Merry Massey’s 2013 | The Presents

The Christmas season was a lot of fun with my little birds this year.  Even though they are still super young and don’t understand a lick about what its all about just yet, they are still at a fun age to be able to get excited when momma and dad are excited.  
Traditionally {for the past 7 years or so} we have dinner at Maggiano’s in Dallas and then dessert and Christmas movies in our PJ’s.  But, throw in a couple husbands, work, three babies under 12 months, and more family time and that has changed a little over the last couple of years.  This year we opted for staying closer to the house and just doing an early dinner before Jordan and I headed home to be ‘Santa’ for the first time ever.  
When did my babies reach for a hand to walk like big girls while we shopped?  Today, apparently.

dresses / Old Navy // tights / The Children’s Place // boots / Old Navy // head bows / Jameson Monroe

I never knew one could have so much fun walking down the street.  Welcome to these babies world of giggles and laughter just because with wind is blowing in your face.

 Oops– a baby fell by the wayside.  #thelosttriplet

Parker and her Daddy at dinner.  Teething started on this day and so she was done and done with the spread the food and goofy waiter.

 Christmas Morning!  Wake up babies!!

Really.. they have no idea what in the world was going on. We did Christmas at home with just us four, ate donuts and listened to Christmas music before heading over to BB & Poppa’s.

 BOOKS!  These babies love love love books.

 The girls’ ‘big’ gift was their wagon (oh.. and the $500 worth of convertible carseats we picked up the night before.  You better believe they had a place under that tree.)

This picture = perfection.  They were SO excited about their wagon.

bed head.

Before making the short drive the the Massey’s, we decided to check out our new wheels.

The giggles from this girl pretty much didn’t stop until we unbuckled her to go inside.  She was in heaven!

Jolie loved it, too!

Alright.  We’re done.  Let’s go!

Present time with BB and Poppa!

Welcome back to 1986.. the popper!

 Who says fire trucks are only for boys?  Not these girls {or their daddy!}

 More books:)

 We had two little helpers with the wrapping paper trash

Heyyyy, Kendall.  How about you share that stacking toy ya got there.. Just let me touch it.  For a minute.

When Parker is thinking/studying something hard she puts her hands behind her back.  The cutest thing you will ever see!!

Great-Great-Grandma Sernie was there, and the girls were the sweetest with her- showing her all their goodies.

 Our very own smart phones #genius

 HAY gurl.

 Whatchu doin?

 Oh, yes.  It’s for Parker.

 Kendall was totally into the celly, too!  Parker made a trade for her stacking toy.

 I love this picture with Aunt Jenna

 Sweet BB showing Jolie girl how to play her new toy.

 K is for.. Old Navy disappointed me by leaving out the ‘P’ in these shirts.

Thats a wrap {er.. unwrap?} well, for the present part of Christmas, anyway:)


December 31, 2013

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    I could just look at pictures of them all day! Them walking with BB and holding her hands is priceless!

  2. The Catheys says:

    Hi Amber, just wanted to say I love reading your blog and found it while I was pregnant with my twin girls because naturally, all I wanted to read about for a while was other mom's experiences with their twin pregnancies;) Your girls are adorable! God bless you and your family in 2014!

  3. Caitlin Fox says:

    I found your blog, I think from reading littlebabygarvin blog and love reading about your sweet girls 🙂
    I love the picture of the girls in the wagon, with Parker leaning back in her seat, totally comfortable 🙂 I also love the one of Jolie sitting on the present AS she's unwrapping it! So precious!