Parker & Jolie: 10 Months

Helloooo 10 Months (10/6/13)..which in fact means the month of {huge} milestones for these little girls.  

 We’re 10 Months!  Can you believe it?

 No way.. really?!  Thats what it says..

This month we weren’t scheduled for a well visit, but we did plan to get the girls flu shots, and we made that appointment for part one of their shots last week (10/10).  At their 9 month visit, Parker had dropped on the growth chart a little, so I was eager to do a weight check- especially with her.  This month Parker weighs 18 pounds 4 ounces and Jolie is 17 pounds 7 ounces.  They both gained nearly a pound over this last month!  Good job my growing girls!     
Both babies continue to wear size 2 diapers, size 6 months in onesies, rompers, shirts, and jammies- mostly for the length. Size 3 month dresses and shorts will still fit them comfortably.  Last year when I purchased a bunch of size 3 month dresses for the cooler months, they were way to little to wear them.  I’m happy to be able to get some wear out of them now as tunics with leggings:)  I’ll take what I can get. Even thought it seems like they are getting bigger by the day, they aren’t making much leeway into size 9 month clothing just yet.  I got some 9 month fleece jammies last weekend in hopes they will fit them by this winter, and my goodness- they are huge one them! They are growing so fast and before I know it they will be filling out those 9 month clothes without a problem.  Slow down babies!  

What’s New

I’m still seeing new improvements in motor function and interaction on a daily basis!  This month was another big one just like their 9th month.  Last month we were singing praises about getting 2 teeth, and this month its all about the teeter todder all day of little baby feet.  September 20th marked the day when the girls both started to take real steps toward momma and daddy.  Parker and Jolie both were taking a step of two here and there, but only if we set them up and stood close for use to give them confidence.  It was really one step, two step.. dive into mom/dad’s lap.. yaay look at me walk!  It took all of about a week for Parker to perfect this skill and then it was three steps to mom.. four, wait.. five steps to a toy on the ground.  

Last week (10/9), Jordan sent me a video while I was at work  of Parker going from sitting to standing unassisted.  Insanity is what that is.  You are only 10 months, baby girl!  Jolie is getting there, and little more each day.  She for sure feels better and can get somewhere faster while crawling.  Give her a walker or a toy/box/bin to pull around the room- she’s a pro.  

She finds it silly to run circles around the activity table and cruise along the sofa to get where she needs to go.  

This month marked our first month ever to have sick babies.  I say 10 months with little more than a stuffy head is pretty good in my book.  At their nine month appointment, we came to find out that Jolie had an ear infection and it all seemed to spiral from there.  Along with the terrible rash caused by the unknown, that poor girl was pumped with Benadryl and Zyrtec on a daily basis due to the suspicion that the rash was a result of an allergic reaction.  Shortly after resolving Jolie’s ear infection, Parker came down with something oh-so aggressive: fever, chills, sneezing, and a never ending snotty nose.  For the first time, daddy and I experienced a fever above 99.0.  Miss Parker spent the night on her daddy’s chest and we worried until the wee hours of the morning in attempts to break her 102 degree fever.  Thankfully it was short lived and she was back to normal temp the next day- but her stuffy head and sniffles lasted another week- but not without Jolie contracting whatever her sister had before it was over.  24 hours after Parker’s feverish episode Jolie started with the snot and sickly cry- but never had the high fever- thankfully it stuck to a low grade at 99.0.  These girls were champs through their first real experience with being ‘sick’.  No fun, but they handled it well.  

These days the girls play very well alone and with one another.  I seriously do not have a clue why we have SO many toys.  They are fascinated by the most simplistic things on the planet.  We may or may not keep empty plastic yogurt cups (makes a great microphone.. Jolie can show you..), empty water bottles, and the big produce boxes from Costco used to support and encourage our my {dry} cereal addiction.  We have a basket of toys in the corner of the living room  that we used to pull out random toys every morning for the girls to play with.  We discovered that they plat better if they pick out their own toys.  The living room goes from straight to shambles before Kelly and Michael cover the hot topics for the day.  This month the love and joy in each other has really began to surface.  They laugh and are so very sweet to one another throughout the day, playing solo and chatting it up like they are the only two in the world.  I am obsessed with listening to their tiny voices carry on a conversation of baby babbles and raspberries.   

