17 Weeks

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How far along? 17 weeks 
Total weight gain: Still at 6 pounds – I went to the doctor on Monday with complaints that I feel huge and that I feel like I’m growing 11 babies for how I’ve been eating.. and she told me basically to hush my face and reassured that I am measuring exactly as I should be.  Well okay, but I still feel jiggly.  
Maternity clothes?  Well, yea.. I’m feeling most comfortable in leggings right now.  Shock.
Sleep: Really, really well.  I am whipped by the end of the day – and there isn’t always an opportunity to grab a cat nap in the afternoons.  So it is literally my head hits the pillow and I’m out.  I’ve asked every single day this week for Jordan to climb up in the attic and pull down my Snoogle pillow.  He either doesn’t hear me (or is ignoring my texts!) or is fighting this Snoogle in our bed for the next 6 months.
Best moment this week:  Getting to hear this sweet baby girl’s heartbeat early this week.  I left for a work trip the next day, so getting that little bit of reassurance was just what I needed.   
Worst Moment this week: Sleeping alone in a hotel room made me shamefully excited to get an amazing night’s rest.  Nope.  I was totally restless.  Tossing and turning the entire night.  It was SO nice to be back home in my own bed! 
Miss Anything?  Regular Diet Coke.  I really think that the added caffeine in DC makes a difference in taste.. Caffeine Free just does not taste the same.  I’m enjoying one occasionally at lunch time, but never regularly.. just enough to get my fix:)
Cravings: Mexican Food – still.  I can also feel my sweet tooth coming out of hiding for the first time since becoming pregnant.  I desired c a k e for breakfast multiple times this week.
Symptoms: Sleepy girl, that I am.  I dealt with heartburn a few times just after eating breakfast this week – but nothing long term.  Oh.  And my bladder is now the size of a squirrel’s.  During my meetings this week I was so embarrassed to walk out 6+ times before lunch had even arrived yet.  
Looking forward to:  We’ve been talking/planning/pinning nursery, and this week we put some final plans in with a designer (an old friend of ours).  Have I mentioned that we are going all vintage with this one?  I am SO eager to get started.  But first we have to start cleaning out that extra room that will soon be a nursery, and I’m actually dreading that.  It has been a catch-all for the last three years, and taking the time to move things around and actually find a place for everything in there is going to be a headache.  BUT all for an amazing miracle baby growing in this belly.


February 5, 2015

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    Ummm, I need that dress. Not for when I'm pregnant. For now…


  2. kayla pfeil says:

    I am giving away some pregnancy belly button on blog today. Be sure to enter!!!


  3. You should know better than to drink pop! Especially diet pop! Especially being a dietician.. That stuff is poison.

  4. You're looking perfect! Praying for a healthy, happy pregnancy and baby.

  5. Jola Hogg says:

    Beautifyl pictures..i love the dress

  6. Natasha says:

    I love your weekly posts! Can't wait to see how you dress up her nursery. Hopefully clearing out the room isn't too big of an undertaking. Praying you have some extra energy to get you through it. 🙂

  7. Girl, drink DC if you want! You're stunning. As always. ?