29 weeks + baby update

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How far along? 29 weeks + 2 days 
Total weight gain: 16 pounds
Maternity clothes? Leggings have become a staple.. although temps have been reaching high 80’s this last week, so I have found myself in every maxi skirt/dress/tunic I own. I am able to expand my maternity wardrobe just a bit with the flowy tunics I worn pre-pregnancy.  I invested in many of those after the twins were born. I am ready for the summer/warmer weather, but I don’t forsee shorts in my future.  I haven’t found any that I am just in love with- so I’m all about the maxi at the moment.
Sleep: I’ve had a touch of insomnia a couple times this last week.  I wake around 3am-4am, most of the time to go pee..and then she’s awake.  Moving and shaking. I did read that babies in the womb are most active during your sleep hours simply because the mother’s blood sugar has dropped.  Lo and behold- if I eat something, her movements slow and I’m able to go back to sleep anywhere between and hour and two hours after I woke in the first place.  This was t e r r i b l e during the twins’ pregnancy.  I am thankful that most every night I sleep soundly.
Best moment this week: Going in this week to see our girl Jordan and I were both nervous – but a good report had me all kinds of relieved.  
Miss Anything? This week, along with my usual “moving around freely without getting winded” shpeel, I’m going to have to say I miss my usual appetite.  Right now there is no gradual advancement from not hungry to very hungry. It is all of the sudden I am starving and need to find food, now.. OR it is this unsatisfied hunger I cant seem to move past.  The latter often happens in the morning.  I get up and eat oatmeal or some kind of peanut butter toast and fruit with coffee..and an hour later I’m famished.  More food – yogurt, fruit, granola bar.. dry cereal.. hour later I’m hungry.  It isn’t until late morning that I am feeling like I’m satisfied- and then its lunch time:)
Cravings: No real cravings I would say- but I have my regular routine with food right now.  Blow Pops make it into my grocery cart every week – I am fully convinced that having these on hand keeps me from eating just all.day.long, yogurt, peanut butter.  Okay – so peanut butter might be my greatest craving in this last trimester.  I eat it a couple times a day on toast or fruit – on my drive home in the afternoons it is all I can think about to get home and make me some PB + banana toast.  I would kill for some sushi now that we are talking about food.
Symptoms: Heavy belly.  A feeling very familiar to me, but oh how quickly you forget after 15+ pounds of baby and fluid are off of you after delivery. Sitting, laying, standing- all have become slightly uncomfortable.. and I have found myself getting nauseous if I lay on my right side or sit laying on my back.  This happened much later in pregnancy with a singleton than it did with the girls,   but oh it is here and I’m very aware.
Looking forward to: The RUG I have been waiting for.. the first nursery purchase we made all together.. came this week.  I am in love!  We have been waiting on the rug to get here before we decide for sure on a paint color for the other three walls of little sister’s room.  Last night after getting home from the doctor we four + the bump laid on that rug in the unfinished nursery and talked paint.  We’ve nailed it down to three samples we are going to try – and I am eager to get them up on the wall.  Once the paint is on, the dresser/changing table + crib + chandelier will be put in its place and everything will come together nearly all at once.   
Baby Girl
We went to visit the perinatologist this week, just to get a second set of eyes on her and to maybe figure out why in the world I could be having such issues with my fluid levels.  
In a nutshell.. she’s perfectly healthy.  
We took the girls along with us.  Dr. Koster and her sweet nurse (a twin mom herself) hadn’t met the girls yet outside of the sonography screen – and there is just something to be said about introducing your ‘success story’ to part of the team that assisted in getting you there.  They sat quietly and intently while Koster got me prepped for the scan (i.e. squirted warm jelly on my bare belly), and Jolie could not keep her eyes off of my belly.  While I am not a modest mom, I am pretty sure neither of them have seem my bare belly to its fullest extent yet – and she was just fascinated.  
Koster measured her head – checked to make sure there were no issues with her brain (high amniotic fluid can also me hydrocephalus in the womb related to spina bifida) and then measured her belly and ‘tummy bubble’ (high fluid can also be a result of misplaced trachea/esophagus) and everything looks excellent.  Kidneys and heart were next – strong on both ends.  I must have been letting out sighs of relief every time she moved on from one baby part to the next because Koster leaned over and rubbed my arm just as we got to examine baby girl’s face.
I was more stressed out than I thought.. but hadn’t had a chance to truly allow it all to sink in until I was sitting on the table ready for her to check me and the baby out.
We checked for cleft palate again (.. related to the esophagus misplacement risk) her tiny hands were in front of her face nearly sucking her fingers and her little mouth was opening and closing over and over – practicing her ‘sucking’ movements.
All looked perfectly fine.  And then we got to see her sweet little profile.  Ah- a mother’s love is almost overwhelming at times.  I wanted to cry right there on the table thankful for my sweet Father for keeping me and this little sister safe and sound through this entire pregnancy.  I still cant get over how much her and Parker’s profiles in the womb resemble each other.
Stats: Last week baby girl was laying sideways in the womb- her head on the right and her feet on my left, and yesterday she had moved to a head-down position.  NOT a surprise at all – this little thing moves around non-stop.  She’s weighing in at 3 pounds, 7 ounces, and while she is still measuring a little over a week ahead, her head and abdomen are within normal size (whew)
My amniotic fluid was down from just a week ago – back to around 24.. just borderline polyhydramnios (range is 5-25) – so all good things resulted from this visit with the perinatologist.
But that baby nose, tho.  


May 6, 2015

  1. I recently bought a pair of maternity shorts from Old Navy and I love them! I go next week to see if anything has changed with my placenta. It's been super low and could result in a c-section…I'm at peace either way, I just want to know lol.

  2. Not related to this post, but I just have to say thank you for your post awhile ago where you said it was best to pair a protein and a carb for snacks. I have been doing that this week and have noticed in not hungry for much longer than before. I'm working on losing some weight and this has helped so much. So, thanks 🙂

  3. You look amazing! As a fellow woman with PCOS…can you point me to what you typically eat during a day? What about when you're not pregnant! Thank you!!