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This week our life has been consumed with snot.  Thats right,  snot has taken over our house, our babies, and any casual conversation Jordan and I might have- in between baby talk, baby food, baby shopping.. etc.  You get the point.

I was okay with the snot (as okay as one can actually be, I suppose), until it set up shop in my head, which made dealing with sicky (snotty) babies harder to handle.  After waking up on Thursday morning feeling like death warmed over, no voice (literally), and a call to work telling them today was a no-go, Jordan made me call the doctor.  Doctor for me resulted in a diagnosis of a double ear infection (I know, right- what adult gets an ear infection, let alone double), sinusitis (read: sinus infection) and a script for a z-pack.  Feeling MUCH better this morning- you can actually understand a word coming out of my mouth whereas yesterday Jordan would just look at me with a blank stare on his face in hopes that I thought he understood what I was talking about.

I knew better.

Friday was better.  For all of us- significantly less snot for sure.  Hallelujah.

Running errands is our way of getting out together as a family- and its weird but I really, really love running errands with Jordan and the girls.  When we drive all over Alabama (read: Texas), warranting pit stops for lunch, and Sonic drinks- its a good day.  We just won’t talk about the money spent along the way.. errands are fun- lets focus on that!

Tessa of Sweet T’s Baby Boutique made these hair bows for us about a month ago and I had yet to get them in  a picture.  She is currently set up at a craft fair and wanted some of the girls for her booth (blushing!) After 4 separate attempts with crying, snotty babies, yesterday morning was finally a good day.  For the most part.   

I’ve decided that this is my favorite way to take a picture of Parker and Jolie. All the cuteness and zero pressure to get them both to smile at the camera, or even look at the camera for that matter.

Parker has been out of character for a week (read: teething, snotty, sleepy) and not willing to smile at the camera, at all. 

Crazy pants Jolie on the other hand was having a blast!

Love that sweet face

 hairbow / Sweet T Baby Boutique // sweater // babyGap (last fall) // 
leggings / Carter’s via OUC // baby mocc / Little Tonto Moccs
Sanity while momma gets ready for the day: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (on repeat), pulled blinds, and a pile of veggie crunchies

First stop: Dr. Butler’s office for the second part of our flu shot.  We were originally scheduled for this past Monday, but with fevers and snot (#stupidsnot) we rescheduled.

Waiting patiently for our turn, Jolie found a new toy.

After realizing and freaking out a little because she couldn’t take the balls off the tracks, she decided she loved it!

Daddy and Parker found the puzzles (typical for this baby’s brain).  We have these puzzles in particular on our birthday wish list:)  

Costco was next.. after a brief and small fortune was spent at Babies ‘R’ Us.

Even though we love Costco (and Sam’s for that matter) for their double-seated carts, we love them most for their samples.

Bomb diggity.

Jolie was being so silly and closing her eyes every time she would get a bite!  

How could we not spend some time in the toy aisle?  Plethora of Christmas goodies out on display!  Until we came upon this Costco giant of a bear.

Terrified or in love?

Totally smitten.

I love everything about this picture.

After a few more stops, we finally made it home for the evening.  While at BRU, we made the executive decision to introduce the toothbrush to the twinsies.

AND it was $0.99.  Jolie fought and fought for about a minute and then, like a dog getting a bath, decided it wasn’t that bad.

So, that was our Friday.  Just Friday.  Busy, busy all day long, and I loved every single second of it!   The rest of the weekend is low key.. Jordan is at the fire station today, and so that leaves just me and these littles (and their laundry) to hang out.  Sunday means church in the morning, and Christmas in the afternoon:)  Thats right- forcing the hubs to pull down the tree. sweeetttt.  I absolutely adore this time of year!

And now. why you all are really reading this post.. the winner of the Curly Q’s Counter $25 credit Baby {Rad} Giveaway..

Congratulations, Mandy!  I hope you and Ang create something super precious for one (or all three!) of your sweet kiddos!  Can’t wait to see:)

Have a perfect rest of your weekend, friends! XO!


November 16, 2013

  1. The Joiners says:

    So sorry about the snot- I feel like it's a semi-constant thing with our twinkles thanks to daycare :o/

    Agreed about running errands- one of my favorite family activities as well!

  2. Lessye says:

    Adore the overhead photos!! And those sweaters!! Holy swoon 😉

  3. Ugh…the sinus infections made their way clear to California it seems…glad you and bebes are less snotty today.

  4. Hope those pretty girls feel better soon!BTW those gorgeous blue eyes of theirs…too die for 🙂

  5. Caroline says:

    How sweet and adorable are your cute girls!!