Something New

I’m often impressed by how well my girls do with change.  We can throw them into an unfamiliar situation, with unfamiliar faces, napless, without diapers (in panties, mind you), and expect them to follow through like normal. 
And they do.
We can take away their Puppy and Wubby during the day, after carrying them around for over 18 months straight, and expect them to be ‘okay‘ with only getting to ‘see’ them at nap and bedtime.  
And they don’t mind one bit (on most days..)
We can leave them, with perfect strangers, for almost 2 hours, name tags on their backs among 12-14 other kids around their age – and they are fine. (speaking of the church nursery, of course)
New foods?  Nailed it – for the most part.
New activities? ALWAYS the most fun – its like Christmas morning when my kids get to open a new $1 box of crayons.
bow / eastbrik // top / old navy //  yoga pants / kennedy’s collections
New babies? …and another one.  They love him. 
(this is not a pregnancy announcement)
 Last night we finally got to meet Mr. Truett Roy, Jordan’s sister’s second. < thats a mouthful..

We all know (and love) Miss Kendall (17 months), my niece and Parker and Jolie’s cousin.

About 2 weeks ago (yesterday) this sweet one entered our family – and he couldn’t be more handsome.  Poor guy doesn’t actually know why he’s in for.. a sister and two female cousins.. and an aunt that knows a thing or two about hair bows.

But I think he’ll hold his own.  Between his daddy, Pappa, Dude, and Uncle Jordan, he’s in for some model behavior.

I love him!  How quickly we forget how little and fragile they were.  Jolie was HALF his size, and I can hardly remember it.

 wubby / levi lion

At first, Parker and Jolie didn’t pay much mind to his presence in the room.  They had a bag full of toys they needed to get through at BB’s house, and Kendall was there to play, too.. so..who is this kid, anyway?

..and then it came.  All the sweetness.  

Jolie was first to really take interest.  Which doesn’t surprise me at all whatsoever.  I talked about Jolie’s maternal love in their 21 month update (HERE), and how while at a friends house she’d found a baby bottle and started feeding her Puppy and every doll in the room.  We had never ever showed her how to do that.. and I was impressed while my heart was exploding all at once.

See that – twin mom multi-tasking.
 VERY interested in his ‘eeeyys’ and ‘ooosgh’ (nose), ‘browwww’ (eyebrow)

 Where was Parker, you ask?  

Oh, just telling the whole world about her new cousin.

 ..and why it was time to go inside (there were warm cookies and milk waiting, people)..

 ..and about the dog.  ALLL about the dog running around the front yard.  The child has more things to say, with hardly any words.  Lord help us when she figures out how to put together a sentence.

FINALLY we were able to settle them down for a hot minute to love on Baby Truett before we left.
Saying our goodbyes- complete with sugars galore.

Parker, sweet girl, grabbed his little hand and laid it across her face.  I can only take this as her version of a hug.  The best hug she could get with that squirmy little guy at the moment.

 ..and then lean in for a kiss.

SO thankful for dinner with Jordan’s family last night.  We don’t live very close, so it takes a real effort to get together between all of our crazy schedules.

Once again, we threw Parker and Jolie into unfamiliar territory, and they did fabulous.  Minimal crying while momma was holding Truett (Parker yes, Jolie none), and then the sweetest touch and love for the little guy. They seemed to understand how to be as gentle as possible with ‘the baby’, and ‘love on the baby’, give sugars to ‘the baby’.

I know it seems like a small fete to accomplish, but when you are 21 months old, small tweaks and changes to your routine/schedule and throw some babies for a loop and into the fiery pits of meltdown 4.0.

Adding a baby into the mix is a huge change – and a 3 hour trial run went perfectly.
not pregnant.

Welcome to Texas, sweet Truett!  WE love, love, LOVE you, buddy!


September 17, 2014

  1. Bitz says:

    This was an adorable post, Amber! I'm so glad the girls took to their new cousin so well. Congrats to your family!

  2. LittleLoomis says:

    Very cute. And I LOL'ed at every "not pregnant" disclaimer.

  3. Dana says:

    So precious. I love that name too! Your girls are so sweet! And I LOL'ed at the "not pregnant" too!

  4. I couldn't stop laughing at every "not pregnant" insert! Crackin' me up! 🙂

  5. Ashley D says:

    This is the sweetest!! He is precious! Congrats Jenna & Adam!

  6. Jenn says:

    Love this! The girls are SO sweet around babies, especially Aubrey. She takes such an interest in them! There will be NO more babies coming from this factory, but I look forward to the post when your "not pregnant" becomes "pregnant!"…times two! xo

  7. The disclaimers are killin' me!! Oh but when you ARE expecting again, they will be the best Bigs ever. I just love watching how Lukas loves CeCe. By the looks of the pics you got, they will be 2 wonderful big sisters for sure! Truett is such a cute, unique name and he is so adorable!!