Year in Review: 2013


January was spent transitioning into being new parents to twins…and not getting much sleep at all.
 I was also welcomed into the Cooking Light Bloggers Connection (EEEK!)

We made it to our second month with these girls!
Celebrated Valentine’s Day with my littles
Jenna’s baby shower (s)
Celebrated Jordan’s 31st birthday with our besties
April was a busy month for us:)
Jolie started to make real progress in physical therapy for her torticollis 
We are 4 months!
Welcomed Kendall Bree to this world!
Uncle J turned 30!
Celebrated my first Mother’s Day 
 We officially had mobile babies in the house!
 ..and our first time to be in the pool!

We celebrated our 1/2 year birthday!
We took family pictures to celebrate:)
Jordan’s first Father’s Day
 Another month of firsts!
Summer holiday first 
We went to our first Ranger’s Game.
Jordan and I celebrated 8 years of marriage..
and Parker and Jolie celebrated 8 months of life!
Momma & Dad took our first adult’s only vacay
beautiful MEXICO!
The girls had their own fun without momma and dad

LOVED this month- we had so much fun!

A second trip to the Fort Worth Zoo
 Jolie officially graduated from PT
 Halloween! If ever I thought Halloween is fun pre-babies.. it is even more fun with kids!
 Jordan and I made a weekend out of seeing our favorite crooner– Micheal Buble!
Fall Family Photoshoot
 The moment I realized my little babies were no longer babies.
We celebrated with a Winter ONEderland themed party
Christmas!  Even though the girls are still so young, it made Christmas 2013 the best one yet.

 Ok.. so this picture makes it clear as day.  Parker is her mother.

I am so thankful for all 2013 has brought.  Looking back over this last year I am amazed/shocked/jaw-dropped at how much we crammed into just 365 days and how quickly it went.  
Here’s to the New 2014 Year.  Bring it!

January 1, 2014

  1. Such a sweet year! Happy New Year blessings to the Massey's!

  2. Meredith says:

    How fun!! What an amazing year you guys had! Loved being a part of it! 🙂

  3. They grow so fast! Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. Looks like you all had an amzing year! Your little girls are too adorable! Happy 2014!

  5. It's so hard to forget how little they were! Oh gosh what a fabulous year for your family! And Jolie's eyes look so dark in the beginning of the year! Love her baby blues!

  6. Sausha says:

    Awesome blog post! Love it 😀

  7. You had a great year!!!!! Love those two girls, they are so cute!