Parker & Jolie | 22 Months

Over the weekend I was looking through Parker and Jolie’s One Year Photo Books (tutorial HERE) and spent probably too much time studying their little faces and teeny bodies.  It brought back a flood of memories and sentiment from their very first year.  We are now approaching the end of their second year and I am almost in disbelief that I’m already planning their SECOND birthday party.. invites go out in just ONE month.  
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 I feel like I’ve been waiting for this month to come.  Dr. Butler said that all the sudden they’ll change out of the blue, and I can honestly say we are probably there.  This month of tremendous leaps and bounds.  Last month we had some crazy growth in language, motor skills, and understanding, and this month has been building on that foundation.  They talk all day long, most of it is jibber jabber, but some of it I can make out into sentences for what they are expressing in that moment, but we are still encouraging and working with them on word development.  
They have changed SO much!
As badly as I wish for time to slow, I love love love everything about this age.
OK.  I could probably strand to lose a little of the attitude (Parker), but we’ve been dealing with that for months๐Ÿ™‚
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 | Jolie Grace |
With so many words, I could probably go on and on describing you, little girl.
..but just one phrase can sum it up perfectly – care-free.
Easy going would do the trick, too.
..going with the flow seems to be your mentality.
And most every single day I find myself thankful for that characteristic in you. 

