Parker & Jolie | 18 Months

WE are 18 months?  I don’t believe it.”
Not sure these two could have planned a better picture for the way I feel.  You nailed it.  To a ‘T’, ladies.  A perfect “T”.  
Remember when they were THIS little?  So much has changed since then.. but life continues to get more fun as they age.  I heard that over and over from other moms, but, ya’ll.  It is no joke!  Little personalities shine through in their thought process’, facial expressions, chatter, mannerisms, laughter – the list goes on.  
My job is absolutely amazing.

Parker Jane
Oh hay, girl.  
..if mama hen had a name, it’d be Parker Jane.
Showing concern for everyone, but especially for sister girl, Jo.
..snacks, treats, sippy’s, toys – you must always have two.  
One for you, and one to offer for Jolie. 
..if that doesn’t melt my heart.
Pointing fingers and furrowed brows during intense discussions about who knows what.
..I am always up for any Parker explanation of why the dog is barking or a train whistled. 
While this is all in babbles and baby chatter, I’m starting to catch a word here and there. | go! | NO! | peaches (eeeches) | melon (ellllon) | crackers (cash-kas) | but no real sentences.
I thought you were the cleaner, helper, and little miss mama in the last leading months.
..but this month you kicked it up a notch.
Not a crumb is left upswept, or spill un-wiped.  
..even if it means seeking out the arm rest covers to mop the floor.  
There was a short time this month when I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why you were crying during meal times.
..I would offer you something different, take your plate away, or bring you a drink.
..nothing, nothing, nothing would do the trick to please.
It was your fork.
..the handle was dirty and you couldn’t possibly eat with a dirty handled fork. 
Which brings us to your next characteristic.  
..sassy.  Or stubborn.  Both are good words to describe you at this age.
You must do things your way. 18 months you haven’t come to grips with the fact that Mom is in charge. 
Fits lead to hits, then time out, and the occasional swat on the hand or leg.  
..doesnt faze you.  At. All. 
BUT- you do understand time out, and your attitude changes once it is time to come out. and a hug after a little chat for why we were in time out, and you are good to go.
You’re a pretty good eater – such a little bird.
Still of lover of the peanut butter, but a few new favorites include:
cereal and milk, cheese and crackers, brown rice and broccoli, yogurt covered raisins, watermelon, honeydew, kiwi, and cantaloupe. 
I’ve also decided that you are left handed. 
..BB hates it, but you are taking this feature from her and your great granny.
You continue to be my sweet little cuddle bug.
..but daddy has gotten his fair share of love from you this month, little miss.
You will sit for hours reading books and playing puzzles.
..especially if its all done while sitting in your daddy’s lap. 
You have 12 teeth.
..and at any given time your entire fist in your mouth
I know you’ve got to be cutting teeth somewhere in there.
..but no fevers or fussiness to show for it.
You LOVE to dance and listen to music (Mercy Me continues to be your fav), run circles around the house, water of any kind (whether it be wiping it up from the floor or playing for hours in the baby pool in the backyard).  
Your smiles are much easier to come by these days.
..while this is the case, you still continue to assess any and all situations around you (just as you have done since forever)
I never get tired of that smiling face.  Its what my dreams are made of, beautiful girl.
I love you!
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poolside headwrap / shelby chic boutique // swim suit / babyGap 
 little diva and her pearls

 momma and mini selfies
 way too much fun in the water
 poolside headwrap / shelby chic boutique // red.white.& blue bathing suit / target
Memorial Day 2014 HERE
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 fun at the zoo HERE
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poolside headwrap / shelby chic boutique // red.white.& blue bathing suit / target
Memorial Day 2014 HERE
lunching on the patio with this gorgeous beauty
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 headwrap / two little bees boutique // tank / old navy // shorts / target
 conversations with our bff Sloane – always the most fun with friends
Sloane:: glitter bow / Sweet T Baby // swimsuit / janie and jack (similar

