Weekend Events + Father’s Day

Let’s talk about how amazing my weekends are.. I mean.. when you have two crazy fun bebes in your life- how can it not be fun?

Of course.. our wild and crazy weekends are always screwy when the teething bully returns..but fails to produce any teeth (grrrr..) or the attempts to stretch the girls’ feedings to four hours instead of three causes them to be awake at all hours of the night.. nearly bringing their mom to tears.. all while dad is at the fire station.  I confess to nearly be at my breaking point around 3 am when I had yet to be asleep longer than a half hour 15 minutes and had my fingers hovering speed dial number one- about to call Jordan to come home when finally there was quiet. 

For an hour. 

This was Sunday night.. and of course Monday they were exhausted..and their morning nap was a whopping one hour before leaving for Jolie’s PT appointment and on to a full-jam-packed day of errands before meeting the Massey’s for a late celebratory Father’s Day dinner.  Needless to say.. rough.  Understatement? 

But.. while the end of my weekend was rough around the edges.. the rest was fabu- per the usual.

Thursday it was just me and the girls for the evening while Dad was at work and I hear the ding-dong of the doorbell to a sweet surprise from my www (world wide web) friend and fellow mommy, Darcy.  She sent the girls probably the coolest gift on the planet- Indestructibles.

“…the books built for the way babies read. They are 100 percent baby-proof, chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof. Printed on a unique nontoxic, paperlike material that holds up to anything babies can throw at it—gumming, spilling, dragging across the floor— Indestructibles are the little books that could. They’re indestructible. And if they get dirty, just throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher..”

Seriously.  While the book is now crinkled to the nth degree.. it is perfectly intact and the girls haven’t put it down.  Thanks Darcy and Emmy!  Have I told you how much I love snail mail

Friday we spent the morning with Brittany of B Faith Photography for the girls’ 6 month photo shoot.  Hoping to have some great ones back soon to share the sweetness with all of you.. actually praying for just one decent one of the four of us.  Parker was off her normal cheesy-grinned game, and Jo was in her own world not interested in the camera or smiling.  (start of said teething bully’s arrival..)

Of course, the moment the pictures are over this girl is hammin’ it up for a quick picture with mom.  lame- but consolation?  I adore this picture of my mini and me. 

Friday night was the perfect night for grilling with some of our favorites.

Parker and Jarrett have this special bond..  

..well, both my children adore him.  They can relate to his baldness..

If you ask me, this one is frameable for his office..

Good times with my sweet bestest.. we had the best evening, just us four..er.. 6!

The boys smokin’ cigars and chatting it up about the possibilities of the blank canvas of a backyard that we have. Jarrett has big plans for this yard.  He wants to buy the plants.  Jordan is game..

In between bevi refills and chips full of Jalapeno Popper Dip.. I checked on the girls here and there.  Miss Jolie needs a pillow, I suppose. 


(I did remove her from the make-shift pillow out the the bumper position.. just for the record.)

Saturday was full of birthday fun for Landon’s 2nd birthday.  Such a sweet party.. and Parker & Jolie’s first official party to attend! This time last year those little bitties were snug in my belly..around 13 weeks gestation..

Now.. playing with the big kids.. or trying, at least. 

I don’t think Jolie can hang with the big kids just yet. 

While sister continued on with her 2 1/2 hour nap, me and the Parks had some silly momma-daughter time. 

Sunday was Jordan first Father’s Day and I was sad to realize he would actually be at the fire station.  BUT!  The girls hadn’t been to the station to visit daddy in a couple months, so we made sure to make the trip to see him on his special day.

He is such an amazing daddy to these two littles.  I am so blessed to call him my husband and for Parker and Jolie to call him Dad. 

Laundry? Check.  Yard work?  Check. Handy man?  Check. Poop Wrangler?  Double check- literally. Not to mention that his days off are spent caring for our sweet little girls and I am so thankful for him. 

Besides.. no one can fill the bath tub with the most perfect lukewarm water like he can.  Period. 

My how the girls have grown since the first time they came to visit. 

Time for some fun on the engine- Driver Jolie Polie (just like her daddy.. and Poppa!) 
The helmet fits over the bows, right??

Parker is a pro.. duh!

Practicing pumping the water.. like daddy does when there is a fire.  These fire deptartment onesies were given to us as a gift and the girls finally fit into them.. I surprised Jordan when we arrived- he loved it!

This is one for Daddy’s locker.  I had an IG friend take notice that the 6 on the engine is perfect for their 6 months of age.. good eye!

While there are no pictures of Monday and our crazy errand running and crabby babies.. this little one was caught rummaging around in the towers of laundry before bed.  Happy girl.  Love this sweet face.

 and.. for a bonus day- dad is at home with these girls today while I’m stuck at work. BOO.  His highlight? 

Laundry. #neverending

Please excuse the random throwing abouts of my personal lacies.  He already posted this picture for all of instagram to see.. so, I suppose I don’t mind the sharing of it with you all either:)

And for a guaranteed smile across your face.. watch this video.  Jordan sent it to me this morning while he was changing the sheets (yes, ladies and gentlemen, he really does the laundry.) I love getting pictures and videos of my girls while I’m away.

Keep in mind that Parker has yet to really laugh out loud so much.  Her new thing is ‘screetching’ when she’s excited..

See if you can catch it..

I hope Father’s Day was wonderful for all you amazing daddy’s out there.  I know these three ladies have been blessed beyond measure for this Gent in our life.  Love you more than anything, Jordan Massey!


June 18, 2013

  1. The pictures on the firetruck are just PRICELESS. What sweet baby girls.

  2. AMCallahan says:

    Firetruck photos are fantastic, I need to take my little guy up to visit daddy at work to get some of our own! Hope hubs had a happy father's day!

  3. axie says:

    where do you get your baby girls' headbands??? all of them are so cute 🙂

  4. Sarah Tucker says:

    Oh my gosh I miss these two!! Adorable, per the norm, but the video is priceless!! Love you!

  5. Darcy Potter says:

    Holy cuteness!!!! I mean could P & J be any cuter 🙂 LOVE all the pictures of them at the Fire Station <3 PS. Thanks for the shout out! My blog is still a work in progress but having fun with it 🙂

  6. Precious girls as always…Happy First Father's to your hubby and the video ADORABLE! That laugh is too cute 🙂

  7. kayla pfeil says:

    Those pictures are super adorable! I am going through some of the same healthy issues that you had. Hopefully Clomid will work for me too!!!