Weekend Happenings and a Crooner Date Night

Get ready for a mega photo dump. We had a fun filled weekend- per the usual- and this time I got a load of pictures to prove it:)  
On my first Mother’s Day Jordan ‘rewarded’ me with tickets to one of my favorite singers ever- Micheal  Buble himself.  Three years ago– when the twins were just a glimmer in my eyes – Jordan and I saw Mr. Buble for the first time.  What a show!  I loved every single second of it!  Jordan will totally back me up- he loves him as much as I do!  He’s been on an international tour, and has not been to the states in awhile.  When I found out he was going to be in Dallas there was no answer but ‘yes’ when decided to go or not.  
And what is a date night in Dallas without a view of the famous downtown Dallas ball?  We decided to make a night.. err.. 24 hours of it with a stay at the Omni.  Such a beautiful hotel!  

 Snap shot with my lovie pre-dins

 ..and dinner.  Hello, Oscar.  Bob’s was right inside the Omni, and it was AMAzing to say the least.

 Waiting on this Crooner to get the show on the road!  I have such a fun time with my best friend.

Our seats were awesome, and literally on the same row but a different section of where we sat the last time we saw him.

After channeling Lennon and singing ‘All You Need is Love’  the arena exploded with multi color hearts- so fun!

Singing his new single.. the stage props were awesome- everything was really entertaining and held onto my attention.

I got my paper heart.. and a hunky guy with his arm around me.  *Blurry, but captured a fun moment with me and my love.

Saturday morning we made a pit stop at the ‘Bucks before heading to meet Ashley and Jarrett and pick up our little people.

While we were away- I opted to make the girls’ food for this mini-staycation.  When we went to Mexico I bought organic store bought and we think Jolie had an allergic reaction to something she ate.- even though everything she had was something she has had before.. but her skin is finally back to normal and I wasn’t to take the risk in having it return.


So- rather than a store bought food pouches, I used these U-fill baby food pouches.  So super easy to use and fill with my homemade baby food!

Marked with the date and content:)  Perfect for traveling- local or (far) away from home. Sweet potato and mango has become a real favorite in our house.

While we were away in Dallas until Saturday morning, Auntie and Uncle J took on the twinsies across town for a busy 24 hours!  I forced Ashley into taking a bazillion pictures to be sure I could blog about it.

Parker and Jolie observing Layla- Ashley and Jarrett’s ‘da’ (dog)

A little serenade action for these babies.

Bath time before jammies and bed!

I walked into the house to see my child.  This girl. Parker has recently been showing us that she knows exactly what to do with hair bows.  She took Jolie’s off her head and was attempting to put it on her head. So, Uncle J helped a sister out.  She would have been just fine and left it that way if I wouldn’t have taken it off and shared the wealth with Jolie.

These are the newest hair bows made by their BB- she got the supplies from The Hairbow Company!  

Saturday morning got 4759362 times better with brunch:)

The Dunaway’s- so thankful for the love they have for my children.  You know its serious friendship when they offer up their weekend night to take care of two (teething) infants!

The other side of the table with this handsome guy.

Sass x 2.  Parker decides she wants to sass her Auntie- and Auntie gives it right back!

This place just got double marks in my book.  My bloody mary consisted of horseradish, tabasco, tomatillo, lime, and house made spicy tomato mix.  I like mine spicy and this bar did not disappoint.

..and because calories don’t count on Saturday mornings.. Chicken and Waffles with real Maple Syrup.  (what you cant see is the bacon under those over-easy eggs)

Out of control.

My sweet little

After brunch we headed out to run a couple errands, and then met Brittany to take our annual Christmas Card pictures and then went over to Jordan’s parent’s house for a pizza dinner.  I was excited to see this cutie.  Jordan’s sister and her husband spent the weekend in Vegas, and BB and Poppa watched Kendall while they were away. 

Love getting these babies together!  Thye are just a few months apart, so there will be many fun (and girlie!) years to come!

Sunday Jordan was at the fire station and the girls.. well.. they were out of character to say the least.  It was a rough day for mom and babies (teething has resumed in this house) and Jolie cut THREE of her top teeth just this weekend.  From all the finger chewing Parker has been doing, I foresee she isn’t far behind.  Monday was a better day- but still had two babies fighting for space in my lap! 

It’s Tuesday and I’m still thinking about my weekend.  That’s when you KNOW it was a good one:)


October 22, 2013

  1. Soooo jealous The Bub came your way! I have been waiting for him to make a trip to Cali. What a fun little getaway weekend and it is so nice to have such great friends to take care of the cutie pie littles 😉

  2. Alice says:

    What a fun weekend! I adore Mr. Buble too! Your girls are growing so fast. I can`t believe it. Can I ask where you got their precious headbands?

  3. amber says:

    Alice- These bows were made by P&J's BB:) She got the supplies from The Hairbow Company! Link above:)

  4. Ashley D says:

    I miss those boogers already! Xoxo

  5. Lauren says:

    So jealous of your weekend! I want to see him in concert soooo bad!!
    My little guy had a reaction to some store bought baby food as well. I try to make all his food but one day at Target he was hungry and angry so I grabbed a simple apple pouch for him and he broke out in a really bad rash. He's had homemade apple purée a bunch of times already so it must have been something in the pouch…I'm just not sure what!
    Your girls are such dolls!! 🙂

  6. SkinnyMommy says:

    Amber you are such a doll! I miss Chocolate & Broccoli. Do you post there anymore?