Lollipops {and} Sticky Fingers

The last few days it has been somewhat gloomy out, drizzling rain here and there, which in turn meant being held up inside for the majority of the day.  We typically go out for at least an hour everyday, so these little birds had enough of being inside.  I took one look around my demolished living room {and random puzzle pieces sprawled across the kitchen floor..} and decided- we are going out.

I had picked up a couple suckers (cotton candy, in case you needed to know) as we were checking out at the grocery store with intentions of letting the girls have some that afternoon.  I totally forgot about them, and I was thankful since the insanity and non-stop whining that made up the majority of my afternoon was subsided by pure candy bribery.  Let me preface this by placing blame.  Blame on my mother-in-law. The woman grows Smarties candies in her kitchen, has pop-tarts and Apple Jacks cereal by the pounds.. and ultimately introduced my daughters to these lollipops. They both came strolling out the back door on the 4th of July, sunnies, suits, and a sucker.

Well. Okay then.
But, really.. what in the world are grandmas for?  BB is among the best, I tell you.


Lets go outside” usually does the trick for hushing their complaints.
But.. lets go outside with candy?  
Parker took off running with her arms in the air towards the back door.  Jolie was right behind her, doing the Phoebe run {another Friends reference for you..} and hollering for “GEEEEY (that would be Ginny, the dog) to c’mon.
I’ll trade your sucker for MY sucker.
-Jo Grace approximately 1 minute after she drops her sucker on the concrete and loses half.
leggings / odarling handmade
 Parker be like.. she be cray, momma.
 THESE two.  A couple of my besties.  Please excuse my window.  That dirty dirty window.  Two dogs and two babies don’t boast well for clean glass.  The top of that glass door look amazing.. 
 headwrap / shelby chic boutique // tank / twisted tanks (instagram shop @twistedtanks)

This girl.  She’s been over the moon sweet lately. I mean- she’s always sweet, but she has her moments of sass.  These days that sass comes out less and less.
I cannot get enough of my mini!

They really do adore one another.  Although.. there is ZERO sharing of food, drink, and yep, candy.  

 GEEEY had to swipe a taste.  Of course.

Sister girl love
We spent almost 2 hours outside running our little hearts out.  It was good good good for the soul.  We all needed that fresh (and muggy) air.  We may have needed a bath pre pasta dinner, but the grass and dirt mixed with sticky cotton candy lollipop may have grossed momma out a little. 
Just a little bit.
It was worth it.  Lollipops all around.


August 1, 2014

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    OMG! So adorable.

  2. Bitz says:

    What huge lollipops! Nevertheless, I'm sure your little ladies took care of them like pros! Wonderful pictures as always!

  3. Krista says:

    Hi! First, your girls are adorable! Second, I am also a twin-mommy – girl/boy 3 years old. The irony here: you have a daughter named Jolie and I have a daughter named Anniston! If my son's name was Brad, this would be even crazier…but his name is Brayden (almost). Oh, and we both seem to love "Friends"! I am going to follow you – feel free to follow me back (I'm on WordPress): TWIN-kie Tales. I look forward to your posts!!!