Mother’s Day Weekend | 2014

Get ready for a wholatta Massey Spam.  I wish every weekend was this fun.
Approximately 6 days ago I told Jordan that we needed to take the girls back to the zoo 
(1st trip HERE & 2nd trip HERE}
The next day, Auntie Ash mentioned doing something ‘fun’ on Friday.. Even as an adult, the zoo is 100% fun, fun, fun. Maybe I get too excited about the zoo? The elephants and the giraffes get me every time.  truth.
We went to the zoo:)  Perfect start to my Mother’s Day weekend!
These guys.  How they adore these girls.. 
 Observing the flamingos.  Jolie was freaking out in excitement over a pigeon. 

That works.

Jarrett filling her ear with other important things such as why the birds stand on one leg and how awesome they are because they are pink.

She’s totally impressed.

And.. we’re off to see more zoo animals..
Also, to point out every teeny piece of trash and a handful of rolly pollies, too.

This makes my heart swoon- I cannot wait for Bebe Dway one day in the future so I can love on it the way these sweet friends care for my girls.

 Daddy-Daughter strollin is all fine and dandy..

 Until you turn 14 and decide you need to be independent. I can’t even.

head wrap  / Shelby Chic Boutique // sunglasses / The Children’s Place // tank top / Circo // shorts / Cherokee for Target // sippy cup / Nuby Click-It Flexi Straw // moccs / Freshly Picked

If you couldn’t tell by the photos above, this one is extra sassy. While refusing to look at the camera for the only time I came out in front of it- she laid a big fat one without prompt- with puckered lips and all.  I’ll take that sweet girl.

 The bright idea of 4 responsible adults – stick a baby in there.

 Of course- she loved every single second of it.  I would have been shocked if anything but delight came out of her little face.

The 32 seconds were totally worth the $2 we charged on the card for it.  We should carry cash.
For times like these when you happen to run into a Hurricane Simulator. Or a coke machine in a desperate Diet Coke withdrawal.

 Next up- Checkin out the big cats.

 And then the best- the elephants!

17 seconds into my attempt to get them both looking at the camera a crowd of pre-teens came to surround these two with interest to see the elephants.  Parker and Jolie were not enthused.

Maybe with a chagrin like Parker’s- she could have been stoked for more attention directed her way.  Per the usual.

Auntie sent me this quote as I was uploading pictures to my computer.. and nothing could have made this image any better.

After we shut down the zoo- we opted NOT to fight Dallas traffic, but instead to make a pit stop for some bevi’s and delicious grub.

Can you take a guess who is about to eat her arm off in hunger.  You get just one guess.

 The Truck Yard is where its at, y’all. I would like to petition that all food be served out of a truck.  AND I would also like to request that a treehouse bar be placed in my backyard.

If you need me, I’ll be under the pitched tent near the bathrooms.
 Uncle J and Jo were connected at the hip- smitten says the two of em.

The girls were digging the yard, too!  For three hours we sat, confined to the picnic table, outside, without highchairs.  They were over the moon with empty Bloody Mary cups and straws and mini hamburger sliders.
..and BBQ chips.
..and a few bites of daddy’s gourmet grilled cheese.

Mayyybe a little of my Philly Cheesesteak.  And can’t forget the gyro.  

Attempt at a fambam selfie.  Success!  
We nearly closed down the park (okay, no where close to closing it down at 8:30pm, but it sounded cool) and called it a night, but we all were having so much fun, we said we were “going home” for an hour.  We are totally going back.  Soon!
 Saturday started early with our triplet friends, Shaun, Keegan, and Josh turning three!  Look who opted for a swim suit for the occasion.  Daddy was working overtime at the fire station, so this momma did it solo on Saturday.
tank / Target // shorts / Loft // scarf / Loft (similar

The big kids played hard in the ginormous water bounce house (legit ginormous), and since we were a little unsure about the entire situation, we sat the sidelines.

 Instead- we saved our pint-sized water fun for after we got home!  Filling up the kiddie pool is tough work. I was happy to sit and watch this little helper do the job for me.

For 3 hours this was my view.  It is only the beginning of summa, ya’ll.  Can this weather stay around for ever?

Lets talk about the terrible eye sore of a bruise there on my leg.  I walked straight into a shopping cart last week and this was my reward.  An interesting accessory to my shorts and dress attire this week.   Hurry up and get a move on, would you please?

What makes a day in the sun truly complete?  Watermelon.

But not just any watermelon.. the kind you share bites between your own with your sister.

How bad do you want a twin sister right now?

swim suit / babyGap

Sunday, Mother’s Day, we played it simple and very low key.

Last Wednesday, Jordan’s dad fell off of a ladder while working and broke his first rib and L1-L5 transverse process of his back.  We had grand plans for going to a Mother’s Day brunch, but he was in no shape to be going anywhere, so staying put at home to take it easy was most important.

After church, we stopped to grab some lunch, and then headed over to visit with the Massey’s for the afternoon.

Being very careful not to wiggle too much while in Poppa’s lap.  Jolie was so sweet to him!  He was sharing Smarties.. and this is the way to that little girl’s heart.

Smarties and dog food.
What you can’t see in this crazy cute picture it the dog food dust around her mouth.

Jolie.. don’t eat the dog food.  
She laughs in my face.  
The struggle is real.
Meet Maggie. 
The official introduction to Jordan’s parent’s dog. 

We just love Maggie!

This dog.  So gentle and sweet sweet sweet with the girls.  She is the reason we was currently looking for an inside dog for Parker and Jolie.  Can’t you just picture Jolie carrying around a tee-cup pup singing the whole way along?  We’ve already come up with a name for said dog.


Mother’s Day continues to be my most favorite day.  It isn’t about the attention.  It isn’t about the ‘gifts’, or the brunch (well, almost about the brunch), but its about the reason why I’m celebrated.

Because I am a mother.  These two gave me that gift and I will forever be thankful for God’s great hand in all of it.  I am so encouraged by my momma friends and family.

headbands / Jameson Monroe // dresses / Old Navy (similar

I hope each one of you special ladies were celebrated well by your people.

My people- they did so good.

 My Very First Mothers Day {2013} HERE


May 12, 2014

  1. AshleyA says:

    I love keeping up with your sweet girls. I just started a blog, like for real, like yesterday. It's Come check it out, if you have time!

  2. Sarah Tucker says:

    Love this post! And so happy you had a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Alisha says:

    Such a cute post, love all of the pictures of your sweet girls!! The one of Jolie and the dog food is just precious.

  4. jelly says:

    I loved this! You're family is so precious. These are my favorite kinds of posts! I love watching your little family grow 🙂

  5. Laynah says:

    Looks so nice. They are just too precious, I can't get enough of those sassy girls in their cute outfits! Happy mothers day!

  6. You have such a precious family! We also went to the zoo and you got such adorable pictures!!

  7. LOVESTRONG says:

    Your girls are just darling!! I have twin sisters and my sister had twin girls as her first. She is now pregnant with her third little girl. So exciting!

  8. Katie says:

    what a great weekend!! i want your weather and kiddle pool – i need one of those soon! you have such a gorgeous family!!