In Toddler News | Part 25

It has been a full month since we celebrated Parker and Jolie’s 2nd birthday with a PJ party with all our friends and family.
When I a full month swings by like ‘no big deal’ and comes up out of nowhere to be like “look how fast time flew!‘ Ya, I know.  Thanks for that.
I have to say these two have changed and advanced MORE in this 25th month of life than any other time since they were like 9 months old and starting to walk.  
Remember the wobbly walking Parker?  She was so bald, too.
This month my kiddos went from using just abut a handful of words to full on sentences.  I brought up their vocabulary use to their pediatrician, and she was unfazed by my concern.  These two were busy chatting amongst themselves to care to notice mom and dad sitting in the room.  They wouldn’t even say ‘milk’ or ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ or ANYthing.  They had all the words and I had heard them say them a time and again, but regular use was a no-go.  
Literally on the weekend of their second birthday Jolie spit out her first sentence “BB go home in car”
Wait.  What? 
It spiraled from their.  Jolie talks in full conversations these days – She hopped up on the couch last night and snuggled under my favorite blanket with me right before bed.  She casually mentioned ‘my toes, mama‘ as she peeked them through the crocheted cover.  I’ve never heard the word ‘toes’  come out of her mouth.  You better believe Parker isn’t far behind.
‘Drink, pease!
Mahk (milk), pease!’
We keep a candy jar on top of the counter.
‘carry?’  (well, of freakin’ course.)
‘canneey (candy), pease?’ (how on God’s green earth do I say NO to that?!) 
..and the ‘thank you’s‘ are even cuter, you guys. 
 They are the greatest little bestie each other could e v e r ask for.  The best little built-in playmate and friend.  I don’t even have to be in the same room with them anymore (I was beginning to think they would never gain the independence to play ‘on their own’).  I find myself wandering through my too quiet house looking for the mischief that these too are up to.  
Usually I can find them..
 In my makeup drawer apply each other’s eye shadow..
Brushing their teeth with my toothbrush..
ch, ch, ch, ch‘ (the sound they make when they are pretending to hair spray their hair)..
..or the most common of them all – with sleeves soaking wet all the way to their elbows after playing in the dog’s water bowl (busted every time).

 The once 18 month old sassy Parker that spent 45% of her day in time out has turned into the most laid back, chill little girl ever.  
Now, she still has that spunky personality we all adore about her, but her behavior has changed quiet a bit – and for that we are all thankful.  Her fit throwing and tantrums are very few and far in between, and her time out tally is practically at zero.  She is patient with her sister (until she isn’t), and since deciding to use a few more words besides ‘mama’ and ‘no!’, her frustration with mom and dad for misunderstanding what she is requesting has all but dissipated.  
Care-free and nonchalant about most things.
Could watch television all day if I let her.
Eats like a horse – but doesn’t prefer vegetables (unless dipped in hummus) or pasta.
But carbs of the cracker, chip, cereal, and bread kind sing to her heart.
 Miss Jolie – HUGE leaps and bound this month with vocabulary and her own sense of sass with mom and dad.  She is testing her limits the way Parker did just a few months ago (praise glory they did not go through this together).
Her answer to everything is NO (with a random YES throw in to mix it up).  Testing limits is the way she learned (and so did mom and dad) that she could climb out of her crib.  I have no idea what caused a tantrum at 2am, but this tantrum was outrageously obnoxious and she ended up on the floor after being so mad .  After that the climbing out thing became a breeze.  It took just a full day of this nonsense before Jordan lowered her crib to the floor (literally – removed the nuts and bolts and the mattress was on the floor.)  The little girl’s face hardly could see out of the railing because the top of the crib rail came to her nose!
The next morning she met me at the bedside.  
Really.  How? 
For fear she would break her arm or come out with a bloody nose, we took off the front of the crib.  A make-shift toddler bed.  Something Jordan or myself were NOT ready for.  We went a week with Jolie’s crib like this before we removed Parker’s rail.  Parker could CARE LESS about any of it, but any time since I have mentioned ‘big girl bed’ Parker lights up with the biggest smile her her face. 
There is nothing in this entire world greater than that girl’s cheesy squinty eyed smile.
We are on day 8 for Jolie and Day 3 for Parker with their beds like this, and its going pretty okay, and much better than either of us thought.  

 We talk about the baby here and there, and Jolie totally gets it.  You can ask her where’s the baby and she will sweetly reply ‘mama belly baby’ while pointing to my stomach.
My favorite little momma.
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 iPhone dump of pictures from this last month… 
 Mom says yes to jumping on the bed until dad says no. 
 Our New Year’s Eve was spent at Sam’s clearing them out of all produce.
 ANY mention of ‘the ducks’ creates minor chaos until we see them.

 The most wonderful time of the year, and this tree (NOT Santa) was the star of the show
 Delivering Christmas cookies to Daddy’s fire station in our Christmas jammies
 Girl time while Dad was away deer hunting
 Part I: The moment I walk in the door, I take my shoes off and the girls bee-line to put them on.  They almost follow me around out of habit to wait until I take them off.
Part II: Any time Jordan lays on the floor, he becomes a human jungle gym.
Part III: Jolie’s hair (insert all the heart eyes..)
 Pre-bath || Post-piggies
 On our way to visit Daddy!  Parker is calling all the boys and Jolie is in a terrible mood.
 Rooting the Cowboys for what we feared was the last game of the season.

 Sam’s Club shenanigans
‘Jolie, get your mouth off the cart’ .. times one hundred.
 So many changes in such little time – these girls keep me on my toes, pulling out my hair, and laughing until my side hurts.
Exactly how its supposed to be when raising two aged TWO at once, right? 


January 6, 2015

  1. Sydney Hale says:

    How sweet and beautiful are those girls. I love seeing their bond through pictures.

  2. Becky says:

    I love how each picture just tells a story. They are beautiful

  3. Karra says:

    goodness, they are just the cutest!! seriously, so happy you're having another, they are going to make such great big sisters!