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f r i d a y 
After a week of down pouring snow and freezing rain + icy road conditions, friday morning arrived with snow again. Thankfully most every friday I work form home, so, I was tucked inside while the snow literally down poured for hours, but watching the news and reading work emails go back and forth made me so much more thankful for that.  
here in the south we literally have zero preparation for conditions like this.  we don’t plow our roads (nor do we have the man power to staff them on a regular basis) and the weather swings are so inconsistent that our roads remain wet when its been ‘snowing’, and if it happens to hit freezing we have 2+ inches of ice under the texas snow. 
I texted my new york friend a picture of the powdery white beauty that was my backyard and she replied “is everything shut down yet?”
just about..
in this second snow fall of the week, the white stuff actually stuck to the ground, so after the complaints of ‘its coooooowwd (cold)‘ from the twin babies, they finally loosened up to touch, play, and feel snow for the ‘first time’.  
 they loved it!
 ..yes we stil have the paci.  and yes we are making progress towards removing it from our lives permanently.  We are tentatively planning for a day during the last week in march to take miss Parker out with just mom and dad to celebrate her giving up the paci.  I’ll most definitely have the recap of that experience when it happens, but for now.. they’re still bffs.     

 the sweetest excitement coming out of their mouths.  i was freezing my tail off, but so glad they were having so much fun. 

pom hat / sweet eloise designs // vest / old navy // jammies / hanna andersson 
 snow fell here in our area from 8am through to about 5pm.  nonstop.  it was so gorgeous!  I was in complete awe.  my girlfriends and i shared our family ‘snow’ pictures back and forth throughout the day.. i loved every second of watching this snow come down (from the warmth of my home, of course).
 after our 11 minutes of snow adventures, it was back inside for popcorn and movie marathons.  these two could watch disney movies all day if i let them.. probably their more favorite thing to do is snuggle and watch a good movie with all their friends.
do you notice puppy’s makeover?  
Parker has judgement of this said makeover all over her face.  
Jolie, however, ant removed the tutu since friday.
..and his new name is “Papi
not joking.
 s a t u r d a y
Jordan’s birthday is this week (tomorrow- march 3rd) so we made plans with his parents and some of their closest friends, tim and teresa (who have become more or less like another set of grandparents to the girls..we adore them)
the ‘plan’ was to attend the saturday night services at the village and then head back to bb & papa’s house for pizza and birthday dessert.
icy road condition forced cancellation of the saturday night services and activities at the church, so we got comfy and loaded up for just dinner at the massey’s.
bb has all kinds of dollar store goodies for the girls to play with when they come over – something new nearly every time they visit.
this doctor kit was a huge hit on saturday night.  Jolie and Parker spend the night’s entirety checking everyone’s hearts and cutting stitches.
i appreciate harry (potter’s) thoroughness.

 after birthday pizza came birthday banana pudding. 
3 candles for 33 years. 
having two little girls to assist makes celebrating another year that much more wonderful.
 into our jammies to get ready to head home, but not before Jo, Grace takes her papa’s vitals.
 s u n d a y
jordan and i made the trip to our old church- the church jordan grew up in, and the first church i attended after accepting jesus when I was 15 years old.  jordan’s parents still attend this church, actually.
our old youth pastor, todd gaston, was visiting from his church in vermont to lead worship and service for his old church, and everyone was excited to see him.  the place was filled with members of the youth from 10+ years ago. walking into that place was like stepping into a time machine for all of us, but there is something about a small church that just makes you feel welcome.
we knew and hugged the necks of almost everyone that walked through the doors.  
..and of course- those old friends and parents getting to actually meet Parker and Jolie in person was a  treat for everyone.
 after church, it was back home for lunch and nap time.. for the entire house.
we dropped the girls with bb after nap and headed out to meet our home group for some top golf fun and dinner on a sunday evening.  about once a month we meet up out side of our weekly group connections and bible study to just be social.  
it was just about 39 degrees outside, but the heaters and swinging golf clubs made for plenty of warmth through the afternoon and into the evening. 
 these girls.
i love doing life with them.
top (left to right): meredith, jackie, angela
bottom (left to right): polly, victoria, & me
missing: anna, karen, and cheryl
 our dudes
top (left to right): chris (jackie), greg (meredith), jordan (me!)
bottom (left to right): tyler (polly), ben (victoria), and chris (angela)
tons of stuff to be thankful for, all in one weekend’s time.  it is amazing how much can happen in the short three days that make up a weekend.. 
this is the start of a new week.
a busy week (per the usual), but getting to spend some quality time with my people and to recharge over the weekend makes for a great start to the week.  
we are spending the day as a family tomorrow- even baby girl will get to make an appearance at our 20 week anatomy scan.  we have been w a i t i n g so long to see her little nose and perfect baby cheeks, and seeing them on his birthday has jordan that much more excited.
happy monday!


March 2, 2015

  1. Tiffany says:

    Awww! I love the pictures of their first snow! They are seriously too cute! It is so great that you have a group of friends that you get to go through life with! That is always an amazing thing!

  2. Jenn says:

    We attend the same church I grew up in, and I love during the holidays when everyone is home visiting their families. It's so great to reconnect with old friends like that. It sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend.

    Our Little Miracles

  3. This weather has been redonkulous! I can't believe what they're callig for tonight…so over it! I'm glad yall still got to make the best of the weekend with Jordan's birthday. And Top Golf is SO fun! Looks like y'all had a great weekend despite the nastiness.

  4. I love the snow pictures! So cute!