Parker and Jolie | 21 Months

twenty-one months.. and s i n g i n g about it.  
Mom is not.  just so we’re clear.  
many times this month I thought to myself – made mental notes – of all the changes that were occurring right before my very eyes.  the 6th of the month creeped in like a sneaky fox, and came and went, leaving little time to stand still.
I just need time to stop a little.  you know? 
just for a second, or two.
also-  this series of three is my favorite of these two.
I couldn’t imagine letting just one of these little girls fill my camera frame.  they go together.
peanut butter and jelly.
Jolie Grace
oh, hay girl.
your favorite phrase of the moment.. 
..I’ll never forget the day I walked into your room to get you up from nap.
I flipped on the light and you casually said with a tilt to your head..
..oh hayy goooul.

Oh really, Jo? 
Is there a hashtag for #likemotherlikedaughter? i think so.
I got two of ’em.
you exude happiness and wear your heart on your sleeve.
..rarely do tears fall, but when they do, we better prep the flood gates.
You are remarkably smart.
..picking up on things that I can hardly remember to have ever shown you.
you still love carrying around every baby doll you can find.
..rock the babies, feed the babies their bottles, sing to the babies, and dress them over and over. 
I was wondering when this motherly instinct would kick in for you and sister girl.
..21 months, apparently. 
you are quite the mimicking clown.
..this started a little at 20 months, but now it is your favorite game.
you do things just to get a rise, and then fall over in hysterics laughing at yourself.
..silly little bit, you are.
while this mimicking is very funny, you have become quite good with your words. play repeat in attempts to say everything we say, getting better with pronunciation on the daily.
I feel like we are at about that age when we start really watching what we say.
..or else we may have some words/phrases slip out from behind closed doors.
I find myself thinking how big you are getting (it surprises me most days)..
..then we go to get dressed and your 18 month clothes basically swallow your petite frame.
You are wearing size 12-18 months pants and tops.
..size 4 shoes (almost into size 5). 
you LOVE to read and will sit and read for an hour. do very well independently playing solo or minding your own when momma can’t hold you or sit and play one on one.
A LOT of the time we are asking each other ‘where’s Jolie’..
..and we can either find you tending to your stuffed animals, playing in the kitchen, reading, or assembling puzzles.
you have developed quiet the appetite. eat so very well, and will most always try anything I put in front of you.  
NEW favorite foods this month: corn dogs, hamburgers, chocolate milk, pineapple, white cheddar cheese slices, bbq chicken pizza, and baked potato.
Oh- and how could I ever forget something that you clearly get from your mother.
..salsa. carefully dipping each tortilla chips into tomato salsa.
eventually we can get you a straw.
we started potty training this month.
you picked up on the concept very quickly.
..but you still have trouble deciding when it is a good time to stop and go potty.
you are a busy, busy baby girl and surely don’t have time for that.
..some days are much better than others, but, we will get it.
when you go potty, the excitement that comes over your face it outrageously cute.
..seeing you hold your little hand out to wait for your potty prize just melts me.
sleep was rough earlier in the month, but thankfully we’ve gone back to a regular routine.
..although your bed time is still 7pm, there are often nights when you will lay in your crib for an hour after we lay you down before falling asleep.
..usually you are chatting up Puppy, or humming to yourself while making Puppy dance along.
these are the moments I’m glued to the monitor.
..watching you in your independent element with no chance of you catching my observance and becoming embarrassed.
thats new.
..becoming embarrassed when you catch mom or dad watching you in admiration.
singing, dancing, and caring for your babies are all things that fascinate me about you. must be the most embarrassing look on momma’s face for you to stop dead in your tracks to give me a sweet little sheepish grin.
your expressions make my entire day.
..the hand slap across your cheeks for your surprised face is hands down THE cutest. 
a simple raise of your eyebrows, wrinkle of your nose, or silly crooked grin. have a way about you with those looks.
your hair has gotten so long, and SO blonde.
..we often have to clip back your bangs to keep them out of your face while you play.
the slight wave you have to the ends of your stick straight hair is something your mother works at her own hair on a daily basis. thankful.
I am. 
so very thankful for you.  
your hair.
your expressions.
your sweet little voice.
your humming.
your hugs.
your puckered lips for repeat kisses.
your cuddles.
your love for Parker.
your love for your daddy.
my favorite part about you, Jo Grace..
a l l of you. 

