Breaking with My Babes

It is Friday- AMEN for that.. am I right? Last night Jordan and I loaded the girls up (along with about 1/3 of our house- packing is insane for me PLUS the twins) and headed to Belton to visit Jordan’s family.  Aunt Jenny and Bobby..and cousin Keith and his wife Charity came in town from out of state- so, we all made plans a couple months back to be on the lake this weekend!  None have met the girls just yet, or little miss Kendall, so the anticipation is up there for excitement.

Other plans for the weekend..
..introduce the girls to the pool for the first time (yeaaabuddy) our weight in watermelon..
..lay by the pool..
..more watermelon.. and a little smoked brisket..and maybe a stuffed jalapeno, or 10, 8, 4.

Just having four sounds much better to my waistline and the fact that I plan to be in a bathing suit all weekend.  Bathing Suits.  ugh.  We wont go there- I tried on about 7 of my ‘pre-baby’ suits while packing and lets just say I’m quite ‘top-heavy’ since having the twinsies.  THESE twins have grown substantially.  I almost took a picture but decided against- you could totally see the bloat from the peanut butter toast I had just eaten, and with the way too small top.. just a recipe for a disastrous photo-op.   

I plan to take about 369563829 pictures this weekend that you’ll all be able to enjoy as your computer screen floods with images of my littles.  More on that next week for sure.

While packing on Wednesday, me and the girls took a break from packing to be silly before it was time for oats/veggies and bathtime before bed. 

Really these are pictures of Jolie.. and an incredibly distracted Parker Jane in the background.

Look over here bebe.  
Parker?  Parker.. Parks! Hey girllll.. Parker.  

Still no Parker. But a very cute blue-eyed Jolie Polie

Oh.  Heyyy seest. 
Whats in your mouth.  Let me see whats in there.  Just trust me.

I forsee this to be exactly how it is when they are older. 
Jolie = the boss; Parker = hiding under mom’s feet

Hey!  Hey YOU girls! 


Helllooo beautiful babes!

Have a good weekend, friends! 

Allow me to get back to my watermelon and sunshiny day on the lake:)


June 21, 2013

  1. Katie says:

    hope you have a great weekend!! watermelon eating and the pool sounds wonderful to me!!!

  2. Shadia Brown says:

    Oh my gosh your girls are little beauties! I looove all the pics. Have a lot of fun!

  3. Amy B. says:

    Love the fingers in sisters mouth. So funny.

  4. Kaylin says:

    gosh I just love those two. Those blue eyes get me 🙂 Thanks for sharing your pictures, Hope all your gear fit in your new car!!1

  5. Mandy Dupree says:

    Wishing you three beautiful ladies an awesome weekend on the lake soaking up the rays and eating your share of watermelon! Sounds like a good time to me! (and JAX! Good luck with the pool, it was our first rodeo yesterday and it was a complete hit! Hopefully, the twins' first experience will be a good one, too. Thanks also, the cravings for watermelon just hit me like a ton of bricks. Something about summer gets me in the fruity mood. Your post just made that craving WORSE! Love you girlies!

    XOXO, M + J

  6. Sarah Tucker says:

    Oh I love them to pieces!! Jolie's eyes are poppin'! I love that P lays there with one arm above the head, chillin like a villain. Have a fun weekend! Love you!

  7. Shannon Chumley says:

    How fun!! We live very close to belton and plan to go to the lake this wknd too! Enjoy your time with those precious girls

  8. I love watching your girls interact! I think the relationship between twins is so sweet and amazing.
    Oh, and I know exactly what you're talking about with the other set of "twins"…I only invested in one bikini to get me through the summer because I know next year they will probably back to their normal modest self ha! Oh the joys of breastfeeding :). Worth it though.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm dying for a swimsuit post (yours, although the girls are adorable as always also)…I'm about to go through my first summer post-baby and am still breastfeeding also which means I have issues with my "twins" fitting in my swimsuits also :).