23 Weeks + giveaway

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sleeveless sweater cardigan / a pea in the pod (old)
How far along? 23 weeks 
Total weight gain: 9 pounds
Maternity clothes? Wearing mostly maternity clothes and non-maternity sweats around the house.  I am so excited for the warmer weather.  It think I keep saying this, but really..  
Sleep: THEEE best ever.
Best moment this week: It was just us girls- me, Parker, Jolie, and the bump:) We were having a potty party and while Jolie was doing her biz, Parker started talking about the baby.. “mama’s baby belly“.  I said her name, and they both called her by name followed by the word ‘baby‘.  I about died.  These sweet girls are going to be the best big sisters ever.  Sweet baby girl is loved. 
Worst Moment this week: I can’t pinpoint a time this week that was the absolute worst.. I spent a good part of Friday last week in tears.  I was so sad – but it was solid pregnancy sad.  Nothing anyone could have made better.  After a cry like that, Saturday was spent in and out of naps.  Anyone else get exhausted from crying the way I do?  Thankfully, the girls are going through a growth spurt and napped like champs and let me sleep the day away.. which turned into an amazing evening with my sweet family. Always the sunshine after the rain.
Miss Anything? Ease of moving around will be my complaint from now until she arrives.  Playing around on the floor with the girls is much more uncomfortable that ever before.. climbing stairs, putting away groceries, carrying a toddler on my hip while cooking dinner.  Its all getting much harder.
Cravings: Sour/tart anything, especially green apple Blow Pops.  Fruit. Fruit. Fruit. This summer and the wealth of fruit is going to be amazing.  I also can’t get the idea of a frozen icee pop out of my head.
Symptoms: Congestion is my only complaint.  A humidifier, Breathe Again, & RC (essential oils) has changed my world and made sleeping and waking in the morning much more comfortable.
Looking forward to: We have been finding furniture and piecing together her nursery pretty quickly- and so affordably!  We purchased her changing table last week and the hubby gave the go-ahead on my dream rocker which we will be purchasing soon.  I can’t wait for it to all come together (I’ll be sharing details, soon!)  This continues to be my favorite thing to look forward to – but the entire idea of preparing for her arrival gives me excited butterflies in my stomach.  The Easter holiday is quickly approaching, and I am overwhelmed with mama love to share these memories with Parker and Jolie as a family of four for one last year.  

Special thank you for the most fun summer dress from Heritwine Maternity!  I love this dress for the upcoming warmer months – wearing flip flops or dressed up with a pair of wedge heels it is pretty versatile, and way comfy.  I could totally lounge on the lawn for a Fourth of July Parade in this midi length dress.  Okay.. maybe lounge is the wrong word.. roll around the grass looking like an obese walrus?  Better?  I think so, too.  I’ll be 9 months pregnant.  Walrus is much more accurate.  My point is that you can move pretty freely in this dress- with just enough stretch to hide any of those unwanted bumps – not the baby bump, just to be clear.

Heritwine Maternity is super generous and offering a $25 gift certificate to one special mama-to-be just for reading my blog!
Entries in the rafflecopter below will be accepted through Friday, March 27th, 2015 at midnight!  Winner will be notified on Saturday, March 28th, 2015.
In the meantime- feel free to browse through the HM site.
I’m swooning over this dress and this top.. 
Good Luck!
open to US residents only.  


March 24, 2015

  1. Loving that striped dress for Easter! I have 8 weeks left and need something comfortable to chase my 6 and 3 year old around!!!

  2. J Dubs says:

    I love this dress!

  3. Hilary Jose says:

    I am right behind you, at 22 weeks and so look forward to wearing gorgeous maxi dresses like this one to get me through this spring/summer! I'd love to buy or win something from Heritwine Maternity. Cute stuff! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Halee Bownds says:

    Cute dress!!! I would love to win the giveaway! ��

  5. Jenn says:

    Love the dress. You look amazing in it! We aren't pregnant yet, but hopefully in a month we'll be getting that positive beta. Fingers crossed!

