The Fourth in Fotos

Fourth of July was the kind of day that I can only wish to spin it to ‘Groundhog Day’ and replay it about 400 times.  Yes.  That good.  Nothing overly spectacular planned- just family, food, fellowship.  Breakfast together as a foursome that morning, a nap for all of us into the afternoon, and then off to spend the remainder and into the evening with family and friends, poolside.  Food, music..and pulling off to the side of the road to watch the tail end of a random fireworks ‘finale’ with the hubby while two sleeping babies snoozed in the back end of the car wrapped up our perfect July holiday.  I snapped a bajillion pictures of Parker and Jolie, but soon put the camera away in hopes I wouldn’t miss a moment trying to catch the moment..

I feel like that happens too often.

My world is so full.  Joy can’t even explain the emotions that burst after thinking about a day like that day.  


July 7, 2014

  1. Such cuties!!!! Looks like ya'll had a fun 4th!!

  2. omg! Jolie in the sunglasses with the pouty lips! To die for!!! She's a doll!

  3. Dani Lewis says:

    So cute!!! What kind of camera do you own? It takes amazing photos!