As of last week Jolie officially graduated from physical therapy with Suzan for her torticollis.  We are still wearing the collar up to three times a day, but she is holding her head so straight these days and we LOVE it.  I think the TOT collar was well worth the try for correction of what little tilt we battled.  She has some good days and some days were she tilts more than others, but overall she is ‘looking great’

This was on October 9th- Jolie’s last day of PT! (A little blurry but o-well!)

Sharing has become quite the touchy subject in our house.  Shrilling squeals when one sister ‘steals’ from the other plays on repeat in the Massey house.  Currently there are three toys things that they ‘fight’ over.. a stupid finger puppet, a plastic bath toy that is shaped like a turtle, and the lotion bottle.  That lotion bottle caused serious competition between Parker and Jolie.  I mean , really? The moment we come into the nursery from bath you can literally see the panic search in their little eyes looking for that bottle.  Whoever happens to get that bottle first hangs on white knuckled and trembles with excitement.  This warrants the other babe to meltdown with full blow cries and rolling tears. I’m serious.  I can’t make this up.. Jordan and I have started to hide the bottle so NO ONE gets it- ha!  Where do they learn this from? 


These girls continue to be super interested in everything that they see Momma and Daddy eat/taste.  They pretty much expect us to offer them a taste, and they let us know it if we don’t.  I love watching the girls try new things and I especially love when they are eager to try for a second bite!  

New Foods this month: Cheerios, goldfish, acorn squash (love), refried beans (love), pinto beans (without the skins), mashed potatoes (love), tamales (love), tortillas (love), pasta (love), bread (Jolie is not too sure about it), donut holes (Parker loves, Jolie is unsure), french fries- both regular and sweet potato- with ketchup (LOVE- Parker is totally a sauce girl), deli turkey (like), and pizza!     
They have a mid-morning and evening solid meal and we continue to stretch the girls to 4 hours between feedings, giving them 4 liquid feedings each day.  I dropped the dream feed for good this month and they are doing great and seem to be getting plenty.  They both gained quite at their weight check, so I am a satisfied momma. 

Their typical feeding schedule at 10 months:

5:30-6am:  breast feed
8am: wake for the day- snack (puffs, toast, yogurt melts)
9am: 7 ounce bottle (or breast feed when I’m home)
9:45am-10am:  5 ounces fruit/vegetable and 1/2 cup yogurt
10am-12pm: nap
1pm: 7 ounce bottle (or breastfeed when I’m home)
2-2:30pm: nap
5pm: breastfeed
6:30pm: (eaten between the two of them) 3/4-1 cup of oats mixed with 5 ounces breast milk and 5 ounces of veggies/fruit and about 1/2 cup yogurt
Getting the girls to finish their bottles at each feeding when mom is away continues to be hit or miss.  Some days they scarf it down in minutes and other days it takes a little more work for them to get it all in.  They seem to be the same way when nursing, too!  They will nurse anywhere between 5-9 minutes- tops.  This is okay by me, they act full and satisfied and are growing like weeds.  After every feeding I always sit them up and say ‘Let me see that belly- do you have a full belly?‘  Parker will pat her tummy and Jolie will give me that cheesy toothless grin.. ugh- I love it!    


These babies officially sleep. through. the. night!  Can I get an AMEN?  At 9 months they started to sleep more regularly through the night,  but officially they will go down aroun7pm-7:15pm without a peep they’ll sleep well until about 5:30am-6am.  At that time they will wake to nurse (or I will wake them, depending on if I’m working that day or not) get a diaper change and then back to bed until 7:30a-8am.

