First Swim of the Season

This weekend can be summed up in one simple word.  Not even a word really.  A feeling, actually.


Thursday I started feeling slightly under the weather with a scratchy throat and it progressively got worse as the weekend went on.  Jordan felt terrible on Friday, and Friday was also the day that Parker and Jolie started feeling bad.  After two and a half hours of crying, and slight breakdown on my part (which stopped the crying for a brief moment because they could hardly understand WHY I was a sobbing mess on the floor right along with them..) we loaded up and headed to Target.

Thank you, Target.

Friday afternoon progressed with 4 1/2 hour naps from all three of us, and then Saturday came and went..and so did my voice.

By Sunday I sounded like a pubescent boy, Jolie was hacking a lung, and Parker’s nose was a never-ending faucet.  Awesome.

Jordan.. he felt better.   After an afternoon of fussy babes I finally said- lets go.

Lets go outside.  (These are the magic words, folks)
We’d been dying to taken them to the neighborhood pool, and finally swim diapers made it on my list for purchase.  And so we went.
And my word- I had two new children. 
poolside headwraps / shelby chic boutique // swim suit / old navy 
baby float / amazon 
We spent two hours at the pool, and the evening was golden. 

After one hesitant jump off the side by miss Parker Jane, she was hooked.  I couldn’t keep her in my arms for more than 30 seconds before she was pointing to the side to jump off again!  My brave girl!  Jolie was more reluctant and would sit and hold my hands while I pulled her into the water.  Both loving it equally as much!

Here’s to the first swim of the season!  If you need us, we will be down at the pool everyday for the rest of the year.  Or until its freezing out.  In Texas you never know which will come first.

Now let me go blow my nose.


June 2, 2014


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