9 & 10 Month Favorites

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1. Bright Stars Grab and Stack Blocks.  These were an instant favorite- especially with our creative brained Parker Jane (ha!).  I noticed her playing intently with them at our BB’s house a couple weeks ago.  Each block triggers a different sensory (crinkle paper, rattle, taggies, and they are super colorful) and when I watched Parker stack them one on top of another, I knew this was a toy we must get.  They love them and it is definitely a go-to toy for playtime.
2. Splish Splash Stacking Cups.  All the stacking fun of the plush blocks, but for bath time 🙂  Gotta be careful with this one because *ahemmm* Miss Jolie has a thing for drinking the bath water (blech)
3. Infantino Funny Faces Ring Stacker.  Again with the stacking toys.. noticing a theme for this age?  Puzzles are big fun, too!  The girls have actually associated order with the color of the rings.  We help them stack the rings, and as we stack we say each color.  Such a great activity for my littles.
4. Zara Heart Print Sweater.  It is finally fall!  With fall typically comes the cooler temps, and we’ve almost gotten into a continue state of ‘sweater weather’, but not entirely just yet.  Everyone need a good comfy sweater/sweatshirt- I have one that I could wear every.single.day!  So why not include Parker and Jolie in that blanket statement of ‘everyone’?    How cute is this one from Zara?  Can I get it in my size?  I’ve got the perfect headbow to match!  We just got them in the mail this week, and I’m smitten! 
5. Stretch Leggings. I’m a tunic and leggings lovin’ momma- and so therefore my children are forced into this love as well. This season’s love is no different.. especially the ‘I-bought-this-dress-last-season-but-they-were-too-little-and-now-it-fits-but-its-too-short’ tunics:)  We have about every color legging/jegging you can think of and have been wearing them on the daily.  You can never go wrong with a good tunic and classic leggings for those sweet baby legs.  Yes.. I called leggings ‘classic’.  I think they qualify seeing that 1987-1995 I wore leggings (with stirrups, mind you..) with my keds (in every color and neon cork-screw laces) and my mother’s oversized tee-shirt- complete with a bow made for Texas.  Here I am again wearing leggings.. and now my babies are wearing them, too. See.  Told you.   Classic.
6. Baby Moccs.  For  the last 10 months Parker and Jolie have been shoeless.  Terrible mother?  I digress.  We have shoes.. but to be completely honest neither me or their daddy saw the point in them.  (Said shoes are all too small now) Plus, can I spend monies on shoes- or how about an amazing headbow?  Headbow wins.  Every time.  Until now.  I have two toddling chicas in my house as of late and there has been a time of two when I’ve cringed at the thought of letting them down from my arms to take a few steps in a restaurant, at church, or the grocery store with their bare toes exposed.  Enter my seach for the perfect ‘first’ shoes for my littles- these baby moccs are amazing!  Can I get a pair of my own?  Again- swooning over my girls’ clothing selection (wonder why?)  Freshly Picked is my splurge.. but I found a gal on etsy (shocker)-Little Tonto Moccs– that makes some precious ones with the ‘walking sole’ for a more reasonable price.  When I’m buying two of everything, I can’t quite justify the splurge on most occasions.   

Take away points: 

The girls have transitioned from the ‘newborn’ baby toys to the toddler toys.  As much as I cringe to think and actually say that out loud, they are getting bigger and less interested in some of our favorites from the months before.  More interactive and thought provoking toys to play with are what entertain them now.  Parker has become a pro at the stacking of anything and everything. 

Baby clothes – and now shoes (yikes!) – are addicting.  I foresee that having a girl over a boy could be the reasoning for my obsession with dressing my children to the 9’s (on a budget, mind you.. lots of resale shopping is done in my house..)  But, if God ever blesses me with a little man, I bet the fun of dressing a baby wont subside when he makes his arrival.

I have a weird inkling that I will have all girls (we want 4) – but then God might be laughing at me to think that I make the rules.. 


October 17, 2013

  1. Amanda says:

    We've just begun wearing shoes now when we are out, mainly because we actually fit in shoes now and I was feeling like a bad mom, haha! But mine aren't quite toddling around like yours just yet! Love the sweater and the moccs!

  2. Kristina says:

    how cute are those clothing items and moccasins!!