Merry Massey’s 2014 | Christmas Eve

When the week of Christmas arrived, I was about to explode with excitement.  I could hardly contain myself for a few reasons:
1. It was the week we had been waiting for since the moment we found out we were pregnant with our third.  
We couldn’t wait to shout it out to the world.
2. Parker and Jolie really started to get into the entire Christmas season.  I don’t know if it was the fact that we watched Mickey’s Once (and Twice) Upon a Christmas about 8,000 times from December 1 to December 24.  But when I mentioned Santa, presents, Jesus’ birthday- they understood without much confusion and that, my friends, made this mother’s heart gleam with joy.
Christmas Eve came, and after an early nap we headed out to start our family tradition of the last 8 years.  BB and Papa joined us for dinner and window shopping the festive shops, while drinking coffee (or hot cocoa if your name is Papa) 
For whatever reason my kids were in THE best moods of the entire year.  I’ve never seen so much happy out of two a the tiniest little souls I know. 
Dont forget the mid-shopping sugar
 We waited on the patio for the boys to grab the warm bevi’s, and this little diva stole the sidewalk show.  
Too much cuteness in one frame, if you ask me.
We went to see Santa.. and Jolie gave him the side eye for the entire 7 minutes we spent near and around him and his sleigh.  We didn’t decide to purchase the picture, but I really wish I had for the sake of the face that it captured this sweet one making. 
She has no interest in Santa or having him make a trip down our chimney.  Presents or not.
BB is probably their most favorite person on the planet.  After their mother, right?  I like to tell myself that everyday.  Especially with Jolie.  
That BB has hung the moon in her book.
Who is Mom?    
 Christmas Eve 2013 | exactly one year to the date.  Same babies.  Same Puppy.  Same BB.  
Dinner time, finally- and we were all famished!  No room for the packed restaurant to have high chairs, so booster seats between the adults did the trick for the toddlers.  I must say, my girls did incredible,  ZERO attempts of escape or fight to stay seated.  I personally loved to have them that close, too.
Full bellies and ready to go home and patiently wait for Santa to arrive!  We didn’t tell Jolie.
Jolie!  Is Santa going to come to see you?
No.  No, no, no, way.
no way.
We started a new tradition this year – new Christmas PJ’s to open on Christmas Eve.. with no plans to change into ‘real’ clothes on Christmas Day!  
That jut means that these Christmas jammies need matching hairbows, right?  
They were so perfect – and you’ll get to see our Christmas Day tomorrow:)
After the girls went to bed, I finished putting the presents under the tree, and snuggled with my honey on the sofa after we did our little gift exchange.  

It was the Night Before Christmas and all through the house…
Not a creature was stirring..
Not even a mouse..

I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought for my precious girls on Christmas Day!


December 29, 2014

  1. Your girls are so incredibly cute…and their matching outfits? Can they get any sweeter?!?!