Bath Time Favorites

Bath time has turned into more than just a quick scrub and suds for these divas.  We went from being able to bathe Parker and Jolie every other day to now everyday.  They play hard and their {dirty} faces and hands show it. 
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1. BabyGanics Foaming Shampoo & Bodywash.  We’ve run through the gamut when it comes to shampoo and body wash for Parker and Jolie.  After multiple breakouts and a stint with hives (Johnson’s and Johnson’s) we resorted to what seemed to be the last option on the shelf.  Love the foam because its easy to lather, and the soap is fragrance free– giving any and all possible chance of the girls being allergic to the smell good stuff.  We’ve used other products (like their bubble bath) and have loved all of them!
2. Babies’R’Us Toothbrush.  Simple, cheap, and fits well into their tiny mouths.  We were looking at about a bazillion options when we were told to start brushing their teeth, and this $4 set from Babies R Us seemed perfect.  We brush their teeth in the tub mainly for convenience. Keeping them in the confined space prevents any mess that may occur with that toothpaste.  Plus the suction end gives me another 5 minutes of fun with these sillies after we brush – high entertainment value, folks.
3. BabyGanics Fluoride Free Toothpaste Again with the BabyGanics.  We have a love-love relationship with their products if you haven’t figured that out already. Parker and Jolie love to brush their teeth – and often have to remind me with a nod, grunt, and finger point towards the brushes and toothpaste hanging out on the counter.  Tastes ‘good’ (I suppose as good as toothpaste can taste?) and with all natural ingredients it is safe for the babes to swallow a little while I’m brushing their pearly whites.
4. Live Clean Baby Lotion.  Before the girls were born we received 6 tubes of this lotion as a part of a baby shower gift, so naturally we opted to use this amazing smelling stuff from the moment we brought the girls home.  After a couple months of daily use on two little birds, we ran out and I failed to find anything to replace the smell and quality of this lotion.  We also couldn’t find it anywhere!  We tried every lotion under the sun and nearly all of them caused some kind of allergic reaction.  FINALLY I heard that this lotion was sold at Walgreens (randomly) and lo and behold there it was sitting politely and waiting patiently for purchase.  I cleared the shelf.
5. CeraVe Facial Lotion.  Parker has terribly dry skin on her face, and most recently Jolie has developed the same rough patches that her sister has.  At their 15 month check up, their pedi recommended this facial lotion to help clear up the red dry patches on their cheeks.  Just after one night of using CeraVe we noticed a significant difference.  Bathtime isn’t complete until this lotion is rubbed in their sweet cheekies.
6. Detangler.  Jolie and Parker have a big mess of a mop after a bath and towel dry. Thank you Lord that my children do not have tender heads.  The tangles and knots that I forced out of their hair on a nightly basis was ridiculous and seemed so painful.  About a month ago I was browsing the haircare section in search of some kind of detangler, and came across this.  $2.34.  Sold.  A few sprays in their hair right out of the bath and those tangles smooth right out with an easy brush through.  AND- their hair smells like strawberries. All the time.
7. Hairbrush.  The ‘baby brush’ doesn’t work for us.  We need real ‘teeth’ on a brush.  Love this fun one.  Simple, sweet, and cheap.
8. Balmex Multi-Purpose Ointment.  97% of mornings I’m welcomed with the wonderful smell of poo to smack me across the face when I open the nursery door.  Reason being why I apply this ointment at their last diaper before bed, so it literally wipes clean and easy if they happen to be content in their crib for 30-45 minutes after they wake.  My children like to “wake” up in the morning and after nap.  It is rare that I get them out of their cribs the moment they wake up.. but thats for another post.

What about you, momma’s!  Favorite bath time accessories for your babes? What am I missing?

Besides a towel.  That is definitely essential:)


May 13, 2014

  1. Alisha says:

    Those little bushes are so cute! I use BabyGanics or HonestCo. for my little guy and really like both of them!

  2. Any toys your babes like for bathtime play? Do you use anything to organize their "stuff"? We have a net for my daughter's bath toys, but the suction cups seem to slip all.the.time, and I'm left to pick up bath numbers and letters before every shower…