You appreciate many things, and it takes very very little to make you crumble into giggles. favorite is when I catch your eyes while you are singing or talking so sweetly to your baby dolls and you get overly ’embarrassed’ that I’m watching. 
Even better is when you just give me a huge toothy-grin instead. if you are saying – yep, I know I’m adorable.
Books and puzzles don’t come off the shelf much these days. have found your new love for being a momma.  
You carry all your babies around wherever you deem necessary (including the potty).
..I find them lined up against the wall in the playroom or living room.
Each patiently waiting for a smooch from sweet Jo Grace.
.and holy moly- those smooches.  Loud and proud, they are.
‘hi baby’, ‘yea baby’, ‘swack, gibberish, tongue twirls, yep, baby’
..and they understand every bit of it.
Every blanket, dish towel (your preference), napkin, or wash cloth works perfectly to cover your little ones.
..watching you lay them out into squares before putting your babies to bed is amazing.
So gently, so careful, and never a wrinkle in those ‘blankets’.
..because thats what little mommies do.
You play well solo. will always welcome Parker to play along with you, I find you alone chatting or singing pretty often.
You are very obedient.  
..listens carefully to instructions, and very rarely sway from doing what you are told.
That being said, momma can usually discover your instigation when breaking up ‘fights’ between you and your sister.
..Parker screams/fusses/yells at the top of your lungs, and I walk up on you handing back the toy/book/baby you borrowed.
Even though you find it funny to drive your sister bonkers, you love her so much. lean in for kisses, hugs, and it just about makes my heart explode to watch you rub her back or run your fingers through her hair if she’s upset. WAY too sweet.
You make me so so happy, little miss. ooze love and adoration for most everyone that walks into the room.
Your newest (and probably the sweetest thing ever) is to fling your arms around our neck and give the (hardest) and loudest smooch you could ever think of.
..I’ve never seen a better lip pout than the one you share, Jolie.
Just as sweet as you are to Parker, you can multiply that by about 10 when it comes to mom, dad, and everyone else you love.
Your favorite game (okay, my favorite game) is having you sit in my lap and point out my features.
..hayyyee (hair), errringgg (earrings), browwshh (eyebrows), eyeshh (eyes), oooose (nose).
And then for my mouth – you point and stick out your tongue.  
..haven’t quiet gotten that one mastered just yet.  
Words are coming, but we still are working on our communication. understand everything I ask, say, do, or instruct – it is just getting you to put them into words of your own is what we are encouraging now.
You are an amazing eater.
..I can pretty much offer you anything and your gobble it down.
I am so thankful for that.’ve always been on my radar for making sure you are getting enough.
Every day you learn, absorb, and change.
..I can expect every morning when I wake up to find you standing in your crib, for you to have changed over night.
Impressive is an understatement.
..and adoration hits the nail on he head.
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| Parker Jane | 
Your bright big smile and even bigger personality brings light into my life everyday.
..every. single. day, sweet baby girl.
You are fiercely opinionated, girlfriend.
..if you knew how to snap yo fingers you would be snap snapping and waving your curly locks back and forth in my face all day long.
Words are coming easier to you. sister, you jabber all day, but a handful of words stick out clear as day.
NO is a brand new favorite and your answer to everything,
You’ve been saying it for several months.
..but this month its in the correct context.
Let’s get in the bath.
Let’s go potty.
Let’s eat dinner.
Parker, can you please put your underwear back on?
I can honestly take the blame for some of this sass.  
..I mean, you are my daughter.
BUT – I really cannot help but laugh every time your little voice expresses such a strong word.  
Do no say no to Mommy’ isn’t very effective if I’m laughing, now is it? 
You have THE the biggest sweet tooth. get that from your father.
Me and Jolie can eat our carbs in the form of dinner rolls, but you, my dear.
..give a girl some chocolate and she will love you forever. 
I have had to completely empty out the candy jar on the counter in the kitchen due to the tantrums of all tantrums throw by yours truly in demand of candy corn M&M’s.
..again.  Mom’s fault.  Rewards for ‘good’ picture taking comes with a piece of candy.
Occasionally I give you one (or two), and it is like the entire world stops spinning.
..and you do. 
Parker wired on anything sweet is absolutely hilarious.
,,basically watch a girl run circles around the house, fall down, and then get back up and start over again.
You have definitely fallen in love with the television this month.
..The Little Mermaid and Tangled will keep you statue still for a solid hour.  
If mom or dad are sitting with you, you’ll enjoy the entire movie in silence.
..add in Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, and Sofia and we can call it a day.
I kept wondering if you girls would ever be interested in television, and here we are.
..we even have added it into our bedtime routine – and how you love routine.
After bath and jammies all four of us will cuddle together tight on the sofa and watch one show. automatically know and expect that we do this and walk right up to the sofa and slap the cushion as if to tell me to hurry up and get in my place, so you can hop up in my lap.
You are intrigued to learn.  
..wishing to learn everything your baby brain can.
Watching mom do makeup, helping wash dishes or sweep the floor.
..and especially to cook.  You LOVE to stir, measure, pour, shake.. anything you can do.
But when it comes to actually eating, you are such a little bird.
..just a few bites here and there and you are good until the next meal.
I wont say that you are picky, because you will try everything. just don’t eat much at a time, like sister girl, and I’m okay with that.
You are growing like a weed.  
..your little flower girl dress especially to be worn for a wedding at the end of the month is gong to have to be let down because of your string bean legs.
You are moody, and will let everyone know it if you are not in the mood to play or be silly.
..but when it is time to be silly- oh my word, there is nothing like it.
Nothing like your smile, nothing like your happy, nothing like your contagious laugh.
..and nothing like you, sweet Miss Parker Jane.
How lucky I am to be your Momma.
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They are growing at lightening speed and making this momma proud.  I adore them more and more with every single day they wake.  
Their laughs.
Their quirks.
Their silliness (and there is TON of silliness).
Their cuddles.
Their sweetness.
Their tiny voices.
I love you, Parker.
I love you, Jolie.
To the moon and back my perfect angels.
Happy 22 months!
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October 6, 2014

  1. Gosh, they are precious!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Alisha says:

    Such a cute post… your girls are just adorable.

  3. Adorable as always! I'm pretty sure Rae is going to be just like Parks. fiery, opinionated little spit fire! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can't wait!

  4. I want Jolie's piggies!

  5. Adorable Amber! I LOVE your blog and have been following it for months now. I don't have little one's yet, but I look up to you as a mama and get some pretty wonderful ideas from you ๐Ÿ™‚ Where did you get that adorable floral sweatshirt btw?

  6. Raegan Allen says:

    Love, love, love reading your monthly posts- they're my favorite. The way you describe your sweet girls is so full of love! How wonderful it will be someday for Jolie and Parker to read these beautiful words their sweet momma wrote about them!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jenn says:

    love love love love!! This age is just one of the very best! Cutest girls, I just love them!! xo