Jolie Grace
You are just the sweetest little girl on this planet. 
..sugar-coated, jelly filled Jolie Grace – Now that is SWEET.
You are outrageously funny.
..I’ve never laughed so hard than when I’m witnessing one of your crazy-brained acts.
ACTS.  You are playing a part 100% of the time. 
.. acting like the fan is blowing you to the ground (and the maniac stomping in circles and head bobbing to boot) to the ‘dizzy spells’ complete with eye rolling, head rolling, and stumbles before a dramatic face plant.  
The same act over and over.
..never ever stop.  Ever. I love it!
You understand and pick up on things very quickly. as a whip, that Jo Grace. 
It typically takes one time of showing you how things are done, and you nail it the very next try.
..puzzles, games, actions – go get it. 
While all this is true, you have become very dramatic.
..if something isn’t going the way you think it is supposed to, you become very frustrated and tears are quick to make their debut.
Its clear that those crocodile tears aren’t ‘real‘ tears. are all smiles after a little help from mom or dad.
You have 12 teeth, with number 13 and 14 on their way in.  
..this could be the heavy result in why you have become very clingy lately.   
Heartbreaking cries come out 2-3 times a day if I am not carrying you around on my hip.
..I’ve learned that if I can get you occupied in something else independently, you are totally fine.
Early in the month you seemed to be on a hunger strike with zero interest in anything.
..but this is typically a direct result when you and your sister are cutting teeth.
Now, you are eating everything under the sun – plus whatever is left on Parker’s plate.
..we went from nibbles to shovels over night. 
Tortellini with tomato sauce, ham and cheese sandwiches, veggie burgers, waffles and syrup, cereal and milk, sweet potato fries and ketchup, Mexican rice, pasta, eggs..
..basically, anything I offer you is inhaled.  
You are one happy little baby, Miss Jolie. find joy in every little thing, and I pray that you continue to have that sort of glee for the rest of your life.
Belly laughter is the best when it comes from the deep.
..almost like a growl from below before bursting into an all out squeal when daddy tickles you.  
You ask for those tickles, too. matter how high dad throws you, how fast the spins, or how long he swings you, its never enough.
Yes, chicken, melon, peaches, dog, Dad, crackers, and the cutest ‘Hi’ you ever did see.
..sums up vocabulary of words.
You also quack like a duck, moo like a cow, bark like a dog, and spew like an elephant.
..and even though your words are limited, I can completely understand your requests and always appreciate your patience with me. 
Your heart swells with love for momma and dad.
..your BB, Auntie, and Ginny (the dog), too.
Nothing in this world could make you more happy than to please.
..if ever you find yourself in trouble, it is absolutely the end of the world until you ‘make-up’.
Lots of hugs and kisses.
..and Jolie Grace- you give THE best puckered lip kisses.
I will never become tired of the one extra kiss you require after I’ve tucked you in and halfway out the nursery door.
..ah!ah! brings me back to a sweet smiling Jolie for one last smooch before sleep.
You’re just too good to be true, my sweetness.
..I LOVE you!!!
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 selfies for dayzzz
SO fan-say.
 headwrap / pieces to peaces
 first taste of (frozen) watermelon
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 dancing the night away with Uncle J
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no more pictures, Mom!

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backyard pool time with the bff Sloaney Elisabeth
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Adventures with Auntie and Uncle J

Happy 18 months to the sweetest couple of sister girls I know!  I love you so, baby girls!
 adventures with Auntie and Uncle J – pool time in the front yard
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 Celebrating National Donut Day (6-6-2014)
 foam bath letters / Nuby brand
 front porch picnicking 
headwrap / shelby chic boutique // tank / target (similar) // sandals / old navy

 sister sister

 powdering sister’s nose
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 adventures with Auntie and Uncle J
head bows / jameson monroe // dress / target (similar)

 Our first petty zoo and meeting a baby goat – just our size
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Dinner at The Truck Yard 
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 years of conversation to come with this Sloaney girl


June 9, 2014

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    Melts my heart!

  2. Ashley D says:

    Time sure is flying! Love those sweet babes – and you! XoXo