Fall Lookbook for Littles : Ladies

We have arrived.  Whether Mother Nature’s calendar says so or not, Fall is here.  
According to ME.
I always count this time of year to be the BEST time, and September 1st knows how to do it right by giving us all (well, most of us) a day off.  It seems like this last weekend is the turning point for me every year.  The welcome of Fall and everything that comes with it (including my birrrthdayy, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).  
Pumpkin Spice Latte is available now at Starbucks.. so, yes.  I’d say we are official. Although, the Salted Caramel Mocha is mostly where my heart lies.
One of my absolute FAVorite things about this time of year are the clothes. Don’t get me wrong.  I shared my love of Summer favorites earlier last month (HERE), but for whatever reason I cant get enough of the long cozy tunics, sweaters, boyfriend cardigans, super dark denim and leggings in every color.  Oh, and the boots.  BOOTS.  I love all shapes and sizes.  You would think I have 42 pair, but I surely do not.  I have a handful of staples that get me through the Fall/Winter months in perfect style.  Which is where I come to for today’s post. 
Shopping for twins is expensive.  After shopping researching (consuming my nap-times over this last weekend) I realized I have a dire need for baby fashion in my life, and thank the sweet Lord I have children.  Right? 
I tagged and saved about twice as much as I’m going to share here for outfit ideas for Parker and Jolie (and your little girls, too!) which just goes to show all the cuteness that is trolling the www right now.  Even the hubby was standing behind me here and there talking about what he liked (and didn’t..but he doesn’t argue.) But what I wanted to do was share with you how to take baby fashion and stretch it.  Whether you have 1, 2 or 13 kids – we all operate on some sort of budget.  Hallelujah to that for I could easily get their closet out of control.  
I’ve taken a few key staples for Fall like dark denim & corduroy, and mixed and matched it with relatively affordable tops, jackets, and accessories.  I also made it a point to stick with just a few options in the shoe department for these 12 looks.  No matter what social media tells you, NO you don’t need a different color moccasin for every outfit.  Although, yes I WANT them, but the hubby says no way, Jose. 
Before some of you go eye rolling with the ‘themed’ styles I have below – I would in fact myself wear every single thing.  AND this is how and when I would wear them.  So there is my disclaimer on that.

1 | top / vest / jeans / boots
I saw this vest on Instagram (shocker) and was actually surprised to see its original selling place be Target.  Target has totally upped their style game for babes, and I am taking advantage of it.  Lots of items are usually on sale (BOGO 50% off), and even if you are paying full price, it is still usually less than a $15 tag.  The button Henley will most likely be a staple in Parker and Jolie’s wardrobe due to the simple fact of comfort and versatility.  And hello – for $8 I’ll take every color.
2 | top / jacket / jeans / flats
This was one of the outfits that got Jordan swooning.  The ‘Road Trip’ tee is uber adorable, and campo on little girls is most likely the cutest thing ever.  I love the idea of a comfortable metallic flat to bring it all together.   
3 | dress / leggings / boots
One thing I have started doing more often than I ever thought I would do before is shop online.  The amount of time and energy I find myself devoting to online shopping is crazy – but the thought of taking two busy busy toddlers with me to a store and only finding ONE of the correct size, when, duh, I need two of everything.. This look is found at Target – but whats so great is that it is only available online – as in not in stores.  They have an entire “online only” section that I have come to love.

The next collection, if you will, are more fashion forward looks for your littles.  I am VERY into the trendy things, and after browsing several of my favorite sites, it seems these trends are all the rage, even for your little bits.

4 | shirt / jeans / boots
Buffalo.  Whats more amazing and stylish than a baby girl in Buffalo, dark skinnies, and lace up boots? 
5 | sweater / pants / flats
An awesome staple in my own closet are fashion sweatshirts.  The look of laziness dressed up.  So chic.  When the cooler weather hits, I basically live in one of my all time favorites sweatshirts (HERE). So why not for babies?  Thank you Zara.  
6 | top / pants / boots
WHERE can I get these pants in my size?  While at The Hundred Event earlier last month I had the opportunity to be styled by THE Kendi of Kendi Everyday.  A pair of these pants in a similar green color were hanging on the rack and I instantly fell in love.  Can I have these? When I came across them at Old Navy this weekend I knew I had to get my girls’ little booties in them.. and take some pictures.  Ya’ll -I die.

Time for a little dress up.  While I love the fashion forward finds, it is nice to come down from that on a Sunday to get dressed and ready for church.  I don’t go to a church that warrants a dress and heels on a Sunday morning (although it is nice on occasion), and often times end up in jeans or a linen pants and a flowy top.  Truth be told, Parker and Jolie don’t have a TON of dresses, but these two are definitely in their closet.  Not a lot of ruffles. But a whole lotta cute.

7 | dress / tights / boots
Again with the sweatshirt style.  SO in love with this quilted texture look.  ALSO, when this dress becomes too short, it could totally be worn with dark skinnies as a tunic.  I have repurposed a lot of Parker and Jolie’s dresses from last Fall because while the length is a little too short, it still fits them pretty well everywhere else.
8 | dress / mary janes
Vintage.  My jam, ya’ll.  And those shoes. Mustard is my favorite color.  And coral.  And olive green. Orange is good, but sort of like coral.  Tans, browns, grey.  I belong in a place where it is always Fall.  Take me there..
9 | cardigan / top / pants / flats
That bell sweater cardigan.  I cannot get enough.  Boots are too heavy for the ‘delicate’ look of this outfit, so there are those flats again to pull it all together.

A little playdate action for you all.  Lets be real.  For all you ‘girl moms’ reading this.. and ‘boy moms’ might do this too, but I totally scope out every outfit choice on the playground.  While a look for boys on this category would be MUCH different, my girls are the girliest of all, so we can handle a casual dress or a cowl neck scarf in our way going down the slides.  We will do it like a lady.

10 | jacket / top (similar) / jeans / moccs
Jackets are perfect layering tool, especially when you are going outside to inside and need a quick drop of clothing when you get into the warm buildings.  Old Navy does it again and has me wishing for this in momma-size.
11 | sweater / cowl / jeans / boots
Floral printed sweatshirt (the girls and I can be twinkies HERE or HERE with this one).  Enter emoji with the biggest bulging heart eyes, here.
12 | dress / moccs
Super casual cotton.  Easy to move. Easy to breath.  Easy to play in.

Have you itching to purchase, yet?  I’ve already been digging through the bins of clothing I have ‘saved’ up of Parker and Jolie’s outgrown items and setting them up for sale on my IG shop (@shopmasseya).  On a whim at nap time I decided to do a small sale..that turned into a HUGE sale, and well now I have monies to mark off my list of what I don’t have in their closet already..and then some.. because there just isn’t ever enough, is there?  Which is probably why I end up with so many things we’ve grown out of that still have the tags on them.  BUT- my confession and resolution to this issue is exactly as I’ve done here- staple pieces with a few additional items to mix it up.

BOY moms, I haven’t forgotten.  I’ve teamed up with one of my favorites momma to twin boys and she has come up with the most amazing looks for your little guys that I’ll share tomorrow.

Happy Shopping! 


September 2, 2014

  1. SO cute! Can't wait for the boys outfits though 🙂

  2. Loralee H says:

    Love this post! Such cute stuff! My little gal (a few weeks younger than your girls) already has several of the items you've highlighted waiting in her closet for fall. (And question — have your girls tried out boots yet? I tried a pair similar to the lace up ones you linked (about calf high) on my Laila and she acted as though I had put her in casts :/ I'll be devastated if she won't wear boots this year! :))