Memorial Day 2014 + A Little Addition

This weekend had me wiped. Wiped to the point that  needed an extra day to share the re-cap.  I spent yesterday’s entirety locked in my office playing catch up after nearly a week of ‘hosting’ my firm’s clients at a rather large golf tournament.  Wednesday and Thursday looked a lot like this.. but I didn’t have this guy on my arm until Friday.

Friday was the most fun.  Bring your sexy piece (read: spouse) to ‘work’ day.  

The after party and kick off to the freakin’ weekend was hosted by my boss.. If you knew my boss, you would know he carries some heavy weights in the name dropping business.  Casey Donahew, Wade Bowen, & Pat Green, just to name a few, were on the list and in attendance that night.

Any Texas Country Music lovers out there?  {and yes.. I’ll take it upon myself to name drop.}

After all day in the sun, unlimited food and drink, and way too many fake smiles to count.. I was feeling sheepishly sick on Saturday.  Sleeping in until 7:30am never felt so good and a day with my divas was only the agenda.  Daddy was at the station, and on a whim (and because he shattered his deodorant.. and the burly man that he is needs his Dove ) we decided to take an impromptu trip to visit.  It had been WAY too long since we did that.

First trip HERE | Second trip HERE
This image of them in their daddy’s fire coat just puts my heart and mind at ease. 
They are still little.  
Stay.  Stay little.

Parker would have nothing to do with sitting her daddy’s driver seat.  Oh.  But Jolie, she was all about it.  I’m telling you. Joy in everything with that girl.

 Then came Sunday (yes..still going..)

If you all could only see the random, hilarious, serious, heart-felt, encouraging, and occasionally inappropriate text feed I have with some of my favorite mommas. We are always trying to finagle a way into seeing one another- and the Smiles for Charity Concert Event in McKinney over the weekend was THE place to be.

Brett Michael’s was the headliner.

I know. 

And then it rained.  Rained and rained and poured.  We decided it was still a good idea to take a chance once the rain subsided.  A little flooding never hurt no-body.

We totally missed Meredith and Ashley, but still walked in carrying a zoo of children.  We had a couple (seven) people convinced that we were sisters.  AND all of us had twinnsssss. 
“sooo crayyyyzie”
 Make note that our shoes did not make it through the mud.  
 okayyy kids.  Everyone sit on this ridiculously tiny blanket and we will give you cookies!  Cookies always work.  Thats the twin mom secret. Our kids ate lunchables, pizza, corn dogs.. a few sips of sugary caffeine and rounded it all out with Nilla wafers.
In any consolation there were a few craisins there in the mix (thank you, Erika).  Which makes the meal entirely healthy.  Probably not my proudest ‘dietitian-mom’ moment, but it was all in fun.  And I ate from that entire list mentioned before.. so.. 
 The fam-bam 3.7 seconds before it started raining again.  The cloudy weather must have made my teeth glow.  Where can I get one of those to carry around in my back pocket?  Minus the humidity and wet stuff.

We never saw Brett take the stage (the before rain flooded the stage and they spent the entire time figuring out a way to dry it all out before he planned to go on.)  The ‘kid’ area was NOT age 1 1/2 year old friendly.  All there was to do at that moment was eat.  So, basically we needed to leave before we all ate our weight in dip’n dots.

The moms thought it best to grab the truck and head to the house while the guys took the babes and walked the mile home. We made circles around the block approximately two times to get this shot.

 Always good (and way crayyyzie) times with my twin mom friends.
Memorial Day Monday makes my husband obsessive about the sale ads.  
Thanksgiving doesn’t do it for him.  
Last year we bought (and then returned) a refrigerator.  
This year he had washer/dryer set on his radar.  
Did you know its tax free on this weekend every year with the purchase of an ‘energy-saver’ appliance?  So.. the washer technically is ‘energy-saving’, but not the dryer.  Something about the heat of the dryer not being efficient.  
Can I get a dryer without the heat?

I thought a quick snap of Parks and Jo would be so cute and we could get away without being those parents.  Well- Jordan wouldn’t ever own it.. but he fully endorses the amount of photos I take of these two.  So we actually ARE those parents that choose to document every waking moment.

We are now on the Lowe’s Facebook page.   Or some kind of page.  She was wearing a Lowe’s employee vest, and then announced something like ‘feature on our **** page.’  I can only assume she was speaking of Facebook.

sparkle bow / bub & bug studio // tanks / babGap // bubble shorts / babyGap // moccs / freshly picked

After 4 appliance stores, naps in the car, lunch on the Sonic patio, and a stop at SAMs for dog food and diaper genie refills, we were ready for home.

Clouds could never put a damper on these two and their love for their water table.  The remaining 4 hours of the afternoon were spent like this.

 poolside headwrap / shelby chic boutique // red.white.& blue bathing suit / target

A trip around the back yard in their Radio Flyer is their favorite thing to do right now.  Daddy does it best (according to mom) – but the looks on their faces tell the whole truth.

 Such sweetness to look back on and remember on that afternoon spent with my family. 

..and then this happened.

This is Ginny (like Jenny, but with a ‘g’).  She is our new adopt-a-dog as of yesterday afternoon.  A brief email and one picture was sent out in my office about this little girl needing a home.

I took the bait.  Jordan was at the station and we face-time’d their fist meeting in the parking lot before he gave the ‘go-ahead’. He kept asking “how’s Ginny” after I brought her home..and every time I had to ask myself “who the heck is Ginny?”

and then I would remember.  I brought a dog home today.

and she’s been in my lap ever since.


May 28, 2014

  1. Laynah says:

    Twinie-palooza! Can't get over the cuteness! And they are just little dolls in their swimsuits

  2. Sarah Tucker says:

    Ginny is precious!!!! What a weekend full of fun 🙂

  3. Such a fun FULL weekend!!! And Ginny just melts my heart with that sweet face…so glad she found such a great home 🙂

  4. Lisa Odom says:

    You should be tired! Ginny is a great addition!

  5. Lara says:

    Aw!! Your girls make me smile. I hope Ginny is a great addition to the family.