Parker & Jolie | 19 Months

We’ve had a busy month.  These toddler children are far most active now over these last couple months than they have ever been.  
-We suffered our first official sickness {x2} 
-We learned MANY new words.
-Been to the pool 56472 times.
-We eat sauce (ketchup or BBQ sauce) on err’ything (by request)
-Tried cinnamon rolls for the first time (and then climbed the walls for the hour following)
-Loved our sister more than anything
-Hated our sister more than anything
-We BOTH have enough hair for piggies.
(because that is incredibly noteworthy.)
Where did those immobile babies go? What did I do with all my free time {and brain} space when they were 3..4..5 months old?  
Oh.  Thats right.  I was emotionally and physically spent from all that learning to be a mom thing.  That was all so crazy. I’ve got news for those new moms reading into their future.  
Crazy doesn’t leave.
But its a good crazy.  REAlly good.  
Welcome to 19 months, baby girls.
Parker Jane

You, my sweetest dear, keep your daddy and me on our toes. definitly know what you want and when you want it.
Which is always ‘right this very moment‘.
You continue to have enough attitude for all of us..
  ..but ‘happy’ on you is like nothing in this entire world.  
Squeals, giggles, and those smiles that make your eyes disappear.
..I am more than proud that my chubby cheeks and round face continues to dominate your features.
You are trying SO hard to talk. attempt with all efforts to repeat words we say.
I am confident that you will get there quickly.
..but I’m sad that the furrowed brow and sweet complex to say these words will soon be gone.
hi, buh-bye, cheese, teeth, eyes, ears, milk, more, momma, daddy..
..Ginny, go, no, bath, pool, yes (yeah), sister, watermelon (with more tongue movements than the actual word),
There are other words, but they are just here and there..
..mostly inconsistent and random.
Your absolute favorite thing (game) to do right now is opening and shutting (slamming) doors.
..and playing in the pantry.
We can walk through the house at any given time and every single door will be shut.
..and then we will find you in the pantry sorting the recyclables. 
“HI”, slam. “HIIIIIIEEEE”, slam. “MOM. HI”, slam.
..entertainment while I cook dinner, and I’m totally fine with that.
Whatever works.
This month has been tough on the teething front.  
..its been awhile since we’ve had a hard time with cutting of teeth (since about 15 months).
You are cutting your front cuspids, and those are a killer.
..waking through the night several times a week, fussy, fever, and loss of appetite. 
Pretty much makes up the teething game in Parker’s world.
..terrible.  We are all ready for some relief.
A Momma’s Girl you remain.
..some of my favorite moments of the day is the mornings when its just you and me.
You sit contently in the sink, with your Wubby and sippy of milk while I do my hair and makeup.
..a few swipes across your baby cheeks with my powder brush are always warranted. 
The pride and sweet happiness when I include you in my routine..
..makes being your momma worth a million years.
You have crazy concern for your sister.
..I am nearly giddy with excitement when its time to get your morning milk from the fridge and Jolie is still asleep – JUST so I can hear all about it.
The tiny jabber that comes out of your little mouth, who knows what its about.
..most likely it is reasons why it isn’t time for Jolie to have her milk OR lets go wake up Jolie so she can have her milk. 
Either way – its totally precious.
Most of the time you are totally in love with Jolie.  
..while other times you find it humorous to make her fiery mad. 
You have quiet the devious smile and demeanor these days. is especially hilarious when you KNOW you are misbehaving and all you can do is cackle in my face.
100% of the time I cackle back.
..I can’t help myself.
Parker Jane – you are amazing little girl.  

Jolie Grace

I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined you would become the little you that you are. impress me on a daily basis with your whit, humor, and intelligence.
The list goes on.
You are patient, gentle, thoughtful, smart..
..hilarious, goofy, out-going, always smiling.
The list goes on (again).
Repeat is the name of the game. doesn’t matter the word, you will say it.  
Attempt to anyway.
Eyes, ears, eyebrows, hair, nose, cheese, Ginny, blue (bluuuuu), purple, yellow..
..more, bath, ya!, car (everything is a ‘car’), momma, daddy, papa, Auntie, Jay (for uncle J).
Your version of Rock-a-Bye Baby kills it.’ve got the tune down – and hum it (literally) all day long.
Your thoughtfulness is the most precious.  
..the way you care for, remember things, and hop to the opportunity to be helpful.
Puddle status is how I remain, baby girl.
You aren’t as verbal as Parker, but your intellect is off the charts. can see the wheels spinning in your head – hard thinking through every moment that flashes before your face.
I can only wish to know what goes through your mind.
Puzzles are your most favorite thing in the world right now.
..a full hour can go by and you are still examining, placing, (and replacing) each piece.
If you could have your favorite day- puzzles in momma’s lap would be involved for most of it.   
You play independently this way more often than your sister.
..definitely needing less attention and easily making yourself comfortable in every situation.
It is rare to find you nervous, anxious, or uptight.
..”She is all smiles” is what we hear THE MOST everywhere we go.
Sometimes I think your analytical skills can come off as uptight..
..but in reality you are thinking through the situation before you make your move.
We’ve spent many hours at the pool this summer already and your tan lines are starting to show for it.
..grateful for your momma’s skin tone – thanks to your daddy, Parker girl needs about twice as much sunscreen.
Your humor in everything continues to be your greatest trait.
..I cannot get over the amount of laughter that comes out of that little body.  
No words can describe it.  
..playing chase, dancing, seeing water (lakes, fountains, pools), balls (sports, bouncing, plastic), animals, music, food, going outside..
All things that bring out a squeal in you these days (especially fountains/pools and animals).
The day you start putting words into sentences is the day you will never stop talking.
..there will always be something to tell in Jolie’s world.
You are my rockstar sleeper (and have been since you were 6 months old).
..even when you don’t feel well or are cutting teeth.
You typically nap 3 hours during the day and sleep 13-14 hours at night.
Being your momma is my most favorite job in this entire world, Jo Grace.
I love you!

Parker & Jolie | 19 Months
Best friends
Womb mates


July 9, 2014

  1. They are adorable!!! I LOVE all of their headwraps, they remind of my sister-in-law's baby girl!

  2. Katie Daniel says:

    Have you tried an amber teething necklace by chance? My husband calls it hocus pocus, but, I'm telling you, my guy was up all night with teething fevers and screaming with his first four teeth, then I got the necklace (apparently it's supposed to be raw and unpolished??) and I didn't even notice he cut a molar. I'm a believer! Love your blog! This is the necklace I tried, just in case you're interested: