Freshly Picked {Review}

I’m a sucker for fashion.  I’ve become and even bigger sucker {no, like HUGE} since the little birds came along.  The accessory options for these children is out of control.  If only I had unlimited funds. 
If only.. 
Jordan feels the same about dressing the girls. I can always trust him to leave the house with the girls’ appropriately dressed and accessorized.  I actually think Parker and Jolie would remind him if he “forgot”.  We don’t leave the room after getting dressing in the morning without a bow or wrap.  
I’m not sure if he obliges to my ‘requirements’ out of fear.. or if he really enjoys it.  He knows that when he leaves the house without me I am 100% likely to ask him to snap a picture.  
No wonder my children refuse to look at the camera 67% of the time. 
They know what it means to drive me cray.
I digress.
When shopping for the littles I’m down for the sale, coupons, discounts (always always always ask if the retailer offers a twin discount.) and always shop for the most reasonable price.  
It was this post that I swooned over the splurge of a purchase it would take for a pair of Freshly Picked moccs for P & J.
How lucky was I {like.. WAY lucky} when Freshly Picked agreed for me to provide a review and offered two pairs of moccs for a giveaway {winner announced on the Gram @twintalkblog at noon!} 
While I love and adore small businesses- I have too many to share the love with {as I expressed in this post} and have purchased moccs from other shops with proven great quality- I must confess.  FP is worth every penny of the hefty price tag they boast.
jeggings / sold out {similar here}
 From the shape, to the thickness of the leather, and the fit of the mocc all together. 
Convincing J of this reasoning may take a little longer. 
We love our moccs!
 This was one of those 67% times.. complete refusal to look at the camera.  
Jolie wasn’t havin’ it.
headwrap / Jameson Monroe // tunic / sold out {similar here} // jeggings / sold out {similar here}
 Parker either.
 Instead, I will share with you my newest discovery.  
The belly button.

If you are in the market for a pair of high quality moccasins- head over to Freshly Picked.  You won’t be disappointed.  I can’t guarantee that the hubby will agree with your justification.. 
I’m sharing my birth story over at Twin Talk Blog today!  Click away!


March 14, 2014

  1. Newest follower!!! Love, love freshly picked!! Your girls are adorable!!

  2. I'm pretty Kyle and Jordan would be best friends 🙂 haha husbands who have to reign their fashion loving wives back in! 😉 What can we say? Having girls is just too much fun and dressing them up is even more fun!


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