Naptime is consistent for time, but off on the length.  Naps are 10am and between 2-3pm.  The last couple weeks their naps are only around 1 hour give or take 15 or 20 minutes.  Some days Jolie will sleep a solid 2 hours, but those naps are few and far in between.  Our once 1 1/2 to 2 hours nappers seem to have dwindled away.  We have talked about transitioning them to just one nap a day but haven’t braved to do that just yet.  I don’t think we are too far off and from what I’ve read about infant sleep, around 12 months is appropriate for moving towards one nap a day.  I don’t mind that they don’t nap a ton, mainly because they are so much fun during their wake hours.  They aren’t super cranky and maintain great spirits throughout the day.  

Big Sister {Jolie}

Look at how straight her neck is?

 Your Favorites: music, singing the ABC’s, anything that lights up and sings, smiling and laughing, conversations with momma and daddy, and sister, crawling, climbing, and exploring, rough housing (Your FAVORITE to play rough with daddy), bath time, momma’s stuffed bear, hide and go seek, laughing at Daphnee through the back window.

Food: Oatmeal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, mango, apple, baby puffs, Cheerios, and butternut squash. 
Your Not-So-Favorites: being in your car seat for too long, finding a comfortable position to sleep in, getting dressed and changing your diaper (continues to be a never ending battle!)
Food: avocado, pasta, and banana- I think its a texture thing.

You are like a revolving door of change baby girl.  It is SO hard to believe how much you’ve grown and evolved- even in just the last couple months.  Your BB and I call you our little Tweety Bird– your eyes and smile are contagious and I absolutely adore that laugh of yours.  You are so silly and even though you remain to be the littlest, you are quite dominate over your sister.  If there is a toy, book, paci, food.. and you decide you want it- well, you will stop at nothing to get it.  Miss sassy, silly, crazy haired little girl- I cannot get enough of you.  You find humor in most things and can go from crying to giggling in about 7 seconds flat.  You have a new thing for momma’s stuffed teddy.  We actually took you a couple weeks back to get your own stuffed doggie, and you were SO excited about it- giggling and laughing the entire time we were there. It makes me so happy to see you actually find joy in something like that because you are quite busy and carefree most of the time- and that is more of something Parker will find joy in.  I don’t get to snuggle you very often and even though this is the case- you are free to give out ‘sugars’ anytime me or your daddy ask, and when you are willing to be snuggled by this momma, you crawl into my lap and are just as sweet and gentle as can be.  You can say Ma-Ma as clear as day, and I’d come to think that Ma-Ma was referring to both me and your daddy.  I was proved wrong when you plainly and nonchalantly said ‘Da-Da’ the other day.  You seriously floor me, little bit. Growing up too quick! 

‘Other fun things you are learning this month: ‘Da’ for dog and an increasing awareness of the train and it’s horn that travels behind our house multiple times a day.  We call it the ‘choo-choo’ and you know exactly what we are talking about.  You are such a chatter box and I can just imagine our future conversations now- talking my ear off about anything and everything.  I cannot wait! You are so smart- I can see you to be the book worm for sure.  You will spend so much time in your own little world, studying and examining everything- from the button on my shirt to the smallest speck of dust/dirt on your little hand.  You are a thinker- just like your daddy. 

Your silly personality really comes out in your every move- these days you sing and dance to your own tune- literally.  You love to sing the ABC’s and laugh so hard at your BB when she snaps her fingers while she sings to you.  You will hum along to the music and bee-bop your little head side to side.  When you catch me watching you get a little more proud about it and wiggle your shoulders a little bit harder and more extravagant than before.  Such a character, Little Miss.

I love you so much, sunshine

Little Sister {Parker}

Your Favorites: your monkey Wubanub, your paci (can’t sleep without it!), chatting it up with momma, paper, the tags on anything,  iPhone, the remote control, anything you can stack- blocks, cups, etc., NERF ball from BB, bath time, music and singing, and most of all- cuddling.
Food: You will pretty much try anything! Oatmeal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, bananas, and butternut squash, baby puffs, Cheerios, pancakes/bread.

Your Not-So-Favorites:  Sitting and playing alone, being in your car seat for too long, loud noises,, the dark, being left out, getting dressed or diaper changes.

Food: There isn’t one particular thing you wont eat!

