8 Years and Counting…

Last week the hubs and I celebrated our 8 years anniversary (good grief!).  A little confession.. last year we celebrated up and down that it was our 8th year to be married.  BOTH of us were convinced of this fact, which indeed was wrong.  Silly, right?!  I finally figured it out when I was going through many pictures and trying desperately to find that ‘lost’ year.

I blame pregnancy brain.  I do.  It is real- I think.  (and it has yet to go away, by the way). 
So..this year indeed is  the 8th year we’ve married. 

One of the best parts about being married in August?  Besides the fact that all the ‘cool kids’ do it.. it happens to fall right in the middle of Restaurant Week here in Dallas/Fort Worth- and what better way to celebrate our anniversary than to be the hard core foodies we wished we were for the night?
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This year we have a couple restaurants lined up to visit, but for our anniversary dinner this past weekend we opted to try Hibiscus.  The atmosphere was perfectly romantic and our waitress was such a doll!  It makes the entire evening much better when you have staff that really knows what customer service is all about. 

Me and this love bug- married 8 years and I wouldn’t change a thing:)

Dinner was fabulous.. Baked Dungeness Crap Dip to start,  we both ordered the petite filet with asparagus per the recommendation of the bestest and chose the wood roasted carrots, goat ricotta, almond, and the deep dish mac and cheese as our sides.  Holy yum.  Seriously delicious. 

For dessert.. after failing to convince Jordan that we needed like 2 more of those deep dish macs, we chose the chocolate layer cake.  LAYER cake was no lie.

Killed it.

After dinner, the staff was polite enough to roll me to the door and crane lift me to the car.  Dinner was so good.  I thought about it the rest of the weekend!

A movie was next on the agenda for our anniversary date.  Going to the movies was our most favorite thing to do pre-babies.  Now we watch lots and lots of movies in the comfort of our own home:)

We opted for We Are the Millers- HILarious!  I love Jennifer Aniston and her quirky little self made me laugh the entire night.

Selfies pre-movie!  I grabbed the biggest tub of popcorn and the tallest vanilla root beer they had and plopped my pretty little behind into the seat, kicked off my heels and was ready for the movie.  The trip back from Dallas took about 45 minutes- I was able to work up my appetite well enough to house that popcorn and root beer just fine.  Don’t judge.  Besides- it was date night. The entire point of GOING to the movies is to get the popcorn and candy- right?  (says the dietitian..)

Thanks to Ashley and Jarrett  for keeping our littles and sending silly pictures of our happy girls while we were out.  So thankful for sweet friends that we trust and love that love our girls as much as we do.  We shall see if their love for P&J still runs deep after they keep them for 1/2 the week we are away in Mexico.  Those girls know how to party at 2am..and 3am, and 4am.  All before its time to eat at 5:30am.

It actually just hit me how soon we will be leaving for our Adults Only trip.  Holy Hot Sauce- getting excited!

After such a good weekend- I was missing my girls extra on Monday, so Daddy brought them up to work for a lunch date with momma.  Subway was the meal of choice, and even though it was no filet or deep dish mac and cheese, it was just as delicious because my company made it that much sweeter.

I adore these babies- and although Parker’s face isn’t super enthused, she was all silly and wiggles. 

Happy anniversary, Jordan- we are one super blessed couple.  Love you!


August 21, 2013

  1. Olivia Irwin says:

    Congrats on 8 years and heres to many more! Looks like a fun date ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. JessicaLynn says:

    Holy Hot sauce… you cracked me right up on that one. Happy Anniversary!!! Have fun on the adult only vaca, I went on one of those once while I was pumping, it sorta stunk that I had to do it the whole time but that vacation was much needed and was a blast!!!

  3. Perfect anniversary date girly ๐Ÿ™‚ Restaurant Week sounds like a blast..we one night where all the restaurants get together in our downtown area..it's yum.com…and Mexico Trip?! (said without pronouncing the "X") How fun!!

  4. Abigail says:

    Wow, like such a perfect date ๐Ÿ™‚ You look lovely together! God bless your marriage ๐Ÿ™‚

    Life in the Fash Lane

  5. happy anniversary! and i hope you love your trip away with hubs. It is so important to foster your relationship with your partner as it is to take care of your kids. Good for you for taking time to have that balance! hope you guys enjoy yourselves!

  6. 8 years – amazing!! So happy for y'all! Congrats and what a dun date night!

  7. fun* (fat fingers on the phone keyboard)

  8. Sausha says:


  9. Ann Marie says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you guys had fun. Enjoy your adults only vacation! Jealous….. ๐Ÿ™‚