{Birthday} Smash Cake Session

About a week before Parker and Jolie’s first birthday we met up with our favorite photographer for their first birthday photo shoot and cake smash session. 
I shared some of those pictures on their 12 month post, but held off sharing these because they were wearing their birthday outfits and wanted to keep the ‘surprise’ until after the party.

 Ah!  These two just melt me. 

 Time for cake!  Jolie did okay, but still wouldn’t touch it. 
 I’m done!
Pretty much the most perfect image of defined attitude caught on camera in the history of photography. 
Is it sad/weird/crazy to believe that your very own daughter is yourself reborn?  I mean.. she couldn’t be more similar to me {right down to the ‘tude.}

Don’t be fooled..

If you look close.. they are eating Cheerios.
No interest in the cakes whatsoever. Blast!
 Still precious as can be, though!

Outfits: Ruby Blue Inc via etsy
Cakes: Candy Haven


December 18, 2013

  1. Sooo sweet! I just love your photographers style…she captures some great pictures. But it helps if what she is capturing is nothing but gorgy and adorable 😉

  2. These little photos are so sweet and I am adoring the antique feel of the photographs! Looks like little J&P did a LOT better than Jaxon did! Whew! Can you believe our little ones are already one year old? Ahhhh, time flies!

  3. AMCallahan says:

    too much cuteness, I can't stand it!

  4. LOVE the pictures! I don't know how you got 2 babies to look at the camera and not walk away – it was hard enough with one! My daughter Brooklyn wanted nothing to do with the cake either – she was eating raspberries in the pictures she was "eating her smash cake."


  5. Wonderfully cute despite the unwillingness to SMASH! 🙂