Parker & Jolie | 15 Months

Parker Jane..
Is ALL leggs (yep, two g’s worth).
..28 of her 32 inches are thanks to her leg length (70th percentile for height).  
String Bean is her new nickname. a whopping 6th percentile for weight (20 pounds, 9 ounces). 
While there aren’t any new teeth giving us grief (for the first month EVER- or in about 6 months..) we got our first {and second} ear infection.
..I’ll take the teeth any day.
ANY day.
Miss Parker wants to be in your arms or lap 97.8% of the time. 
..and when momma is involved, that percent jumps to 100%.  But, this is nothing new to note.
When she is held she will snuggle in tight to your neck.
..and play with the little hairs around my face.  
I will never (ever) forget the day she sweetly traced my face with her tiny fingers, pointing out my eyes, mouth, and nose, and then cupping my cheeks in her palms before leaning in for a kiss.
..I die a quick death over this sweetness about 47 times a day.
Has developed a keen ability to do a little jig. 
..totally out wiggling the shoulder shakes her sister has perfected to a science.
I am confident that Minnie Mouse has taught her all that she knows.
..her side stomp and hip swivel to the beat of the Hot Dog Song is nearly identical to that of Minnie’s moves.
Is a total girly girl and demands a hair bow to complete any and all outfits, including her jammies.
..and it is a fight to the death through every second of getting dressed, until we get to the accessories.    
I think she likes loves adores the attention she gets when she is wearing them.
..her mother’s daughter.
Loves her wubby & paci, Rise & Shine Kitchen, music, dancing, climbing, stacking toys, removing and replacing lids on everything, and most of all tupperware.  
..her favorite past time is arranging drink mix packets in a rubber baby food mold.
If she can swing her (string bean) leg around it, you better believe she’s getting on top of ‘it’.
..benches, toys, chairs and in and out of the red wagon.  Determined is the name of the game.
She is my thinker, examiner, and organizer.
..arranges toys and blocks one by one as neatly as she can only for it all to come to an end in screeching frustration when Jolie comes behind to bring it all to the floor.  
In return of the favor, Parker takes off running with Puppy and puts Jolie into a tizzy.
..Parker… thats not your Puppy.  Repeated about 77 times a day.
The girl loves to eat.  
..still grazes like a bird, but is getting better about eating more than 4 or 5 bites at meal times. 
Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day.
..and when breakfast involves waffles with peanut butter, she becomes a never-ending pit.
Digging a few new foods: green grapes, veggie patties, and Mexican rice.
..that last one surprised me.
Sass is at an all time high.
..I’m semi-fearful of what the ‘terrible two’s’ will bring. 
While her sass comes out less often, when it does it is accompanied by an angry shrill that makes you want to climb the wall.  
Oh, Parks.
On the opposite end of sassy Parker is the sweet and confident Parker.
..never unsure about herself and it shows in her prance (literally), demeanor, and mannerisms.
 Always knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it.
Her laugh, smile, and glee in her eyes are something that cannot be captured well enough into words. you so very much, Mini.
headwrap / jameson monroe

knot initial hat / cotton cupcake shoppe 

headwrap / shelbychicboutique (instagram shop) // dress / janie and jack

Is playing ‘catch up‘ no more.
..surpassing her skinny minnie sister at 9th percentile for weight (19 pounds, 11 ounces) and nearly doubling in length since she was born at 29 in (13th percentile).
For the first 4 1/2 months of her life not even making her mark on the growth charts – 9% is a huge feat. 
..although she may be small, she is fierce.  Never doubted that for a minute.
Miss independent and always ready to do things on her own.
..but is the first to become unsure about a situation and remains close to momma or dad.

The life of the party
..always in on the joke, and never to be left out of anything fun.
A toss in the air, riding on Dad’s shoulders, hide and seek, and chase.
..just a few of her favorite things- and of course Puppy is always close by.
Jolie is the one that finds everything fun and worth a cackling (and contagious) laugh.
..and I cannot get enough of that laugh.  
If you’ve ever heard it, you would agree.
Destructive is the word of the day this month.
..banging, slamming, and tumbling anything in her path.
I think it is Jolie’s way of creating a little bee-bop beat in her world to hum along to.  
Humming. Singing. Hollering.
..all things she does so well.  
Loves jewelry.
..especially watches and bracelets.  
I and brought to tears from laughter when she comes strolling in, adorned in 154 bangles.
..around her legs.
Still my champion eater.  
..much messier than the immaculate, Parker.
Has found a new love for blackberries, grapes, and pineapple.  
I can’t keep them on her tray long enough between the shovels to her mouth by the handfuls.  
While she is warming up to meats, she still much prefers veggie patties, lentil burgers, and broccoli quinioa over animal protein.
..and of course the regular favorites: PB&J, guacamole, and turkey meatballs.  
Her sweetness is at an all time high.
..waiting in anticipation for the ‘lean in’ rocks me to the bone.
Gives the best hugs. 
..running at high speed only to throw her arms around your neck and hold tight.
Loves to hold your hand.
..and will allow you to take the lead whether it be going from room to room at home, or walking the block.
Jolie bug, we simply adore you.
..the never-ending happiness of your spirit is overwhelming.
Love you.
necklace / Josie James Boutique   

We are 15 months!  I couldn’t be more proud to be your momma.


March 9, 2014

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    Ahhhh I just want to hugs their little bodies and smooch their precious faces!!

  2. Becky says:

    so precious. however, best photo is the bathroom toilet paper! your girls are beautiful

  3. Becky says:

    beautiful little ladies. My favorite photo is them in the bathroom with the toilet paper – that is beyond precious

  4. Kim says:

    They are so cute.. Love the way you dress your little girls. I have a granddaughter and i follow your style with her. All so precious.

  5. Kim says:

    They are so cute.. Love the way you dress your little girls. I have a granddaughter and i follow your style with her. All so precious.

  6. Micheal Jim says:

    I want to kiss them. They are so beautiful
    Bella Ladies Tanks