22 Weeks | Motherhood Maternity Style + Lily Jade

photography : b faith photography
leather earrings c/o nickel + suede
wendy bellissimo hi-lo tank c/o  motherhood maternity 
pants c/o motherhood maternity  
boots / blowfish (similar)
How far along? 22 weeks – this pregnancy is seriously f l y i n g. 
Total weight gain: 9 pounds- I’ve noticed the weight gain around my middle section (hellooo belly) and my butt!  During the style shoot with Brittany – she took to admiring my ‘pregnancy butt’.  I have always had junk in the trunk, but it is really making itself known these days. 
Maternity clothes? Yep!  Motherhood Maternity has had some great finds this go round in pregnancy- I am so obsessed with my entire outfit pictured above – and I’m living in these jeans, and these pants, too! I am excited for warmer weather- because with that brings lots of summer dresses and tank tops. 
Sleep: Amazing.  I do believe it was around this time carrying the girls that I started to have some insomnia.  If this baby girl doesn’t wake me because she’s hungry at 2am – I sleep like a rock.
Best moment this week: I’ve been traveling a TON for work this month. It is actually rare that my job takes me away from my family but maybe once every couple months or so – but this time of year is notoriously hectic for me and my work life.  Driving solo to Houston on Sunday afternoon this week for several meetings scheduled for Monday, there was zero radio stations worth listening, so I flipped over to my CD player and Mercy Me’s most recent album – Welcome to the New started to play.  As I listed through the tracks of my favorite songs (all of them), I realize that it was almost one year ago to the date when we found out our little baby wasn’t growing anymore.. and I remember driving home from meetings with my clients in Houston – all by myself with very weird intuition the entire way home. I clung to this album for months following the miscarriage, listening to the words of God’s Grace hundreds of times a day and nearly always finding peace in the music.  Baby girl had slept nearly the entire way to Houston, and just as the tears started to well in my eyes, she let me know she was there- awake, kicking, somersaults and hiccups – and what a rainbow of relief to be reminded of God’s amazing plan for our life.  {read more about our story of loss, here}
Worst Moment this week: I think my girls are at an age that comes with challenges – tantrums, defiance, and literally looking me straight in the face and telling me NO.  While their little personalities and voices coming through can be humorous, some days with those two I just feel like the walls are closing in on me.  Having a couple of 2-year olds going through their own emotional changes, and dealing with my own – it has been tough some days.  While I don’t usually say ‘that was the worst day ever!’ I do feel like collapsing into my bed to just sleep after getting the girls down.   
Miss Anything? I’ve really started to notice that I slow down pretty easily these days.  Moving around with the girls while running errands, grocery shopping, playing at the park – and even just bath time, has gotten more difficult to move around with ease.  I am trying SO hard to not take for granted the 8,000 requests for more sugars before the girls will quietly fall to sleep, but leaning over the do it is really uncomfortable. I definitely do miss being able to get around without becoming worn out – how easily I forget that getting off the couch without a huff and a puff is a privilege.
Cravings:  Blackberry Limeades from Sonic, the ice remaining after my Blackberry Limeade, sub sandwiches of the Italian kind, Mexican food, mangos + strawberries ( I am so excited for summer fruit!), and sour candy.   
Symptoms: Congestion continues to rear its ugly head.  My energy has pretty much returned, but I am ready for bed pretty quickly after the girls’ 8pm bedtime.
Looking forward to: We start the nursery wall this weekend! I am pumped!  Once the wall goes up, paint colors will  be finalized and purchases of furniture will being to happen.  I plan to make a trip to Canton the first week of April to hopefully grab some neat nursery finds- and I’m just so excited about it. It may be the thoughts of funnel cake and foot long corn dogs with mustard that I am really excited about.. or the chocolate pie.  The chocolate pie in Canton is to die for. Either way, we will eat AND find nursery things.  All good, good.  

…I’m pretty sure this top will remain in my wardrobe post-pregnancy, too.

my Lily Jade bag is still as amazing as ever.  I carry this bag everywhere I go.  The backpack feature is one of the best parts about the Madeline – especially when I have two tiny hands that are in need of holding.

..an extra boost of sweetness – if the growing belly didn’t do the trick for you.

leggings / dandylion co.
botas / toms  

I can’t believe we are already over half way cooked!  While we don’t want to rush it – we are so excited to meet this little miss.


March 17, 2015

  1. Bea-u-ti-ful pictures!!

  2. Laynah says:

    These pictures are dreamy! Looove love that outfit and bag

  3. ellibeesmom says:

    You are such a cute pregnant mom ! & of course the twins are adorable as always. I can't wait to see the little sister in pictures!

  4. Andrea says:

    You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your pics make me want to be pregnant again!!! I have been wanting to message you for sometime! I have been following you for a while on instagram and now on here- I have used so many of your recommended beauty products (hello GUTS10) and amazing recipes! Your faith and love shine through in all of your posts.
    I actually just finally got my blog up and running and I would so appreciate if you would check it out- it is based on a journal that my sweet mama left me titled "127 Things I Want My Daughter To Know". With each post I will focus on one of her amazing faithful tidbits and how it impacts my life as a mama, wife, and teacher. Thank you so much for being such a positive light in this world! xoxo

  5. Ashley D says:

    I wish I didn't read this… Now I want a diet blackberry limeade… NOW! Hahaha 3 days and counting ?

  6. Hi Amber!! Love the post, & of course hearing about how different or similar this pregnancy is to your twin angels! Heading into week 36 with my boys & I'm dyin! So very thankful though 🙂 I wanted to order the diaper bag because its soo cute (as you make all things preggo look!) but they are sold out/on back order.