Parker Jane

you continue to express love for momma.
..but this month it was over the top.
I could hardly leave the room or put you down for 3 minutes to tie my shoes and your losing your mind to be close. my lap, up in my arms, wrapped around my neck.
the ‘koala hold’ is probably your favorite.  
when you aren’t within arms reach of mom, you are really into silly playtime.
..I’ve never seen or witnessed you act the way you act these days.
running around the house screaming with excitement and pure joy.
..all for nothing. I love every minute of it.
your favorite place to play is wherever Jolie is.
..truly your bestie for life, and I’m oh-so-thankful.
you are so sweet to your sister – it makes momma stop to grab her chest for fear my heart will burst.
..random back rubs, hand holds, and leaning in for a kiss or two to love on Jolie.
these signs of affection happen ALL the time.
..and every time I witness it, its definitely like the first time.
I will never every forget the tears I cried of joy for this sister love.
Jolie was having trouble one day, and you curiously walked into the bathroom while daddy was encouraging her to potty.
you leaned down, put your arm around Jolie’s neck as if to say ‘its okay, sister‘, and handed her one of your candies. I couldn’t even believe what I had just witnessed.
..over the top sweetness, Parks.
while potty training can be frustrating for Jolie, it comes very easy to you. may or may not have something to do with the fact that you know exactly what to do to get that ‘potty prize’ : two little sweet tarts.
you’ll carry those candies around, accumulating multiple after several potty trips before deciding to actually eat one. 
zero accidents since we started this whole process at the end of your 20th month.
..and momma is so very proud of you.
little miss continues to be a terrific helper.
..loves to help me pick up toys, carry in groceries, and fold the laundry.
you name it, she’s got it handled.  
..and the most precious part – the elaborate “TAAAnk chuuu” 
as if she is commending herself for the help..
..who needs mom?
 this month marked the greatest amount of independent play (together)..
..but in that same thought I have to mention your issue with sharing., 
not all the time, but pretty often you have a dire need for whatever Jolie is holding, watching, and/or using. 
..even if you had zero interest in it before, you, sweet Parker, are all about it once sister gives it attention.
your vocabulary can no longer be limited to a simple short list.  
you say new things every day, half of which I don’t even know where they came from.  
along with this developing vocabulary and relative ability to communicate has come options and demands.
pointing, grunting, screaming..
..and not in this order.  
occasionally you’ll be screaming your head off, only to come to find out you are simply requesting a little more BBQ sauce on your plate.
momma would have though you slammed your finger in a door..
biggest demand as of late is chocolate milk.
..not ‘real’ chocolate milk, but carnation instant breakfast chocolate milk.
within moments of waking up you are requesting it.
..and then you proceed to suck down 8 ounces in less than a minute.
your favorite breakfast of all time, it seems.
..for now at least.
we drink this occasionally around dinner time, too. you are still a lot more picky than your sister when it comes to food.
picking at food and enjoying spoonfuls of ketchup is of greater interest to you than actually eating.
when we started drinking the carnation once a day, I noticed the most change in your growth than ever before. shot up like a weed in literally a weekend’s length of time.
the unofficial glance is that you have a good 2 inches on your older sister.
..legs for days, girlfriend.
although you are tall, you are still a string bean.
..12-18 month clothes fit you best, but when it comes to length, we are cinching the waist of the 18 month pants to get them to fit.
thank goodness we can still wear shorts right now.’d be ready for a flood if it was appropriate to wear pants.
your feet are on the ‘fat’ side. 
..because ‘wide’ doesn’t really describe it best.  
I never noticed it until we tried to squeeze your chubbs into a pair of sandals and you looked like what I can only describe as Cinderella’s step-sisters trying on the glass slipper.
for the most part, regular shoes and moccasins fit you fine.
..we just can’t wear those sandals, and thats okay.
so much change in you this month, sweetest Parker.
..and I am the lucky one that has gotten to watch it all unfold. 
 I couldn’t be more proud of you for what you’ve accomplished and where you’ve come from just 4 short weeks ago.
love you with my whole heart, baby girl.  