    Our Little Miracles

  6. P!nky says:

    You look fabulous, lady! Can I just say I am so jealous of your hair? I love the color and the style.

    Glad sleep is going well for you!

  7. Jamey Lynne says:

    I'm 14 weeks with my first, and pregnancy has yet to feel fun… Ordering something new and cute might help! 🙂

  8. Adorable dress – would love it for my growing bump!!!

  9. Kelly says:

    Love the dress you have on!

  10. Kelly says:

    Love the dress you have on!

  11. Such a cute dress! And I'm desperately in need of {cute AND comfy} maternity clothes to get me through summer!

  12. Love this dress! And I am in desperate need of some {cute AND comfy} maternity clothes to get me through the summer!

  13. I'm due the first of October with my first! Would love this dress for the hot Texas summer!

  14. Loving that dress on you! Super cute! I think to beat the summer heat with the bump, the more dresses the better.

  15. Andrea says:

    Gorgeous mama!

  16. Dani Lewis says:

    Very cute Mrs. Amber! Thank you for introducing me to Heritwine Maternity. They have some amazing stuff.

  17. JD says:

    Adorable dress!

  18. Abby says:

    I'm hoping to start trying for our 2nd in the coming months (after tax season is over and I see my husband again). I'm loving the light grey knitted maternity sweater – I don't have much for winter maternity clothes.

  19. Love this dress! I am on the hunt for good dresses this summer too 🙂 I am 23 weeks as well with our first! A sweet girl

  20. The Snows says:

    LOVE!!! I am 22 weeks pregnant with a big baby boy!! I would love to win.

  21. I love the Plum Tie-Back Surplice Maternity and Nursing Dress!!

  22. Ryan-Leanne says:

    I just love your blog so much. It is fun to watch your family grow and how happy everyone is.

    The dress is beautiful. Thank you for this offer.


  23. Andrea says:

    Love the Lucy dress! I'm pregnant with #2 (due end of June) and need a dress for my grad school graduation in May, it would be perfect!

  24. mags says:

    Love the dress

  25. Cassie says:

    I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and I love wearing dresses. I can still wear my pre-pregnancy dresses and feel like a champ. This is not so true with all my pants.

  26. CarrieB says:

    I'm right ahead of you at 24 weeks (edd July 11th)! I love the Maven mint ombré maxi dress or really any comfy dress for this big belly!! Thanks!!

  27. Jess says:

    I'm due July 10 and looking for dresses! This one is adorable!

  28. Heidi Ann says:

    I love all the dresses

  29. emily says:

    that dress is fab! they have a good selection of summer dresses!

  30. Seriously love your maternity style and all the adorable dresses on her site!

  31. Love your maternity style!

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I love the red and white stripes for 4th of July!!! Wondering what size you are wearing here? We seem to be a similar size. I hope that's not weird to ask. Thanks : )

  33. I'm 22 weeks and due in July so looking forward to spending the next few months in comfy dresses. I love your dress and I also love their navy and white striped maxi dress.

  34. Ashley D says:

    Good choice 😉

  35. Kate Hailey says:

    I am loving your dress and your archives to read about your twins. I am expecting twins this summer!

  36. Kate Hailey says:

    I love the dress!!! Off to check out their site!!

  37. Such a cute dress, flatters your bump!

  38. When I clicked through, it's saying that Heritwine is unavailable 🙁

  39. mamakat says:

    You are adorable. They really should have you modeling the dress on their site. You wear it so well!

  40. I love your blog! Unfortunately when I clicked the link it said Heritwine is unavailable, but the dress you have here is adorable.

  41. Sara says:

    I love your dress!

  42. erin m says:

    I love the horizon cardigan and the aqua floral breeze top! The maxis are super cute for summer too!

  43. kate says:

    I can't wait for my baby bump to be as cute as yours!

  44. sandyhills x says:

    Love the dresses; this one for sure – Silver Shimmer Long Sleeve Dress – shaunie

  45. So pretty!!! You're having another little girl (I just found your blog)? That is so exciting, congrats to you and your beautiful family! My little guys is now 5 months old and I can't wait to have another lol! Look forward to following your journey!