Miss Parker Jane.  I cannot express enough how much you light up my crazy world.  You have the biggest heart on the planet and can put a smile on anyone’s face with just a bat of those sweetest little eyes of yours.  You have quite the personality, and even though Jolie is more dominate- you have a way about you that wraps me and your daddy around your finger like no other.

You are such a ham and totally crave the spotlight. If sister seems to be getting the attention at that moment you will never cease in attempts to get the attention back to you.  Copy cat seems to be the name of the game with you these days- anything from laughing, to shaking your head, to slicking your tongue- you’ve got the talent of repeat and will play that game for hours, smiling at yourself with pride the entire way through.  While your sisters laugh is contagious- yours is just as much.  We don’t get to hear it very often.. well, you have a ‘fake’ laugh for attention- but a real Parker laugh is almost rare.  You are SO happy- but will show happiness through other forms of communication- like a squeal with excitement, or a grin from ear to ear causing your eyes to disappear under your rosy cheekies (just like your momma).  You screech in silliness (as we speak, actually) and have become quiet the ‘ring leader‘ of this house.  Typically you wake up from sleep first and stand at your crib and holler for Jolie to wake up..the same goes for attempting to get sister to follow you around.  You are passive in someways and more of a leader in others.  I think your confidence changed once you began to walk and can move around more quickly on a daily basis.

You’ve always been a snuggler and love to sit in momma’s lap, but recently you’ve been extra sweet around bed time and want only but about 3 minutes of cuddles in the rocking chair before drifting off to sleep.  That is my favorite.  You will rub my face or play with my hair while I rock you- such a special time.  I will always cherish it.

You are more of the visual learner (again, just like your mother).  We show you something one time and you pick it up in a snap.  We recently purchased some stacking toys after watching you stack cousin Kendall’s blocks one afternoon.  I was floored because I don’t recall ever showing you how to do that.  Shortly after this we started noticing you putting toys into the boxes or cups and carrying them around- so we knew it was time for some more toys for your creative brain.  The stacking rings, and stacking cups and blocks are your favorite toys this month- you can get enough of them!

How much I cherish you, your over the top personality, and your sweet demeanor Miss Parker Jane.  I am so blessed to call you my daughter.

I blink and yet another month goes by.  I might cry- but all the while it excites me to see what you two can throw at me next month.  It is unreal watching you two grow up so quickly.  Momma is already starting to plan your First Birthday!  

Happy 10 months my beautiful littles!

The amazing custom hair bows Parker and Jolie are wearing in their 10 month pictures c/o fellow twin mom, Kari of Pink Cow Mootique!  I am obsessing over how bright and colorful this ribbon is!  I can totally see how these could be made into a fall favorite (thinking Thanksgiving?!) with reds, yellows, and orange!  Follow PCM on Facebook, etsy, Twitter (@pinkcowmootique) and (my personal favorite- I get to see her sweet twin girls!) Instagram (@kldub25).

Kari has been so generous to offer my readers 20% off their order from PCM by using MASSEYTWINS as the coupon code- Just in time for Fall, ya’ll 😉  

Thanks, Kari!  We love our bows..  Such a fun way to celebrate 10 months!


October 14, 2013

  1. chantal says:

    the lotion bottle story cracks me up! Funny the things babies find entertaining.

  2. leandreotta says:

    I love your monthly updates! And though they may be tiny, your girls are already starting to look so grown-up!!!

  3. Jenn says:

    Happy 10 months, girls! I still can't believe they're walking already. And what's with Jolie not being sure about doughnut holes? Try them again little lady. They're delicious!

  4. Gosh these pictures are just too dang cute!!

  5. Bria Sommer says:

    hello! I started reading our blog while preggo with my little girl who was born April 4 and havent been reading my blogs much since then.. but I just wanted to tell you (ive BEEN wanting to tell you!) how awesome it is that you're breastfeeding your girls! my girlfriend is expecting twin girlies early next year and ill be sending her the link to your blog to show her that breastfeeding twins CAN be done. Good job mama! and keep on growing baby girls!