headband / sweet t shoppe / sunnies / michael kors

 messy bow headwrap / ruby blue inc // tee / little boss shop // skirt / lovey lake / moccasins / freshly picked

 headband / the pleated polka dot

there have been so many things you guys have advanced in doing together, than apart this month.  when you daddy and I were thinking of what changes you both had individually, we continued to come up with things that ‘they both’ were doing.
LOVE | insistent on sharing toys, babies, food, clothes.  you name it, one or both of you try to ‘help’ a sister out.  bringing snacks and sippy cups to sister is a required activity – mom is definitely not allowed to do it.  way too sweet.
TV | this month you have taken a real interest in television. recognizing characters, pointing and interacting with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, laughing at appropriate times, singing and dancing along.  finally?  finally.
 CUDDLE BUGS | your daddy and me absolutely LOVE to have you girls cuddle.  you move our hands over to your head or legs as if to tell us ‘rub my head’.  you love to snuggle in close and watch a little tv just after we wake or right before bed.  my favorite times.
 BIG GIRLS | no longer do you cry cry cry for your wubby/paci and puppy when we make you put it away.  moments after waking from the night or after nap we ask for you to ‘put them to bed’, and you both happily trot over and toss them in your crib and don’t think about them again until its time to go back to sleep.  such big girls.
POTTY | such a success!  mom and dad are over the moon proud of you girls for how quickly you picked all this up.  rarely do we have accidents and you are quick to tell us when you do need to go potty (for the most part), and if not you stop yourself and finish on the potty.  very thankful for an easy transition into this stage.
PLAY PLAY PLAY | you guys are really mobile with your play-time. running was always the norm, but playing chase with each other with the loudest toys you can find is your favorite activity these days. the poppers run wild around and around the kitchen, screams and yells all the way through, and then bursting with laughter.  little fighting, and lots of interaction.  I’ve watched this gradually happening over these last couple months, but its really noticeable this month.
HAND HOLDING | you girls love to hold hands- both with me or dad and your sister.  I could die every day watching you two hold hands and walk down the side-walk.
ROUTINE | you girls are obsessive with the sleep routine.  we have two sound machines and a large fan that get turned on before sleep, and you girls nearly have a stroke fighting to turn on one or all three before sister gets a chance.  when I just mention ‘time for nap’ or ‘time for bed’, its an all out horse race to get to the nursery first.  really funny, but can (and often does) end up in tears.
 BABY DOLLS | I was beginning to wonder if ever you two would have interest in the baby dolls, and finally we have arrived.  carrying them around (Jolie carries multiple), arranging them in the shopping cart (two in front is a must), feeding them, laying them down to bed (in the dog bed) and covering them with blankets (or stolen dish towels from the kitchen counter).  you two love baby dolls!
so much change in such little time.  everyone I meet mentioned what a FUN age this is right now, and I most definitely have to agree.  this ‘stage’ of life is out of control cute.  watching you both grow and mature and learn new things.  a mother’s pride can’t be described.  
but I have it.  
I am so very proud to call these sweet girls my daughters. 
love you ladies. 

 headwraps / pieces to peaces // tee / baby gap

 bows / jameson monroe
 turbans / two little bees

 headwraps / pieces to peaces // top (dress) / baby gap / moccasins / freshly picked
 headbands / bub and bug studio

 headbands / sweet t shoppe

 cups / nuby brand
 headbows / bella bebe shop 

 headwraps / ruby blue inc

Happy 21 months, l i t t l e b i r d s 
glitter bows / two little bees // tees / mama said tees // bloomers / lovey lake


September 10, 2014

  1. Liz/ says:

    Gosh those girls are just so cute! Love reading about them! My youngest is 19 months so it's fun to kind of compare even though they are slightly older. Impressed with the potty training!

  2. Heather says:

    Hi there! New follower! 🙂 Just wanted to say hi, introduce myself (I'm Heather, btw! hehe) and say that I looooove your blog! You have the cutest, sweetest little family! Feel free to check out my new blog at! 🙂

  3. Raegan Allen says:

    They are seriously THE cutest, sweetest little girls I've ever seen! i actually teared up reading your words/thoughts about them.
    I started following your blog while I was pregnant and now have a 16 month old little boy. I love hearing about your adorable girls.
    Beyond precious.

  4. Jenn says:

    Love! We are just a couple of weeks behind you and SO many similarities (shocker!). I wish we lived closer, I have a feeling these 4 (and us mamas!) would be the best of friends! xo ~Jenn