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 I love Easter and of course LOVE the reasons behind this holiday – but not only does it bring my faith to full circle, it also marks the start to s p r i n g time and all those colors that come along with it.  We are no stranger to color, so when the Easter inspired outfits and dresses are put on display the the stores or catch my eye while browsing my favorite shops online, I can’t help but to want every single thing in all those bright colors.
Holidays have gotten more and more exciting for me as the girls have gotten a bit older and understand more about the activities that go along with these holidays.  I love that Parker and Jolie will be able to participate in egg hunts – and actually understand why mama is handing them a basket for filling during said egg hunt.  It has been hard not to want to fill their baskets with everything with a teeny yellow duckling or baby bunny on the label.. 
We have plenty of activities – including the always amazing Easter Sunday – planned for the next couple of weeks that benefit from some spring mini style inspiration.  Not to mention the 11 egg hunts in the 4 mile radius of our home.  
But, I am so serious about these precious outfits.  When I do my research for the latest trends of the season (see also – trolling my favorite baby sites) I am always wishing SO badly for every bit of this to be in my size.
Easter Sunday is always been one of my favorite holidays (I’m sure I probably have been quoted to mention my love like this of all the holidays) and this year dressing the bump could have been much more difficult- but thanks to White Plum, I am set for the season.  You better believe me and the girls will be coordinating:)  Thats what makes it more fun having girls, right? 
Over the weekend I randomly went browsing through Gymboree after seeing their 50% off dresses sign in the store windows and came across some of THE most adorable dresses!  I haven’t shopped there for the girls in over a year (their clothing tends to have lots of cartoon-ish animals on them..) but was so impresses with their dress selections for this season.  For the sleeveless dresses I am in love with this mesh stitch cardigan (on sale!), and this one (less than $10), too – giving more color to the dresses if their happens to be a lingering chill in the air.  
And the shoes.. there are fewer things that make me swoon than baby and toddler shoes.  Of course you can go with the traditional white Mary Jane (these are absolutely precious), but last year I bought Parker and Jolie a pair of ‘Easter shoes’ and they only wore them one time – Easter Sunday.  This year, I am investing in shoes that will carry us into the summer.  Buying two (and soon t h r e e) pairs of shoes can get pricey, so I have to pick and choose where and how to spend + stretch my dollars.
I was thinking more along the lines of a fun sandal- like these super simple, but always classic t-strap sandals (holy precious) OR even more amazing – toddler gladiator sandals.  
If Parker’s rather chubb-o feet would fit into a pair of ballet flats, I would go for those, too. 
But, I wouldn’t trade her little chubbies for anything. 

We are in the countdown for just two more weeks before Easter – this time of year just makes my heart so happy.


March 23, 2015

  1. Lavakels says:

    I love these posts! We just found out we are pregnant with a girl! After 2 boys, I'll need all the girly girl help I can get!