Friday Clicks

I don’t know about you, but our weekend plans are on point, and it all starts this morning with a prenatal massage.
Supper Club with our favorite people – celebrating sweet Diana’s birthday.  I love Supper Club birthdays! A perfect reason to eat Nothing Bundt Cake.  That birthday bundt cake has been a tradition since we started supper club going on 5 years ago. 
Saturday I am co-hosting a baby shower for my sweet little cousin, Lauren due just a few days after me – soooo many babies this summer! And then Saturday night Jordan is off to celebrate uncle J’s last weeks as a DAD’chelor.  Poker and cigars for the boys and it should be a good night out for him and some of his closest guy buddies.
Me and the girls have plans to end the weekend with church and a play date at the splash park with a couple of our favorite twinnies and their sweet mama, Jen.
..and whats a blog post without a couple of unrelated photos of cutie babies doing learned tricks?
Cucumber lime steel city pops  is my jam.  We have a ‘pop cart’ come by our office once a week on Wednesdays, and wouldnt you know that I am taking every advantage of this.  They have a variety every week, but have come to love the cucumber lime and the blood orange.. and the buttermilk is just awesome if I’m in the mood for something more creamy than fruity.  Super refreshing, but not too sweet.  Gimme all the pops.
I need another piece of jewelry with my babe’s initials on it like I need a stick in my eyeball, but really this shine life bar necklace is absolute perfection.  I got one (in the 14″) with each of my three baby girls’ initials engraved on it.. and plan to finally wear it on the littlest sister’s birthday.  All my girls in one place.  Serious sweetness right there.
The bachelorette has kind of had me at lame-o, but Ashley’s weekly recaps are always hilarious.  I mean, really laughing at all the things you didn’t say while watching it, and all the things you didn’t even remember that you saw.  Now if only she would watch and share her weekly thoughts on Teen Mom, I would be 100% satisfied in my trash television life <– don’t judge me,  I know you watch Teen Mom OG, too.  
We’ve been looking for a good, solid, and sturdy mini picnic table to seat the girls and their little friends, and found this table  at Sam’s for just $49.  It folds flat for easy storage- even better for space saving!
I thought rompers were amazing for toddler wear, but teeny baby rompers are even better.  this bow romper and this fringe romper.. holy mackerel.  As I was hanging up the two I received in the mail this week I realized that my love for these is bigger than my wallet can oblige.  
After having two babies in the dead of winter, my summer clothing collection in wittle sizes is limited.  A summer babe fits well into bloomers of all shapes and sizes.  Is it weird to be wishing for roly poly legs and chunky thighs to be able to show off with the sweetest bloomers on the planet? I ordered these to go with this chambray tank (this baby girl already has a TON of chambray..).  I also love this set, this pair, and how cute are these ones?? If someone wants to buy me any one, or all.. you know, if you feel so led to do so, of these, I would be okay with that:)

Happy Weekend, Friends!


June 5, 2015

  1. Tiffany says:

    So cute! I always love buying baby clothes!!!

  2. You and your girls are so cute! My best friend is from Belton, TX- I don't know if that's close to where you are, but you recently mentioned Lake Belton.

    Also, have you ever read Bachelorette recaps by Pinterest Told Me To? They are hilarious! She is best friends with bachelor Sean's sister.

  3. Alex Gabriel says:

    Will you keep dressing the twins in matching outfits after the third babe is born? I've been curious since you announced the pregnancy!

  4. amber says:

    Emily- my hubby's family grew up and still live in Belton! We are about 2.5 hours from there and love to visit/:)

    I have read her recaps! I honestly read a ton of them because I think they are all funny:)

  5. amber says:

    I still plan to dress them the same or similar after baby girl comes! But coordinating outfits seem to be more what I'm drawn to these days, but won't stop me from buying two of the same:)

  6. I just love reading your blog and seeing all your pictures!!! Ha, I don't have any kids of my own but I hope mine are as cute as y'alls!!! xo