P & J’s Winter ONEderland

 After months {literally} of planning.  a short week long delay.  ice. snow. sleet.
The day finally arrived!  Parker and Jolie’s Winter ONEderland!
 {The bestest} Ashley and I spent lots of time and effort on the planning and implementing of this party and I was so thankful for all her help.  Perks to having a party planner for a best girlfriend- no detail goes un-turned.
 My house was decorated a week before the party. 
..and then for another week after that..

 Brunch is Served

To Drink

‘Melted Snow’ (water)

To Eat

Chicken & Waffles (Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets and Eggo mini waffles, syrup on the side)
BBQ Meatballs (crock pot: chili sauce and grape jelly!)
Cinnamon Rolls (store bought)
Donut Holes (store bought)
Tea Sandwiches (chicken salad  on croissants & pimento cheese on white)
Mini Bagels with Cream Cheese (store bought)
Mini Quiche (Costco)
Mini Souffles (Costco)
Crudités (celery/carrot/bell pepper sticks with ranch dressing) 
Mini Yogurt Parfaits (vanilla yogurt and granola)

I was so pleased with how the cakes turned out!  They looked pretty good considering the day I was to pick them up we were trapped inside due to inches of ice and sleet.  The bakery was willing to hold and freeze my cakes for an additional week (thank goodness!)

Month By Month banner.. I hung 12 snowflake cut-outs by fishing line and a attached monthly picture to each snow flake.

 Welcome to the {Hot Cocoa} Bar

Caramels, White Chocolate Chips, Marshmallows, Chocolate Sprinkles
Pirouette Cookie Sticks, Peppermint Sticks, Whipped Cream

Be Merry

Each guest ‘signed in’ with a silver sharpie.  There were two Happy Birthday To You books, one for each of my birthday girls.

Parker hung out in my lap for most of the party.  She was pretty unsure of all the commotion going on and she wanted her momma close.

 Our {Sweet} Friends and Family

{Great}Aunt Judy and {Great}Uncle Barry
 {Great} Aunt Sherrye and Aunt Jenna
 Baby Jacob (boyfraaaann) and Uncle J
 Cousin Kendall and our amazing BB
 Daddy holding sweet baby Blake.. and Parker in my arms {again.}

 Cake Smash.. or Not to Cake Smash..?

There was not really a question.

 Have a chicken nugget..

 ..or a waffle..

These girls were NOT having the cake smash.  AT all.  They cried through the entire thing.  Not sure if it was the fact that there was too much attention, the singing, or the fact we were ‘forcing’ them to eat cake.
I think they were terribly angry that we took their waffle/nugget in anticipation for them to eat cake. 
Didn’t happen, either way.
 The world has ended.  We made them eat cake.
 All the adults thought it was quiet humorous.
 Baby Jacob will do the tasting for us, instead.

This little Landon has gotten so big! 
 Attempts for a picture with these one-year-old birthday girls. 
Not super successful.
It was such a good day for me and my little family of four. Although we moved the party last minutes to a week later, we still had a pretty decent turn out.  We were so thankful for everyone that turned out! 

Party Credits

Photo credit: Jordan @ Charmed Vintage Rentals
Birthday Outfits #1 (headband, romper, leggings): RubyBlue Inc. via etsy
Birthday Outfits #2 (glitter ‘ONE’ onesies): Olive and Birdie via etsy
Cakes by: Candy Haven 
Décor Details:
All custom designed labels, signs, banners, invitation: CK Fireboots via etsy
ONE letters: DIY via Ashley (Dunaway)
Birthday Stats Posters: Sugar Bub Designs via etsy
Glittered Glass Dishes: DIY
Custom ‘Hot Cocoa Bar’ Wood Sign: Linen and Lace via etsy
Paper Snowflake Cutouts and Silver Ruffle Party Background: Party City
Chevron Print Napkins: Paper Style 
Sign in Dr. Seuss ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Book: Amazon
Snow Flake Bunting (highchairs): EMT Sweeetie via etsy 
 Photo by : B Faith Photography


December 17, 2013

  1. Faith says:

    Absolutely fabulous party! Every little thing was perfect!

  2. Kerry says:

    Beautiful party! So glad it went well 🙂

    Can't wait for the birthday stats tutorial! My boys are turning 1 in May and I would love to do that also!

  3. SarahE says:

    So adorable! Love all the details! Wish I lived closer and could crash the party (oh, and borrow one of those adorable little girls!)

  4. The Joiners says:

    So glad it went well! Pretty sure that was better than any winter party I've ever been too 🙂

    Also, I had a dream that we brought our twins up to Dallas for the party and y'all had decided to do water activities in the backyard. I didn't think that was a great idea in December, but didn't want to burst your bubble- ha!

    Note to self: don't read blogs so close to bedtime…

    Happy birthday, sweet girls!

  5. This has got to be one of the cutest parties ever!!! Loved every detail Good job Mamma and Auntie Ash! And it was there party…they could cry if they wanted too…they just loved their chicken and waffles apparently 😉

  6. Samantha says:

    Gorgeous! Nice work, mamma!

  7. TWilson3 says:

    such a cute party! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the apothecary jars? I'm looking to buy some for a party as well. 🙂 Thanks!

  8. BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE the theme!! I love white & silver Christmas decorations – so beautiful. I love love love the chalkboard with the stats – how did you do it?


  9. Such beautiful girls and a GORGEOUS party! Congrats!

  10. brab says:

    I will be doing a pancake and pajama party next Sunday. I plan to do your idea of chicken and waffles. May I ask how you prepared the waffles? Oven or toaster? And did you keep them and the chicken warm until party time? Thanks in advance!!