Parker and Jolie | 20 Months

These two are twenty months old today.  TWENTY. Two-Zero.
headband / two little bees boutique // shorts / o darling handmade // moccasins / freshly picked
Basically we packed them up for college and we’ll see them off in the morning.  All the essentials were in the wagon, you know.  
Even Puppy made the cut.
20 months, you guys.   We are merely months away from counting in whole years rather than months.  As much as I wish time to slow, cease, crawl, and basically stop all together, this age/stage we are in has been a lot of fun.   
 Jolie Grace
headwrap / ruby blue inc // sunnies / the children’s place // tank / gap // bloomers / lovey lake
 My littlest bit, you are just the sweetest on the planet.
..I think I say that every new month we have.
You are the girliest of all girlie.
..your sashay while wearing momma’s heels is my absolute favorite.  
Your prance around the room while wearing anything you’ve snagged from my closet floor.
..arms up and hips swaying. Get it, girl. 
Your style is impressive.  
You have a keen eye for selecting headbands, and request to wear them often.  
The way you lean your head in for me to put them on put a little smile on your momma’s face.
Occasionally I’ll find you in your closet trying on every headband in your basket.
..because, now- we open doors.
All of them.  
..the most fun game in your life right now. 
I’ve really noticed your interest in baby dolls this month. 
..the ‘valley girl’ tilt to your head as you console that sweet baby doll (or rubber ducky, or stuffed animal) is absolutely hilarious.  
You are way too sweet for words, Jo.
Your favorite seems to be Dora (a bath toy).
..You chat with her the entire time we are in the bath; rather dramatic “HI” and “YEA” as you kisses, and cuddle that doll.
..and then lay her down for ‘bed’ before we get out. 
Bed being the bottom of the tub.
For the record, we have never watched Dora the Explorer.
..We {still} don’t watch much TV.  I halfway wish on some days you had more interest in it.
..but I’m thankful on most that we can sit and listen to music while we play or eat and that will suffice even more so than Mickey on the tube. 
Rarely do you find yourself in any kind of trouble.
..and when you do, it is the end of the world, and there is no stopping those tears until we’ve ‘made up’.
Time-out totally rocks your world, thats a fact.
  What is most interesting about this, is that you’re newest game for attention is sending yourself to ‘time-out’.
..letting out a fake cry with your head buried into the wall, and then searching for Mom or Dad to come get you out.
‘Making up’ with hugs and kisses is your most favorite.
Baby girl, I give those out for free.
You are one vibrant little chica..
..My little girl is enthusiastic about everything!! 
Coloring and puzzles are your absolute favorite.  I mention the idea for either and before I have time to even make a step you are screaming “YEA!!” and running like a banshee through the house.
..straight for the puzzle shelf, or to the kitchen table to get ‘set up’ for a major art show.
Favorite Foods: Pasta, Crackers, Cheesy Eggs, Mexican Rice (any rice, really), Quinoa, Veggie Burgers, Bean Cakes, Blackberries, Kiwi, Guacamole, Teddy Grahams, Goldfish, Swiss Cheese and Milk.  Milk, milk, milk.  All day long. Water is another ‘fav’.. Actually.  You will drink anything I give you faster than I can keep up.   

Words are coming easier to you this month. sentences yet, but it seems like you pick up a word or two every other day.
Gah- you are so incredibly smart.
..intuitive is an even better way to describe it.
Some of the newest words: yellow, green, pink, Parker (your are working hard hard hard to perfect sisters name), bath, truck, balloon, and snack.
You say, or attempt, to repeat everything and we work hard on this everyday.
While you aren’t putting sentences together, you understand everything we say 100%.
..that includes things I’ve never shown you or said to you, you get it.
Blows me away.
..every time.

This summer has been an absolute BLAST.
..We have spent a ton of time in the water this month.
We take you and sister girl to the Splash Pad and the pool pretty often.
..while Parker was a little more hesitant, you, my crazy-brain, are a madhouse in those fountains.  
The shooting water could knock you on your rear and nothing but laughter would surface from that sweet belly of yours.
I am thankful for the ‘happy’ you have literally 99% of the time.
You love to sing when no-one is listening.
..and bee-bop when no one is watching.
The chatter that emerges from my backseat while we are in the car is the cutest ever.
..I wish I didn’t have to focus so much on the road and could devote my attention entirely on everything you have to say.
Momma is here to dance to your hums, shimmy to your favorite tunes (even if there aren’t any), and will always have an ear to listen to your chatter.
dress / gap {similar} // glitter bow / two little bees boutique // moccasins / freshly picked

