Friday Favorites

Its Friday again..and let me just say for this week to have come and gone already, I’m not mad about it.  I’m ready for a couple days home with my girls and my favorite man.
Speaking of those three.. I’ll just jump right in to my favorites this week – and they are at the top of my list.

These two.  Fight.  Fight.  Fight.  A LOT lately.  And its exactly as you would envision a ‘girl’ fight.  Pulling hair, scratching, screaming..all ending in overly animated sobs.

In true ‘girl’ form, they are besties (frenemies?  Might be a better word..) in less than three minutes time.  We have been working HARD not to send them both to time out when they argue and cat fight like this.  A heart-felt ‘sorry’ and hugs seem to do the trick in resolving their issues at the moment.  Better for everyone, really.  I (or Jordan) do not have the be the ‘bad guy’, and the word “sorry Jowee/Ah-kaah” coming out of my 2 year olds’ mouth is perhaps the most precious thing you have ever heard.
..and I’m back to my place in line as the third wheel.  But I’m okay with that, I think.  Because I get to sit back and watch them interact, and thats reward enough for me.

Literally 30 seconds after scratching Parker across the chest, they go in yelling “HUGS!” if they were mocking our new found resolution to their fighting.
They would’t mock me, though.  No way.

On the other side of the fence, theres this guy.  He’s a fireman.  You knew that, though.. BUT did you know that he actually fights fire?  I forget nearly 100% of the time, and when I call him while he’s at the station, and he doesn’t answer, the thought of him possibly being in a fire situation isn’t in the forefront of my mind at all.. maybe its that fact that 9 out of the 12 years we’ve been together he’s been doing this job, and in 9 years I’ve become accustomed to his work-life.
In Irving they have a Citizen’s Fire Academy, and these people would absolutely do anything for those guys – and they have one man that comes to the fires and takes action photos of our burley men doing what they do best.  When I got my hands on some of these this week, my pregnant heart basically exploded in pride of my husband.

 ..they saved those birds.
Really.  They save everything.

 Like- the coolest.


I got the best mail day earlier this week when my new Lily Jade diaper bag arrived on my front door step.  YES.  Thats right – that beauty is a diaper bag.  I cannot wait to share how I use this bag in my work-momma life.  So easily transitioned to my work bag on a daily basis, but perfectly usual for running errands with the girls.  So, stay tuned for that:)  Gah – I’m obsessed with it!


MANY of you all asked about the salmon recipe that we ate in my Photo Every Hour post earlier this week.  Well, for good reason, because it is so delicious – and so very simple. Its loosely related to Cooking Light’s Broiled Salmon with Marmalade Dijon Glaze

Salmon filets (we usually stick with 4-6 ounces each) + dijon mustard (I love Grey Poupon for this recipe, but have used other varieties with success, too!) + brown sugar (dark or light, doesn’t matter) 
Throw it on a cedar plank (or foil if you don’t have a plank) and grill for about 20 minutes, making sure your wood doesn’t catch fire.  I usually soak my cedar plank for double the amount of time it calls for (more like 6 hours).
Thats it!  Easy, right?
LAST, but certainly not least favorite of this Friday – White Plum is giving away a FREE WARDROBE.  Holy mackerel – and yes they are serious. 

WHO wouldn’t want a chance to enter into this giveaway.  I know me and my pregnant self entered.. pregnant or not, their clothing is so versatile that I can make it work with the bump.  I could definitely use a little update to this wardrobe-o-mine.  I spend all my monies and time and energy on Parker, Jolie, and of course we can’t forget the littlest sister.  But $1200.. a $1200(!!!).. shopping spree for MOMMA would be amazing. So how do you enter?  That’s even better.  No loops, no following, no long term commitment to anything.. just join their mailing list.  Giveaway runs through February 22nd – so just a few more days to enter!

What are you waiting for?  Go.  Now. Enter HERE. You’re welcome:)

Happy Weekend, loves!

February 20, 2015

  1. Hi Amber!

    Thanks for letting us know about the White Plum wardrobe give away – I love their stuff too. I am working on new foods to introduce for my one year old little lady. I ran across your post from last year about PB&J sandwiches. I was wondering if you are still considering a girl name starting with a "B" so you can have your own PB&J! You must be able to see the future because you talk about having a third girl and here you are with a girl on the way – Congrats! And your husband didn't keel over at the news of another girl! Anyways, thanks for your posts, I really enjoy reading them. I am thinking about starting my own blog to share my world with others. Best wishes! – Jennifer

  2. I too love seeing my FF hubby in pictures. Pride definitely describes it 🙂

  3. dustyleigh says:

    You have completely revolutionized my cooking. I'm always so excited to see what you post next. My background seems similar to yours- think chocolate pop tarts and Dr. Pepper for breakfast growing up! Now that I am a Mama of 2 and wife, I definitely want a different experience for my family….only I lack the knowledge of what to cook and how! You have helped me SO much, so THANK YOU. I find myself reading over all your old "we eat" posts for inspiration and ideas. 🙂 Also, I just got my first LilyJade last week and let me tell you…it does not disappoint! I am in love! Excited to hear how you use yours!

  4. Holy moly! That giveaway is amazing! You betcha I entered! 🙂