In Toddler New | Part 26

Bringing you a little nap time chat today.  While I should be napping while they nap (or folding laundry, right?) I can’t help but pass up the opportunity to browse through pictures over this last month.
Another month. Another one under our belt as twin toddler parents, and another one added to Parker and Jolie’s tiny little lives.
I always have about a bazillion stories to tell about these two, and when I finally sit down to write an ‘update’ post, I feel as if I haven’t a clue where to start.
The girls have really started to play well together.  Before it was more of ‘I hate your guts‘ one minute, to ‘Where’s sister? Play, sister?‘ the next. Now I can catch them sitting quietly together, playing, sharing (most of the time), and up to absolutely no good.
 ‘Reading’ seems to be their all time favorite interest these days.  No matter what it is, they want to flip the bound pages and describe every last thing on them. 
This month we dealt with a lot of sickness, teething, injury, and sleepless nights.. I am so thankful for  my hubby that is willing to get up at night with these girls that have had the hardest time getting back into the groove of sleep since they both were struck with strep earlier this month.  Naps are amazing during the day (from 2.5-4 hours every day), but night is a other story. 
They randomly started requesting to sleep together, and much to my surprise they sleep well through the night together, even though they have been in separated since they were just a few months old.  
I LOVE to watch them sleep like this.  My perfect little puzzle pieces. 
 Mornings have been interesting -they have been waking up much earlier than their norm 8-8:30am, which means they get to set up shop in my bed for cartoons with their sippy of milk and dry cereal while I get ready for the day.  They give me about a half hour of quiet and then they are all up in my space – which no one is complaining about here. I have usually finished my hair, and have moved onto my makeup by this point, which probably is what draws them into my decent sized bathroom, that becomes entirely too small with the addition of two very busy little ladies.  Everything they pull out of my makeup drawer is ‘eyeshadow’ and I have to all but hide my makeup brushes for fear they’ll be dipped into the dog bowl before I’ve had a chance to use them.  But the morning isn’t complete unless we have named every single makeup product in my drawers and under my sink.  
Every day.
While it isn’t always possible to get one on one time with each of them throughout the day, it is the short times in the morning or after nap that one wakes (usually Parker) before the other.  That cuddle time is out of this world, and has grown to be so important not just for me and their daddy, but for Parker and Jolie as well.  I can tell when one or both are craving that ‘momma’ attention. Jordan recognizes it, too, and usually will whisk to other away for their own one on one time. 
 Miss Jolie continues to be incredibly independent.  Wishes to do EVERYthing on her own.  She literally will fight me.. 
..through bath (because she wants to wash her hair)
..through getting dressed (she has gotten really good at putting one leg in before the other)
..through eating (there is always a Jolie selection at all meals)
..through adjusting her carseat
..through getting herself into bed
..brushing her teeth..
I feel like this list will only continue to get longer.  
Communication is always on the up and up.  Their vocabulary has exploded ten fold since their 2nd birthday back in December.  Of course, there is still the language barrier when ‘baby’ sounds exactly like ‘daddy’, and Parker’s frustration/crying/screaming through meal times because I have ZERO clue what she’s asking, even though she starts out so patiently with her requests.  
They’ve even started the bargaining gig – especially when it comes to food. 
Me: Jolie Grace, we are about to eat dinner, so just one more, okay? 
Jolie: twoooo more, mama.
Wait. What?  Since when do you know how to decide how many you want? 
Since now, apparently. 
They are always in for making us laugh, and how hard we laugh almost every single day. 
Parker is incredibly hilarious- her personality seems so serious at times, but really, she’s such a happy girl.
Jolie is almost the opposite. You can see her feelings all over her face, which is almost 100% covered in smiles at any given time.  She walks around singing ‘happy! happy!’ and clapping her hands over and over.  I mean, really.  She’s that happy.  
cuddles before bed
post-cat fight hugs
kids in the kitchen – pancakes for dinner!
a first (and last?) trip to Chuckie Cheese
crimps and chocolate milk
flour fight
lunch break with dad
the best little helpers
Costco snacking on a Friday night
selfies with dad
supper club babes
loving on the littlest sister
afternoon sillies
Parker: no sugars for me! 
silly smiles making time go so fast
grocery store shenanigans 
Daddy’s hats that he never wears
Of course they drive me absolutely bonkers half the time, and there has been a time or two when I just wish they would let me shut off my brain for 3 minutes to recharge, but I’ve got my built in besties in these little girls.  
Have I ever mentioned before how much I love being a girl mom? 
I’m sitting here in my bed, bundled under the covers, watching my babies sleep on the monitor, and feeling baby girl bounce in my belly as I snack on gummy bears.. while listening to ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ on the tv as I type out this post. 
Tears are streaming as I cannot wait to be that proud momma sitting and waiting for Parker, Jolie, and now our third baby girl to choose their perfect wedding dress. 
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

February 6, 2015

  1. What cutie pies! I can't believe that they actually will sleep and not just play in the crib together…too cute for words. And another girl on the way? Cuteness overload.

    Their poor Daddy is going to have to scare boys off for the rest of his life!


  2. Ash. says:

    I noticed Parker in panties… Do your ladies sleep through the night or naps without accidents?

    I cant wait to see your new little and who she looks like. Its incredible how Parker is entirely you and Jolie is identical to Jordan. Beautiful girls.

  3. Such sweet cutie pies! Can't wait to hear what you name baby #3!

    The Mrs. & Co.

  4. What! No, stop it with that wedding dress stuff because I'm about to lose it ?? they're growing so quickly and cutely. So glad they're getting along better, too ?

  5. Kayla Beck says:

    I love the sweet picture of them sleeping together! My girls loved sharing their crib…
    Now they are in toddler beds and sleep separate at night, but I often find them together during nap.
    Nothing is more precious than sweet girls snuggling!

  6. Sapphire says:

    Your girls are so adorable and I love reading your blog. I have a 22 month old girl myself so I can so relate to much of what you write as well as the fact that I have PCOS and haven't been able to get prego for a second time yet. We are working on it.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you've considered limiting the girls naps times to only 2 hour/day to help with the night time issues. My daughter sleeps between 1.5 hours and 2 hours/day and goes down at 8pm but usually doesn't fall asleep until closer to 9pm and wakes between 7:15 and 8am. Although we never go into her room until 8am to get her. I don't know if limiting the naps would work for sure but when you said the girls have napped as long as four hours during the day that seems really long when I think of all the other 2yo toddlers I know. I can't think of any who sleep longer than 2.5 hours for a nap. It's just a thought and parents need their sleep!