.  I would be a Mother to his children, any time.

Saturday Jordan was at work, and Sunday, Mother’s Day, we headed to church that morning and then to the Massey’s for burgers and all the goodies that go with it for a Mother’s Day celebration.  It was a day of firsts for every one.. Jenna and I celebrated being a new mommies and Bree was celebrated for being a new grand-mommy! 

Silly Jolie Polie in her sweetest Sunday dress and head bow. Always in attempt to get her toes in her mouth. Occassionally she’s frustrated because she can’t fit both feet in her mouth at once. 

They made my weekend extra special.. just like every weekend:)

My sweet family of four
The girls.  Absolute prefection if you ask me. 

I am beyond blessed by these two little girls.  I cannot say enough of how much I love them.. and how much I LOVE being their Momma. 

To all you ladies that are blessed to be a momma to your little one (s), I hope this year you were celebrated as much as I was.  You should be because you are all so special.

Happy Mother’s Day!


May 13, 2013

  1. Kara says:

    Looks like you had a great first Mother's Day!

  2. The Joiners says:

    Saw that cute navy/white dress that the girls are wearing at BRU yesterday and almost bought it for Clara- too cute! Happy first Mother's Day to you 🙂

  3. Lara says:

    Such a sweet post. Your girls are so precious!

  4. Mandy Dupree says:

    Looks like you had a fabulous Mother's Day too! We had a blast. I wish we lived closer, even though I know we have both said that so many times. I love Buble too! Especially his Christmas album! Looks like you lucked up little momma! And those little girls are presh!

    I think I am with you on Mother's Day being one of the best holidays now!

  5. Sarah Tucker says:

    Yay for your first Mother's Day! J treated you so well and you are SO blessed to have P and J in your life. They're perfect!

  6. Crystal says:

    Beautiful!! This is kind of a random question but what mascara do you use. your eye lashes always look so gorgeous!!

  7. Sally says:

    Love these pics! You all look amazing! Especially Mama on her first Mother's Day :))

    If I would have known how amazing motherhood is, I would have jumped on it much sooner as well! :))

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  9. Mama L says:

    What a beautiful family you have! I really enjoy your blog, and it sounds like your first Mother's Day was wonderful! (It was my first too, as my Laila was born about a week after your girls!)

  10. Brista says:

    oh goodness!!! love the butterflies photo!! sooo cute!!

  11. Such a beautiful post my friend! You deserve those two gorgy girls and I am so glad you had an amazing first Mother's Day!! <3

  12. Happy 1st Mother's Day! I was celebrating my first this year also and what a blessing it is!

  13. Becca Moss says:

    Congrats on your first mother's day! It was my first one too, and it's so special (: Your girls are adorable, love them!

  14. H O N E Y says:

    ohh, that looks really beautiful!
    I love it ♥