Christmas Wishlist | The Gent

My Gent is the easiest guy to shop for.. but yet at the same time he is so difficult to shop for.  He wants big things.  Expensive things.  And when he decides he wants these things, he straight up goes out and purchases them. Well.. that leaves me with a whole lot of nothing for ideas when it comes to Christmas, birthday, and anniversary. 
My gent never shops for himself on the clothing front. He leaves that for the holidays listed above and expected everyone to purchase his wardrobe for him.  So.. of course I obliged.  But that means he wears what I want him to wear. 
He’s a simple guy.  A simple guy that is happy with the little things – outside of clothing, he would rather spoil his wife and little girls than allow me to buy him ANYthing.
I’m okay with that:)

1 // Dollar Shave Club – For Father’s Day this year and gifted Jordan with a DSC subscription, and you would have thought I handed him a million dollars.  I learned about this through a random email and a link to the most hilarious video, ever.  So, I thought.. what the heck.  Lets try this out and see what he thinks.  I was nervous because he is overtly picky about his shaving products.  I was the hero of the holiday, don’t you know?  So – Although he already gets his razors in the mail every six weeks (I chose the $9/month option), I had to tell you all about this so you could be an amazing wife or girlfriend, too!  Oh.  Get the Shave Butter.  You will thank me later.  
2 // Magazine Subscriptions – A simple man, but loves his magazine subscriptions.  Most of which are in my name because I pick them out for him:)  Because he has a bad habit of letting multiple months go by without reading, and allowing stacks of his magazines pile up – I have limited him to just a couple.  Still a decent gift.

Three, Four, and Five are all to feed his clothing need for this Christmas. I plan to grab him up another pair of his all time favorite jeans, too!
I grabbed these on sale (and its still going! Use code GIVETHIS for 30% off).  I usually always buy on sale at places like Gap and JCrew because full price is just too expensive for my taste.. and there always seems to be a sale!  My man looks really good – like amazing – in pink hues.. so I couldn’t pass the cashmere blend sweater and comfy cotton polo up.  I will get an eye roll when he opens them, but really, the first time he pulls them on, he’ll make a comment about how good he looks or something or other.  The half-zip, well, my hubby doesn’t like coats/jackets or anything of the like.  Last year I got him something similar and he wore it out so much that he needs another.  

6 // iTunes Giftcards – He saves these all year.  He has an obsession with apple and all their new products (he watches hours upon hours of press release when new software comes out.  Really.) so apps sing to his heart.  Always an awesome stocking stuffer.
7 // REVO Sunglasses – After playing hard with the sister girls in the car one Sunday morning before church – he sat on his Revos and snapped them in half.  They were his favorite, and I’m hoping these will do justice of his former pair.
8 // Date Night – Gift card to our favorite restaurant, movie times picked out, and a babysitter lined up.. nothing better when he doesnt have to do any of the work for planning a date night out with his wifey.  I get the benefit of this gift, too:)

Whats on your list for your sweet love this year?  I’m always open for more ideas for  last minute gifts!  Next up – The Lady’s Wishlist and a giveaway to boot!  See you tomorrow! 


December 16, 2014

  1. Kristina says:

    I've seen the DSC pop up everywhere but haven't looked into it…and now I'm dying over that video! you're very convincing with this butter stuff 🙂

    also, date night…best gift ever! Ben and I are getting each other a room (seriously) for all the fun in Southlake Town Square 🙂