Soul Mate + Baby Buggy

A comfy tee is a comfy tee is, well, a comfy tee.
I was eager to tear into the package when it arrived on my doorstep.. I pulled my new Soul Mate tee out and immediately slipped it over my head.  Soft and slinky, yet totally form fitting to show off the curves of this ever growing 29 week bump.  
Although it was absolutely love at first feel, the reasons behind this tee bring it closer to the heart.
Jessica Simpson has teamed up with another amazing Jessica (Seinfeld) for a Mother’s Day promotion that won’t go unnoticed.  
Being a momma to Parker & Jolie first, and now again to this sweet little plum growing at lightening speed (weeks are just flying by), I have grown to own this leadership title of ‘mother’, and own it proudly. If you know me and my story pre-babies, I wasn’t a ‘mother’ at heart. I don’t remember dreaming much about becoming a mom.. I know that yes, indeed, I wanted kids, but actually having them has changed my entire world.  
The most gratifying experience of my entire life.
Baby Buggy fully supports mamas attempting to give their babies the best life they can give.
Five dollars of every ($18.00) Soul Mate tee shirt sold (up to $50,000) will be donated directly to the  Baby Buggy, which provides families in need with essential gear, clothing and educational services for infants and children up to age 14 across the country.   
If that doesn’t pull your heart strings..
While I’m semi-on the subject of comfy, let me also make mention of these leggings: preggo-leggings.  AH-mazing.  I thought I was fine and dandy in my pre-pregnancy leggings, but oh-no.  Leggings have legitimately become a staple in this pregnancy wardrobe, and if you haven’t, you must try these on for size. 
The top-knot is a staple in this pregnancy also.  
Very proud of this 29 week (although feels more like 35 weeks..) bump.
personalized bar necklace c/o bip + bop // circle charm c/o tiny tags

 ..and how can I leave without a few more of the twin babes? 
Those smiles will make you have a good day, I don’t care who you are- try not to smile when you at those cheesy grins. 
 try.  hard.
 You cant do it.  
And thats okay:)
Mother’s Day is this weekend, and once again I am humbled to be apart of this umbrella of motherhood with so many (many, many, many) other amazing women.  
Twin mom or not, we all look the same.  Share the same struggles, failures, & successes. 
Being on your team makes me so proud, ladies.
To be a small part of this non-profit’s efforts to give back in support of other moms, just like me, gives Mother’s Day this year a whole new meaning. 
photography credit: b faith photography 
soul mate tee c/o destination maternity
leggings c/o preggo leggings
headwrap // guguberry
tanks // old navy
leggings c/o topknot + twirls  


May 5, 2015

  1. Ash. says:

    Totally random, but thank you for always linking the shops to your girls' wardrobe. I have been searching FOREVER to find a dress for my babe for a wedding and BAM! Found it at top knots!!!! Never would have if you hadn't had linked, so thanks again.

  2. Becky says:

    you are all beautiful

  3. Chelsea says:

    I love this shirt and the cause it supports!!! Your girls are adorable and you look amazing 🙂
    Chelsea @