headband / shelby chic boutique // flutter sleeve dress / gap {similar}

headwrap / shelby chic boutique // tank / gap // jeans / curly q’s counter

Parker Jane 
headwrap / ruby blue inc // tee / riley clay designs / shorts / curly q’s counter
Let us count the ways that I love you so.
I’ve said it numerous times before, and your daddy reminds us often, but seriously.
Seriously.  You are my mini.
The looks you give, the personality you’ve developed, the demeanor you’ve mastered.
All of it.  
..I’m looking in a mirror.  Literally.
What is most funny about all of this is that I am looking in a mirror of me at age 29.
So, yes, my sweet little 20 month old. are 20 months going on 29 years.
You have a way about you that brings a smile to our face (and everyone else’s, too!)
..even when you are getting reprimanded.  I wish I could describe it.  
Actually- its THIS face.  The head tilt, eyebrows raised, half-smile as if you are saying
..”Really, mom.  You are getting frustrated with this face?
Never, Parker.
..I can’t even.
Time out and firm conversations have been few and far in between this month.
Last month was a tough one. tested the waters very often.
You want/need so badly to have more words to tell me what is going on or what you need, but they just aren’t there yet.
At 19 months you didn’t have much of a vocabulary.
..but sister, girl- you are spitting out words left and right this month.
New consistent words at 20 months: truck, car, bath, cheese, Jo, Ginny, Dog, Daph (Daphnee), milk, more, snack, cracker, no, yes, Momma, Dad, Papa, and store.
I still find myself getting into the middle of your frustrated rants because you can’t annunciate  what you want momma to do.. but we are getting there.
You love to do anything that is “helping”.
..THE biggest helper ever.
Playing in the tupperware or pots & pans, unloading the dishwasher (your favorite is the silverware- one piece at a time) & sitting on the counter to help prep the veggies or ‘stir the pot’.
The moment we wake in the morning, you’ve got your routine.
..’demand’ Ginny be let out of her kennel, and then barging into the pantry to get the dog food ready.  
Place the dog bowl.  Open the dog food tub.  Fill the cup. Dump the cup.
REPEAT with Daphnee.. 
..and then proceed to have a meltdown after realizing we have only two dogs to feed. 
Every morning.
Every evening. 
I have started to hide the dog bowl after Ginny eats.
..I was on the hunt for you one day and heard the dog food hitting the metal bowl behind the closed door of the pantry.  
There was no way I was going to tell you ‘no’ after the most precious look of ‘see momma, I did it!‘ came across your face when you opened the door and stood at my feet.  
We are still working through those front cuspid teeth.
..sleep at night isn’t an issue, but naps have taken the short route on more days than not.
Even with the short naps (like, 30 minute short), you make it through to bedtime at 7:30pm in good spirits.
Eating has been hit or miss this month (I leave that to the fault of those teeth)
Your first popsicle was had this month, and my goodness. 
..I think you’ve created a new food group in the Parker diet.
Favorite Foods this month include:
Popsicles (is that a food? Probably not.), Pasta, Goldfish, American Cheese, Crackers, Chicken, Egg Tacos, Cereal (Honey Nut Chex is your fav), Yogurt Raisins, and..and..and..
..I cannot leave out the fact that you have a slight obsession with little sips of momma’s Diet Coke.
It would be a chug if I didn’t stop you.
You are way too excited when we pull into Sonic for Happy Hour 
..half price drinks means we go almost every day.
Occasionally momma will treat my sweet girls with a cotton candy slush.
..and your day is made.
You make me laugh.
I never thought that I could have so much joy for two little people. and Jo have me and your daddy so, so happy.  Words can’t even describe.
My best friend.  My mini.
Love you, precious.
headwrap / a thread up

headwrap / pieces to peaces

headwraps / pieces to peaces // romper / target
headbow / shelby chic boutique // tank / target
headwrap / ruby blue inc // tank / gap {similar} // bloomers / lovey lake // moccasins / freshly picked

tunic / osh’gosh {similar}

 I love this age so incredibly much. I never want to forget all of the things you girls says & do- both separately and together.  What they are learning, what they remember, and how they bring my to my knees in laughter- I am truly amazed every day.  My little sponges.  
I really can’t sum up enough words how much I love and adore them.
Its is all part of being a momma.
Happy 20 months, my little birds.
photo cred: B Faith Photography


August 6, 2014

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    This whole post makes me saw "aweee" the entire time I was reading it! Love these little birdies so much!

  2. Dani Lewis says:

    They are the cutest Amber! You make me wanna have my own set of twins!

  3. Bitz says:

    Love this! Children grow up so fast! Their pictures are amazing!

  4. crash. says:

    so I know that this is about your twins but I thought I saw a nose piercing in the circus post, but then I thought, maybe its just glitter. its definitely not glitter. but it is damn cute. I love it. your girls are darling. that pic of jolie on the bike? yeah, she looks 6. so grown up.

  5. They just get more and more adorable 🙂 Love their sister bond

  6. The Joiners says:

    Such cute, sweet girls! Happy 20 months!

  7. Jenn says:

    Love, love, love the picture of Jo sitting in front of the door. Also, I never realized how much taller Parker is than Jolie. What's their height difference?

  8. Skoglund5 says:

    They are cute! What photo editing program do you use?

  9. Brista says:

    they are too cute! love the way you dress them! 🙂

  10. Becky says:

    that pix of them in the grocery cart drinking and those eyes cutting is just wonderful