WE EAT | Egg & Cheese Tacos

We are major egg-advocates in this house.  We have tried them a couple different ways {scrambled with turkey dogs HERE, and hard boiled HERE} and most definitely like them all.  
Egg & Cheese Tacos
3 whole eggs, beaten
pinch of salt
pinch of black pepper
pinch of smoked paprika
1/3 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella 
plates / OXO tot // bibs / Rockin A B Designs

Cant forget the {organic} whole milk!   As a child I was lactose intolerant.  My mother had to put a pad lock on the fridge to keep me out of it.. and if this same intolerance were the case with these two, I’d be investing in some locks of my own.

We offer milk and breakfast and dinner, but its water the rest of the day.  They would rather drink than eat {hence their nickname: little birds}, so I watch what they drink around meal times.   Whole milk fills them to the brim.

After the 73rd morning of ‘sharing’ his breakfast tacos with Parker and Jolie, Jordan decided to see how they would do with their own. 
We LOVE these whole grain white tortillas by Tia Rosa.  Whole wheat tortillas tend to be crumbly and hard when they are rolled (although perfect for a quesadilla!), but these are super soft, and really delicious to boot!

 Daddy.  Please, will you, help me roll my egg taco?

 Parker.. rolls and un rolls her taco – attempting to stuff every last scramble in her tortilla.  
Good girl.  Soon we will be dipping in salsa.

 We like it!  While we love a good scramble, these tortillas made for a great mix up.. and really fun for meal time with these two.  Totally renewing their interest in eggs.

Hey, Jo.. can momma have a bite?

Jo be like.. “JO{ey} DOESNT SHARE FOOD.”


July 25, 2014

  1. Briana June says:

    Hahaha best end quote ever!

  2. I love this breakfast idea! My toddler loved it this morning and as a fellow dietitian, I strongly approve!

  3. I love this breakfast idea and my toddler loved it as well. Also, as a dietitian it definitely has my stamp of approval!